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Highly cross-bedded Aeolinites (Dune deposit) Miliolite limestone (Pleistocene to Early Holocene) exposed in Adi Chadi Vav (a step-well) in Upperkot Fort, Junagarh district, Gujarat. See page 149.
Volume 124, Issue 02
25 January, 2023

Guest Editorial

- Yadav, Deepak
Human civilization is facing an existential crisis due to climate change. Power generation, transport and major production industries account for the bulk of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...
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A view of the Padmatheertham pond in Thiruvananthapuram after the removal of algal bloom. See page 73.
Volume 124, Issue 01
10 January, 2023
Status of biofortification in tropical root and tuber crops
Anil, Shirly Raichal; Sheela, M. N.; Chandra, C. Visalakshi; Radhika, N. Krishna; Asha, K. I.
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Pitch control systems in vertical axis wind turbines: a review
Mukesh Kumar Rathore, Meena Agrawal and Prashant Baredar
Impact of lifestyle intervention among prediabetes
R. Grace Janet Mary Ann and K. Karthiga
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Mammalian diversity, distribution and potential key conservation areas in the Western Ghats
Kumara, Honnavalli N.; Mahato, Santanu; Singh, Mewa; Molur, Sanjay; Velankar, Avadhoot D.