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Volume 101 - Issue 04: 25 Aug, 2011
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0464

Auditing Academia: Sherpas and Stars
p. 0465 | Balaram, P.

Will rising CO2 affect Zn and Fe bioavailability in food grains?
p. 0467 | Manoj-Kumar

Forecasting of Karnataka monsoon rainfall for the year 2011
p. 0468 | Ramesh, Kokila; Iyengar, R. N.

Centre of origin and the Bt brinjal controversy
p. 0469 | Samuels, John

Bt resistance in Helicoverpa species: Indian policy needs urgent revision
p. 0470 | Hanur, Vageeshbabu S.

What shall we do with Bt brinjal? A debate among scientists
p. 0472 | Yadugiri, V. T.

Meeting Report
Publish and perish
p. 0476 | Malhotra, Richa

Research News
Presence of HIV in blood and semen – double trouble
p. 0479 | Sheth, Parul R.

Woof! Smells like cancer
p. 0480 | Bhadra, Anindita

Plasmonics: the future wave of communication
p. 0484 | Sekhon, Jagmeet Singh; Verma, S. S.

Aroma in plants: can it serve as a criterion in delimitation of taxa at infraspecific level?
p. 0489 | Chauhan, Amit; Verma, Ram Swaroop; Padalia, R. C.

Scientific Correspondence
Evaluation of gamma rays-induced changes in oil yield and oleic acid content of niger, Guizotia abyssinica (L. f.) Cass.
p. 0490 | Shabnam, Aftab A.; Jaimini, D.; Sarkar, Chiradeep; Phulara, R.; Pawar, S. E.

Temperature rise in the Bharathapuzha river basin, southern India
p. 0492 | Raj, P. P. Nikhil; Azeez, P. A.

Apomictic seed development in Ensete superbum induced by pollen of wild banana sp. Musa balbisiana
p. 0493 | Ravishankar, Kundapura V.; Ajitha-Kumar, Rekha; Mathiazhagan, Malarvizhi; Ambika, Dasannana-Malige S.

General Articles
Workplace heat stress in the context of rising temperature in India
p. 0496 | Dash, S. K.; Kjellstrom, T.

Consistency of local perceptions of climate change in the Kangchenjunga Himalaya landscape
p. 0504 | Chaudhary, Pashupati; Rai, Suman; Wangdi, Siddhant; Mao, Akai; Rehman, Nishat; Chettri, Santosh; Bawa, Kamaljit S.

Review Articles
Role of autophagy in neurodegenerative diseases
p. 0514 | Sarkar, Sovan

Research Account
Pollinators for a syconium: How do wasps choose among syconia?
p. 0520 | Ramya, K. T.; Fiyaz, R. Abdul; Shaanker, R. Uma; Ganeshaiah, K. N.

Research Communications
Pattern of methane emission from a garbage dump
p. 0528 | Purkait, N. N.; Chakrabarty, D. K.

Nitrous oxide emission from tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. kuntze)- planted soils of North East India and soil parameters associated with the emission
p. 0531 | Gogoi, Boby; Baruah, K. K.

Land water storage variation over Southern India from space gravimetry
p. 0536 | Tiwari, V. M.; Wahr, J. M.; Swenson, S.; Singh, B.

Evidence of active tectonics along oblique transverse normal fault in the Kosi River valley around Betalghat, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya, India
p. 0541 | Mehta, J. S.; Sanwal, Rajendra

Intense deep convective mixing in the southeast Arabian Sea linked to strengthening of the northeast Indian monsoon during the middle Pliocene (3.4 Ma)
p. 0543 | Mohan, Kuppusamy; Gupta, Anil K.

Emerging new multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogen, Acinetobacter baumannii associated with snakehead Channa striatus eye infection
p. 0548 | Rauta, P. R.; Kumar, Kuldeep; Sahoo, P. K.

Floral traits in relation to breeding system in Emex australis Steinh.
p. 0554 | Bala, Renu; Kaul, Veenu

Book Reviews
Prime Movers of Globalization: The History and Impact of Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines, Vaclav Smil
p. 0560 | Harinarayana, Kota

Global Change, Biodiversity and Livelihoods in Cold Desert Region of Asia, K. G. Saxena, Luohui Liang and Xian Xue (eds)
p. 0561 | Singh, J. S.

Polynesians in America. Pre-Colum­bian Contacts with the New World, Terry L. Jones, Alice A. Storey, Elizabeth A. Matisoo-Smith and José Miguel Ramírez-Aliaga (eds)
p. 0562 | Nayar, N. M.

Personal News
B. R. Somashekar (1938–2011)
p. 0565 | Bhogle, Srinivas

Post Doctoral Research Associates (PDRAs)—S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 0566

Call for Proposals for Setting Up One Thematic Unit of Excellence (TUE) on Computational Materials Science—Ministry of Science and Technology
p. 0568

p. 0569

p. 0570

Admission Notice for Academic Session January 2012—Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology
p. 0571

Planetary Sciences and Exploration Programme—Physical Research Laboratory
p. 0572

UGC-Networking Resource Centre Fourth Teacher/Researcher Training Workshop on Molecular Phylogenetics at Indian Institute of Science
p. 0573

Refresher Course ‘Techniques in Neurosciences − From Behaviour to Molecules’—Department of Life Sciences, Sophia College, Mumbai
p. 0574

Faculty Positions—Translational Health Science and Technology Institute
p. 0575

Scientific Position—Translational Health Science and Technology Institute
p. 0576

School on ‘Radar Probing of the Atmosphere’—Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences
p. 0577

Asia-Pacific Emerging Company of the Year Award 2011—IMGENEX India
p. 0578

Junior Research Fellowship—Dr B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar
p. 0578

Junior Research Fellow—Gulbarga University
p. 0579

Junior Research Fellow—Swami Shukdevanand P.G. College
p. 0579

National Physical Laboratory
p. 0580

12TH INDO-US CYTOMETRY WORKSHOP—DR D. Y. Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute
p. 0580

Manager – Research and Development
p. 0581

RCB-Young Investigator Awards—Regional Centre for Biotechnology
p. 0581

Junior Research Fellow—Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
p. 0582

Junior Research Fellow— Technical Assistant—Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
p. 0582

Junior Research Fellowship—Guru Nanak Dev University
p. 0583

Senior Research Fellowship—Loyola Institute of Frontier Energy
p. 0583

National Conference on Biopharmaceuticals and Healthcare
p. 0584

Training Programmes in Nanotechnology—Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology
p. 0584

Research Associate/Senior Research Fellow/Junior Research Fellow—National Centre of Experimental Mineralogy and Petrology
p. 0585

Anims Connexion Pvt Ltd.
p. 0585

Project Fellow—Pondicherry University
p. 0586

Junior/Senior Research Fellow—SRM University
p. 0586

Junior Research Fellow—Sophia College, Mumbai
p. 0587

Junior Research Fellow—National Institute of Technology
p. 0587

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
p. 0588

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