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Volume 101 - Issue 03: 10 Aug, 2011
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0255

Speaking of Science: Lecturers and Teachers
p. 0257 | Balaram, P.

Dilemma of women scientists
p. 0259 | Amarnath, Veena

The Minister’s remarks
p. 0259 | Rajeev, B.

Women scientists in India are marching ahead
p. 0259 | Desai-Gorakshakar, Kala A.; Padwal, Vijay G.; Ghosh, K.

Planting cycas
p. 0261 | Hiremath, M. B.; Hiremath, B. S.; Nerli, R. B.; Shetty, P. K.

Reintroducing the cheetah in India’s grassland – glamour or conservation?
p. 0261 | Agoramoorthy, G.; Kumar, V. Vijay

The Shankaracharya sacred grove of Srinagar, Kashmir, India
p. 0262 | Kumar, Kewal; Manhas, R. K.; Magotra, Rani

Whose fault is it?
p. 0263 | Rajendran, C. P.

REDD, REDD+ and India
p. 0265 | Sarkar, Jaimini

Meeting Report
The 55th DAE solid state physics symposium
p. 0266 | Ghoshray, Amitabha

Research News
Genomics of biological control – whole genome sequencing of two mycoparasitic Trichoderma spp
p. 0268 | Mukherjee, Prasun K.

In pursuit of a universal barcode of plants: peril of followers?
p. 0269 | Ravikanth, G.; Srirama, R.; Ganeshaiah, K. N.; Uma Shaanker, R.

Population rise and growing water scarcity in India – revised estimates and required initiatives
p. 0271 | Jain, Sharad K.

Scientific Correspondence
Potentially significant source of error in magnetic paleolatitude determinations
p. 0277 | Herndon, J. Marvin

General Articles
From polarization to convergence: need to mend the broken patent system
p. 0279 | Mathew, Mary

Global malaria burden and achieving universal coverage of interventions: a glimpse on progress and impact
p. 0286 | Kant, Rajni

Research Articles
Fine-scale genetic structure and gene flow in a semi-isolated population of a tropical tree, Shorea robusta Gaertn. (Dipterocarpaceae)
p. 0293 | Pandey, Madhav; Geburek, Thomas

* Cotton leaf curl virus resistance transgenics with antisense coat protein gene (AV1)
* This paper has been withdrawn from Current Science as the Editors have determined that a significant proportion of the article has been reproduced from the articles published elsewhere
p. 0300 | Amudha, J.; Balasubramani, G.; Malathi, V. G.; Monga, D.; Kranthi, K. R.

Special Section: Climate Change; Projections and impact for India (Guest Editors: N. H. Ravindranath, G. Bala and Subodh K. Sharma)
Climate change research initiative: Indian Network for Climate Change Assessment
p. 0308 | Sharma, Subodh K.; Chauhan, Rita

Simulated projections for summer monsoon climate over India by a high-resolution regional climate model (PRECIS)
p. 0312 | Kumar, K. Krishna; Patwardhan, S. K.; Kulkarni, A.; Kamala, K.; Rao, K. Koteswara; Jones, R.

Tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal and extreme sea-level projections along the east coast of India in a future climate scenario
p. 0327 | Unnikrishnan, A. S.; Kumar, M. R. Ramesh; Sindhu, B.

Impact of climate change on crop productivity in Western Ghats, coastal and northeastern regions of India
p. 0332 | Kumar, S. Naresh; Aggarwal, P. K.; Rani, Swaroopa; Jain, Surabhi; Saxena, Rani; Chauhan, Nitin

Climate change impact assessment and adaptation strategies to sustain rice production in Cauvery basin of Tamil Nadu
p. 0342 | Geethalakshmi, V.; Lakshmanan, A.; Rajalakshmi, D.; Jagannathan, R.; Sridhar, Gummidi; Ramaraj, A. P.; Bhuvaneswari, K.; Gurusamy, L.; Anbhazhagan, R.

Climate change and Indian forests
p. 0348 | Gopalakrishnan, Ranjith; Jayaraman, Mathangi; Bala, Govindasamy; Ravindranath, N. H.

