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Volume 100 - Issue 12: 25 Jun, 2011
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1760

Cancer: Human Mortality and Cellular Immortality
p. 1761 | Balaram, P.

Human-directed evolution of domesticated plants and animals
p. 1763 | Bhatia, C. R.

Research fellowships in India
p. 1763 | Lohia, Anuradha

Registration of geologists
p. 1764 | Biyani, A. K.

Nature-assisted re-establishment of Greater one-horned rhinoceros, Rhinoceros unicornis in its historical distribution range
p. 1765 | Sinha, Samir Kumar

An exposition on environmental ethics
p. 1766 | Chakrabarti, Sharadindra; Sen, Ranen

In Conversation
Science and technology on the eve of the 12th Plan
p. 1768 | Malhotra, Richa

Research News
Human stem cell encapsulation: a promising approach
p. 1775 | Bapat, Vishwas A.; Patki, Satish

Human milk and pediatric HIV infections: consensus and dilemma
p. 1777 | Betrabet, Shrikant

Conflicts and dilemma of human right to water
p. 1778 | Harsha, J.

Water and public engagement in science
p. 1781 | Narasimhan, T. N.

Global partnerships in scientific research and international mega-science projects
p. 1783 | Ramamurthy, V. S.

Scientific Correspondence
Spatio-temporal analysis of the droughts of kharif 2009 and 2002
p. 1786 | Murthy, C. S.; Chakraborty, Abhishek; Sai, M. V. R. Sesha; Roy, P. S.

Occurrence of non-protoplasmic mineral deposition in seed coat of Biota orientalis Endl. (Cupressaceae)
p. 1788 | Majumder, Soma; D’rozario, Ashalata; Bera, Subir

General Articles
Fly ash from thermal power plants – waste management and overview
p. 1791 | Senapati, Manas Ranjan

Drought disaster challenges and mitigation in India: strategic appraisal
p. 1795 | Gupta, Anil K.; Tyagi, Pallavee; Sehgal, Vinay K.

Review Articles
Developing aluminium-tolerant crop plants using biotechnological tools
p. 1807 | Singh, Dharmendra; Singh, N. P.; Chauhan, S. K.; Singh, Phundan

Teleost fish – powerful models for studying development, function and diseases of the human eye
p. 1815 | Kitambi, Satish Srinivas; Chandrasekar, Gayathri; Addanki, Vamsi Krishna

Research Articles
Patterns of mammal species richness in India
p. 1824 | Karanth, Krithi K.

Archaeobotany and archaeology at Kanmer, a Harappan site in Kachchh, Gujarat: evidence for adaptation in response to climatic variability
p. 1833 | Pokharia, Anil K.; Kharakwal, Jeewan Singh; Rawat, R. S.; Osada, Toshiki; Nautiyal, C. M.; Srivastava, Alka

Research Communications
Three-dimensional pharmacophore modelling studies on antagonists of endothelin receptor ETA
p. 1847 | Babu, V. S.; Balaji, V. N.; Viswanadhan, Vellarkad N.; Chan, Ming Fai; Phukan, Samiron; Rao, Shashidhar N.

Forest dynamics and carbon stocks in Rio Doce State Park – an Atlantic rainforest hotspot
p. 1855 | Metzker, Thiago; Spósito, Tereza C.; Martins, Mariana T. F.; Horta, Marise B.; Garcia, Queila S.

Live tree biomass and carbon variation along an altitudinal gradient in moist temperate valley slopes of the Garhwal Himalaya (India)
p. 1862 | Gairola, Sumeet; Sharma, C. M.; Ghildiyal, S. K.; Suyal, Sarvesh

A semi-empirical modelling approach to calculate two-way attenuation in radar backscatter from soil due to crop cover
p. 1871 | Srivastava, Hari Shanker; Patel, Parul; Sharma, K. P.; Krishnamurthy, Y. V. N.; Dadhwal, V. K.

Origin of chert breccia at the unconformity between Precambrian Sirban Limestone and Paleogene Subathu Formation: evidence from Kalakot area, J&K Himalaya
p. 1875 | Siddaiah, N. Siva

Radioelemental characterization of fly ash from Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station, Maharashtra, India
p. 1880 | Menon, Rajeev; Raja, P.; Malpe, Deepak; Subramaniyam, K. S. V.; Balaram, V.

Book Reviews
Climate Change: A Holistic View, R. R. Kelkar
p. 1884 | Srinivasan, J.

The Design of Experiments in Neuroscience, Mary Harrington
p. 1884 | Arun, S. P.

Fern Ecology, Klaus Mehltreter, Lawrence R. Walker and Joanne M. Sharpe (eds)
p. 1885 | Kholia, B. S.; Punetha, N.

Working on Health Communication, Nora Corcoran
p. 1887 | Prakash, Megha

Call for Individual Research Proposals and Post Doctoral Fellowship under Cognitive Science Research Initiative
p. 1889

p. 1890

DST Postdoctoral Fellowships in Nano Science and Technology
p. 1891

Interdisciplinary Integrated Master of Science (MS) Programme—Mahatma Gandhi University
p. 1892

Dr D. C. Pavate Foundation in collaboration with Karnatak University, Dharwad and Sidney Sussex College
p. 1893

Invites applications for the post of JRF and RA—National Centre for Ultrafast Processes
p. 1894

UGC-NRCBS Winter School on ‘Plant Tissue Culture Applications’—Madurai Kamaraj University
p. 1895

JRF Position in DAE-BRNS Project—Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology
p. 1896

SRF Position in DBT Project—University of Agricultural Sciences
p. 1896

Research Associate—Zakir Husain College
p. 1897

p. 1897

Appointment of One Research Associate (2011–2012)—University of Pune
p. 1898

Hands-on Workshop on Biophysical and Biotechnological Research Techniques for Scientists and Scholars
p. 1898

JRF Position in DAE-BRNS Project — Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune
p. 1899

Applications are invited for the Mahatma Gandhi Chair for Ecology and Environment—Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University
p. 1899

Junior Research Fellow — Karunya University
p. 1900

Senior Research Fellow — Indian Institute of Science
p. 1900

Assured Opportunity for Research Career (AORC) under INSPIRE Programme — Ministry of Science and Technology
p. 1901

Advertisement for one position (JRF or SRF)—Banaras Hindu University
p. 1901

Junior Research Fellow — Department of Physics
p. 1902

Breeder (1 post) — Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute
p. 1902

Advertisement for Junior Research Fellow — Presidency University
p. 1902

1st Global Forum on Bacterial Infections
p. 1903

Advance Studies and Hands-on-Training on Plant DNA Fingerprinting — Bose Institute
p. 1903

Apps for Science
p. 1904

Central University of Punjab
p. 1905

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Current Issue
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