Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 100 - Issue 05: 10 Mar, 2011
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0598

IIT, MIT and the Evolution of Institutions
p. 0599 | Balaram, P.

Of science, copyright and open access
p. 0601 | Jacob, Sherry Rachel

Unexposed sea turtle breeding sites need protection and conservation
p. 0602 | Padmavathy, Anbarashan; Anbarashan, Munisamy

Unregulated trade: a creeping threat to relict plant population of Ensete superbum (Roxb.) Cheesman in Kerala, India
p. 0602 | Kumar, V. Saroj; Jaishanker, R.; Annamalai, A.; Iyer, C. S. P.

Bt brinjal, wild relatives and biodiversity
p. 0603 | Samuels, John

A small number of larval survival and reproduction of Helicoverpa armigera on Bt-cotton is not unexpected
p. 0604 | Manjunath, T. M.

Insects on Bt-cotton: desperate reactions
p. 0606 | Muralimohan, K.

Water-free hand wash – how safe is our gut?
p. 0606 | Chakravortty, Dipshikha

Celebrating the ‘mother of all science’
p. 0607 | Malhotra, Richa

Meeting Report
Public communication of science and technology
p. 0608 | Malhotra, Richa

Solanaceae conference
p. 0610 | Prasad, Manoj

New hopes from new minister
p. 0612 | Sarkar, Jaimini

In Conversation
Anthony Leggett – the laws of physics from the atom to our human consciousness
p. 0613 | Kostadinova, Iva

Research News
Lunar water
p. 0616 | Sur, Ujjal Kumar

STAR experiment launches the QCD Critical Point Search Program at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider facility
p. 0618 | Mohanty, Bedangadas

United we land: Statistical physics explains decision making in bird flocks
p. 0620 | Nandi, Anjan K.

Smile with Science
p. 0623 | Baruah, Sumanta

To Bt or not?
p. 0624 | Chokshi, Atul H.

Space and time in language as a pattern in general fictivity
p. 0627 | Karmakar, Samir; Kasturirangan, Rajesh

Pervasive transcription
p. 0628 | Abhinaya, A.

Scientific Correspondence
Growth and climate relationship in teak trees from Conolly’s plot, South India
p. 0630 | Ram, Somaru; Borgaonkar, H. P.; Sikder, A. B.

Factors influencing shoaling preference in Puntius sarana subnasutus
p. 0633 | Alex, Jilna; Thomas, John K.

Superabsorbent hydrogels for efficient biocontrol of root knot nematodes for healthy tomato nursery
p. 0635 | Sabir, Naved; Sumitha, R.; Singh, Balraj; Hasan, M.; Anupama; Chilana, Poonam; Deka, Sikha; Tanwar, R. K.; Bambawale, O. M.

Vicious cycle of fluoride in semi-arid India – a health concern
p. 0638 | Muralidharan, D.; Rangarajan, R.; Shankar, G. B. K.

General Articles
Palynological study of glacio-geomorphic features and its relevance to Quaternary palaeoclimate and glacial history
p. 0641 | Ranhotra, P. S.; Kar, Ratan

Do impact factor, h-index and EigenfactorTM of chemical engineering journals correlate well with each other and indicate the journals’ influence and prestige?
p. 0648 | Yin, Chun-Yang

Review Articles
Trends in global solar photovoltaic research: silicon versus non-silicon materials
p. 0654 | Sinha, Bikramjit

Contraceptive vaccines: current status and problems in mass application
p. 0661 | Rao, A. Jagannadha

Special Section: FAIR (Guest Editor: Subhasis Chattopadhyay)
A facility for antiproton and ion research
p. 0671 | Sinha, Bikash

Superconducting magnets for Energy Buncher at FAIR
p. 0674 | Bhandari, R. K.; Ahammed, M.; Bhattacharya, P.; Bhattacharya, S.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Bhattacharya, T. K.; Bhunia, U.; Chaudhuri, J.; Dey, M. K.; Dutta, A.; DuttaGupta, A.; Mallik, C.; Mandal, B.; Manna, B.; Nandi, C.; Pal, G.; Roy, S.; Saha, S.; Sarma, P. R.

Participation in the compressed baryonic matter experiment at FAIR
p. 0682 | Chattopadhyay, Subhasis; Viyogi, Y. P.; Bhaduri, P. P.; Dubey, A. K.

QCD studies with anti-protons at FAIR: Indian participation in PANDA
p. 0690 | Kailas, S.; Roy, B. J.; Dutta, D.; Jha, V.; Varma, R.

