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Predatory Journal Alert
We have learnt that a website with the URL hosted on a computer with an IP address located in Turkey has copied content from the Current Science website and promotes itself as publisher of the journal. The operators of send out email messages to researchers that solicit papers and offer speedy publication. This is typical predatory journal behaviour and a fraud perpetrated on the research community. It misleads uninformed and unsuspecting researchers who are seeking publication and does damage to Current Science.

The site does not have contents pages or articles from the journal, but has copied the description of the journal and information for authors from the Current Science website. It also has an online submission system, apparently the software platform Open Journal Systems.

The fraudsters operating the site send messages from the address This email address is also seen on the ‘Contact’ page of the site. It is not an email address used by this journal. This note is to alert our readers and researchers to this. We request everyone who received an email message from this address or any other address that is not a genuine address used by Current Science to forward the message (preferably with full email headers*) to and ignore the message.

The ‘Contact’ page of has the name of the Editor as ‘Principal Contact’ and the name of the Co-Editor as ‘Support Contact’. Both names are spelt wrongly. Wrong spelling and other kinds of sloppiness are common in fake and predatory journal websites and email messages.

We have also come to know of the existence of the website, which is apparently hosted on a computer with an IP address located in Ukraine. This one has copied articles and contents pages from the journal, even the page design of the true Current Science website, but is organized somewhat differently. Oddly, this site gives the correct contact information for Current Science, and its ‘Online Submission’ link points to the journal’s true submission URL. But the site is still a fake and hosts an unauthorized copy.

Other such sites and entities may exist and more may spring up. We request readers and others targeted by such predatory entities to alert us to them and forward any message they receive from such entities. And do all they can to spread the word about them.

— Editors

*To understand email headers, see, for example,

There is a lot of information about predatory and fake journals on the Internet.

For a general introduction see

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Current Issue
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Issue 5, 2023