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Rishiganga dammed freshwater lake which was formed due to the blocking of the channel of Rishiganga by the debris transported through the Raunthi Gadera. See page 1483.
Volume 121, Issue 11
10 December, 2021


- Venu, P.; Sanjappa, M.
Floras are documented accounts of plant species occurring naturally in specific regions with defined or loose boundaries. These documentations are generally accomplished for specific groups and not fo...
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Endemic Nilgiri flycatcher (Image: Wikipedia). See page 1335.
Volume 121, Issue 10
25 November, 2021
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Causes and consequences of Rishiganga flash flood, Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, central Himalaya, India
Mehta, Manish; Kumar, Vinit; Sain, Kalachand; Tiwari, Sameer K.; Kumar, Amit; Verma, Akshaya
Economic analysis of pesticide expenditure for managing the invasive fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) by maize farmers in Karnataka, India
Deshmukh, Sharanabasappa S.; Kalleshwaraswamy, C. M.; Prasanna, B. M.; Sannathimmappa, H. G.; Kavyashree, B. A.; Sharath, K. N.; Pradeep, Palam; Patil, Kiran Kumar R.
Alternaria alternata causes leaf and fruit blight in makhana
Kumar, Santosh; Kumar, Tribhuwan; Singh, Mahendra; Saha, Tamoghna; Kumar, Mahesh
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Mapping of agroforestry systems and Salix species in Western Himalaya Agroclimatic Zone of India
R.H. Rizvi, R. Vishnu, A.K. Handa, S. Ramanan, M. Yadav, A. Mehdi, R.K. Singh, S. Londhe, S.K. Dhyani, J. Rizvi, Punam, Rameshwar Kumar and Naved Qaisar
Long term monitoring of land use/ land cover change in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh using EO satellite data
Ajay Tiwari, Shivraj Singh Tomar, Vivek Katare, S.P. Vyas and P.S. Dhinwa
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Gender dimensions in popular science writing in India
Dharmapalan, Biju; Mahesh, G.; Kumar, Phuldeep