Indian participation in NuSTAR experiments at FAIR
p. 0696 | Pillay, R. G.

Research Articles
Selection of ground motion for performing incremental dynamic analysis of existing reinforced concrete buildings in India
p. 0701 | Maniyar, M. M.; Khare, R. K.

Structure and diversity of 80-yr-old plantations after successional colonization of the natives
p. 0714 | Manhas, R. K.; Chauhan, P. S.; Mukesh; Singh, Lokender; Negi, J. D. S.

Research Communications
Solid-state fermentation for the production of alkaline protease by Bacillus cereus 1173900 using proteinaceous tannery solid waste
p. 0726 | Ravindran, B.; Kumar, A. Ganesh; Bhavani, P. S. Aruna; Sekaran, Ganesan

Patterns of diversity and conservation status of freshwater fishes in the tributaries of River Ramganga in the Shiwaliks of the Western Himalaya
p. 0731 | Atkore, V. M.; Sivakumar, K.; Johnsingh, A. J. T.

Biomass production and carbon stock of poplar agroforestry systems in Yamunanagar and Saharanpur districts of northwestern India
p. 0736 | Rizvi, R. H.; Dhyani, S. K.; Yadav, R. S.; Singh, Ramesh

Zn- and Mn-rich chrome-spinels in serpentinite of Tidding Suture Zone, Eastern Himalaya and their metamorphism and genetic significance
p. 0743 | Singh, A. Krishnakanta; Singh, R. K. Bikramaditya

High fluoride incidence in groundwater and its potential health effects in parts of Raigarh District, Chhattisgarh, India
p. 0750 | Beg, M. K.; Srivastav, S. K.; Carranza, E. J. M.; Smeth, J. B. de

Seismic site characterization using Vs30 and site amplification in Gandhinagar region, Gujarat, India
p. 0754 | Sairam, B.; Rastogi, B. K.; Aggarwal, Sandeep; Chauhan, Mukesh; Bhonde, Uday

Characterization of reflectance spectra of lunar analog rocks: gabbro and norite
p. 0761 | Arivazhagan, S.; Anbazhagan, S.

Status of Embelia ribes Burm f. (Vidanga), an important medicinal species of commerce from northern Western Ghats of India
p. 0768 | Mhaskar, M.; Joshi, S.; Chavan, B.; Joglekar, A.; Barve, N.; Patwardhan, A.

Book Reviews
Accumulation by Dispossession: Transformative Cities in the New Global Order, Swapna Banerjee-Guha (ed. )
p. 0769 | Mohan, Dinesh

Bamboos at TBGRI, K. C. Koshy
p. 0770 | Malhotra, Richa

Cell Biology, Channarayappa
p. 0771 | Reddy, Hemalatha

Historical Notes
What was current science for Current Science 50 years ago?
p. 0772 | Kostadinova, Iva

SwarnaJayanti Fellowships 2010-11-Ministry of Science and Technology
p. 0776

Applications are invited for hands-on training courses in the field of Flow Cytometry for year 2011-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms
p. 0778

p. 0779

National Scientific
p. 0780

July 2011 Admissions Open-School of Biotechnology, IIIT, Pune
p. 0781

NASI-Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Awards for the Year 2011-The National Academy of Sciences, India
p. 0782

NASI-Reliance Industries Platinum Jubilee Awards for the Year 2011 for Application Oriented Innovations Covering Both Physical and Biological Sciences-The National Academy of Sciences, India
p. 0783

ATREE Invites Applications for Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Programme in Conservation Science and Sustainability Studies
p. 0784

Summer Training in Physics and Chemistry (STIPAC-11)-Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research
p. 0785

Indian Statistical Institute-Invites applications for the positions of Visiting Scientist, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor
p. 0786

India Alliance Margadarshi Fellowship-wellcome trust
p. 0787

Young Scientist's Programme: 2011-2012-The Indian Science Congress Association
p. 0788

Junior Research Fellow-National Engineering College
p. 0789

SRF Position Available-KIIT School of Biotechnology
p. 0789

JRF Required-Open Interview-Saurashtra University
p. 0790

Junior Research Fellow-Indian Institute of Science
p. 0790

Invites applications for its 2011-2015 doctoral level Fellow Programme in Management commencing from July 2011-Indian Institute of Forest Management
p. 0791

Junior Research Fellow-West Bengal State University
p. 0791

Scientific Officer - Groundnut Breeding-ICRISAT
p. 0791

Announces Admission to its Unique Programme-IBAB
p. 0792

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