Climate change impact assessment of water resources of India
p. 0356 | Gosain, A. K.; Rao, Sandhya; Arora, Anamika

National and regional impacts of climate change on malaria by 2030
p. 0372 | Dhiman, Ramesh C.; Chavan, Laxman; Pant, Manoj; Pahwa, Sharmila

Climate change vulnerability profiles for North East India
p. 0384 | Ravindranath, N. H.; Rao, Sandhya; Sharma, Nitasha; Nair, Malini; Gopalakrishnan, Ranjith; Rao, Ananya S.; Malaviya, Sumedha; Tiwari, Rakesh; Sagadevan, Anitha; Munsi, Madhushree; Krishna, Niharika; Bala, Govindasamy

Managing climate-induced risks on Indian infrastructure assets
p. 0395 | Naswa, Prakriti; Garg, Amit

Greenhouse gas inventory estimates for India
p. 0405 | Sharma, Subodh K.; Choudhury, Asim; Sarkar, Pinaki; Biswas, Subhashis; Singh, Anil; Dadhich, Pradeep K.; Singh, Ajay K.; Majumdar, Suman; Bhatia, Arti; Mohini, Madhu; Kumar, Rajesh; Jha, C. S.; Murthy, M. S. R.; Ravindranath, N. H.; Bhattacharya, Jayant K.; Karthik, M.; Bhattacharya, Sumana; Chauhan, Rita

Research Communications
Antioxidant properties of Cordyline terminalis (L.) Kunth and Myristica fragrans Houtt. encapsulated separately into casein beads
p. 0416 | Reddy, B. Chandrasekhar; Noor, Ayesha; Sarada, N. C.; Vijayalakshmi, M. A.

Using bryophytes as a tool to cure European foulbrood disease of honey bee: an eco-friendly approach
p. 0420 | Gahtori, Dheeraj; Chaturvedi, Preeti; Singh, Shivom

An analysis of GPS-derived velocities in the Bengal basin and the neighbouring active deformation zones
p. 0423 | Mullick, Mallika; Mukhopadhyay, Dhruba

Concentration of selected toxic metals in groundwater and some cereals grown in Shibganj area of Chapai Nawabganj, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
p. 0427 | Saha, Narottam; Zaman, M. R.

Occurrence of pseudotachylites in the vicinity of South Almora Thrust zone, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya
p. 0431 | Agarwal, K. K.; Sharma, Anupam; Jahan, Nigar; Prakash, Chandra; Agarwal, Amar

Decline of suitable habitats and conservation of the endangered lion-tailed macaque: land-cover change at a proposed protected area in Sirsi– Honnavara, Western Ghats, India
p. 0434 | Kumara, Honnavalli N.; Pritham, N. S.; Santhosh, K.; Raj, V. Vijay Mohan; Sinha, Anindya

First evidence of brain surgery in Bronze Age Harappa
p. 0439 | Sankhyan, A. R.; Schug, G. R.

Book Reviews
Finite Element Method: With Applications in Engineering, Y. M. Desai, T. I. Eldho and A. H. Shah
p. 0440 | Pandey, P. C.

Nuclear and Particle Physics, S. L. Kakani and Shubhra Kakani
p. 0440 | Kailas, S.

The Metamorphosis of Plants, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
p. 0441 | Ram, H. Y. Mohan

Personal News
Premamoy Ghosh (1936–2011)
p. 0442 | Mukherjee, Gauri Sankar

Recruitment Notice—Tea Research Association
p. 0443

Call for applications from Institutes/Universities to avail ‘On Site’ workshop programme of UGC-NRCBS, MKU—UGC-Networking Resource Centre in Biological Sciences
p. 0444

Junior Research Fellow—NITTE University
p. 0445

Call for Proposals for Setting Up One Thematic Unit of Excellence (TUE) on Computational Materials Science—Department of Science and Technology
p. 0446

India-Japan Cooperative Science Programme (IJCSP)—Ministry of Science and Technology
p. 0447

p. 0448

International Symposium on Airway Diseases: Etiology to Clinic—Daiichi-Sankyo
p. 0449

DST Sponsored SERC School in Chronobiology
p. 0450

High School Curriculum Development Programme—EKLAVYA
p. 0450

Senior Research Fellow—Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute
p. 0451

Call for Nominations INSA Medal for Young Scientist – 2012
p. 0451

Scientist Recruitment—Indian Institute of Chemical Biology
p. 0452

Junior Research Fellowship—Surat Raktadan Kendra and Research Centre
p. 0452

Junior Research Fellow and Technical Assistant—Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
p. 0453

Junior Research Fellow—Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
p. 0453

Central Institute of Coir Technology
p. 0454

Junior Research Fellow—College of Engineering Pune
p. 0454

M.Sc. in Biodiversity and Bioprospecting: An Innovative Programme Sponsored by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi
p. 0455

JRF Position in DAE (BRNS) Project—Kannur University
p. 0455

XVII UGC-NRCBS Winter School on Neurobiology with a Focus on Auditory System: Neurophysiology, Neuroanatomy, Psychoacoustics—Madurai Kamaraj University
p. 0456

Junior Research Fellow—St Joseph Engineering College
p. 0456

Junior Research Fellowship—University of Mysore
p. 0457

Junior Research Fellowship—KIIT School of Biotechnology
p. 0457

RA-III—S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 0457

Walk-In-Interview—CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute
p. 0457

NASI-SCOPUS Young Scientist Awards 2011
p. 0458

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