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Volume 105 - Issue 09: 10 Nov, 2013
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In this issue
p. 1198

Guest Editorial
Polio elimination: India’s success story
p. 1199 | John, T. Jacob

Women surge ahead in agriculture education growth
p. 1201 | Gautam, H. R.; Kumar, Rohitashw; Bhardwaj, M. L.; Bharat, N. K.

Open access or no access
p. 1202 | Iyer, Veena; Azhar, Gulrez Shah

Interdisciplinary research: way forward for biodiversity conservation
p. 1202 | Mallegowda, Paramesha

‘Envirotoons’: an impressive way to environmental awareness
p. 1203 | Sharma, Santosh Kumar

A symposium to commemorate 100 years after Wallace
p. 1205 | Herlekar, Ipsita; Prakash, Megha

Nobel laureates – 2013
p. 1205 | Herlekar, Ipsita

Meeting Report
A congregation of young conservation scientists
p. 1206 | Herlekar, Ipsita

Needed dismantling of data ‘License-Permit Raj’ to boost research and innovation in India
p. 1207 | Harsha, J.

Recent and past floods in the Alaknanda valley: causes and consequences
p. 1209 | Rana, Naresh; Singh, Sunil; Sundriyal, Y. P.; Juyal, Navin

Scientific Correspondence
Analysis of acoustic emission data to estimate true fracture energy of plain concrete
p. 1213 | Muralidhara, S.; Prasad, B. K. Raghu; Singh, R. K.

Colonization and antagonistic activity of entomopathogenic Aspergillus sp. against tea termite (Microcerotermes beesoni Snyder)
p. 1216 | Pandey, Piyush; Singha, L. Paikhomba; Singha, Baby

Thrips (Insecta: Thysanoptera) fauna of Kaziranga National Park, Assam
p. 1219 | Singh, H. Chingthankhomba; Varatharajan, R.

Microforaminiferal linings from the upper part of the Upper Disang Formation at Gelmoul quarry, Churachandpur, Imphal valley and their bearing on palaeoenvironment
p. 1223 | Singh, Y. Raghumani; Li, Jianguo; Singh, B. P.; Guruaribam, Venus

General Articles
Exciting undergraduates towards organic chemistry – the study circle approach
p. 1227 | Ravishankar, Lakshmy; Ladage, Savita; Shridhar, Gomathi

An empirical analysis on number and monetary value of ghostwritten papers in China
p. 1230 | Hu, Ze-wen; Wu, Yi-shan

Research Articles
Development of a high resolution land surface dataset for the South Asian monsoon region
p. 1235 | Unnikrishnan, C. K.; Rajeevan, M.; Rao, S. Vijaya Bhaskara; Kumar, Manoj

Plant volatile organic compounds as chemical markers to identify resistance in sweet potato against weevil Cylas formicarius
p. 1247 | Korada, Rajasekhara Rao; Misra, Swagatika; Naskar, S. K.; Bhaktavatsalam, N.; Prasad, A. R.; Sinha, Khushboo; Jayaprakas, C. A.; Mukherjee, A.

Interchangeable punishments during aversive conditioning in Drosophila
p. 1254 | Robinson, Brooks G.; Khurana, Sukant; Nguyen, Andrew; Chuang, Tammy; Young, Melvin; Yu, Jun; Hooten, Jeff; Atkinson, Nigel S.

Research Communications
Condensed matter clouds treated in grand canonical ensemble
p. 1262 | Jha, D. N.; Chandra, G.

Improved content-based classification and retrieval of images using support vector machine
p. 1267 | Karpagam, V.; Rangarajan, R.

Application of fractal geometry in determining optimal quadrat size for vegetation sampling
p. 1275 | Chaturvedi, Anubhav; Prasad, P. Rama Chandra

Modelling potential distribution of Sapium sebiferum – an invasive tree species in western Himalaya
p. 1282 | Jaryan, Vikrant; Datta, Arunava; Uniyal, Sanjay Kr.; Kumar, Amit; Gupta, R. C.; Singh, R. D.

Crevasses detection in Himalayan glaciers using ground-penetrating radar
p. 1288 | Singh, K. K.; Negi, H. S.; Ganju, A.; Kulkarni, A. V.; Kumar, A.; Mishra, V. D.; Kumar, S.

Book Reviews
Flora of Gangotri National Park, Western Himalaya, India. P. K. Pusalkar and D. K. Singh
p. 1296 | Rao, R. Raghavendra

Cerebral Plasticity: New Perspectives. Leo M. Chalupa et al. (eds)
p. 1297 | Arun, S. P.; Ray, Supratim; Mani, Shyamala; Murthy, Aditya

Selected Papers II, With Commentaries. Chen Ning Yang
p. 1298 | Ananthanarayan, B.

Environmental Governance: Approaches, Imperatives and Methods. Jayanta Bandyopadhyay, Kanchan Chopra and Nilanjan Ghosh (eds)
p. 1300 | Ramani, K.; Mani, Monto

Personal News
Zafar Futehally (1920–2013)
p. 1302 | Gadgil, Madhav

Vallurupalli Sita Raghavendra Rao (1931–2013)
p. 1303 | Sundararajan, P. R.; Balaji, P. V.; Yathindra, N.

The Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships 2014 - British Council
p. 1305

Indo-US Symposium on Botanical Drug Development
p. 1306

PSN National Awards for Excellence in Science and Technology 2013
p. 1307

Science Academies’ Summer Research Fellowship Programme for Students and Teachers – 2014
p. 1308

International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Management of Ballast Water and Biofouling
p. 1309

26th Kerala Science Congress
p. 1310

Bangalore India Nano Innovation Award
p. 1311

DST-SERB Winter school on Computational Chemistry - Department of Chemsitry
p. 1312

Advanced Centre for Atmospheric Radar Research - Cochin University
p. 1312

Junior Research Fellow - SRM Research Institute
p. 1313

Invites Nominations - National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research
p. 1313

Invites Applications Continuous and Induction Program - Department of Biotechnology
p. 1314

Symposium on Accelerating Biology 2014
p. 1314

Research Fellow - Manipal University
p. 1315

Junior Research Fellow - SRM University
p. 1315

Back-to-Back Workshops (2–4 days each) for Data Analysis in Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics - IBAB
p. 1316

Junior Research Fellow - Bose Institute
p. 1316

Admission for a Ph.D./integrated Ph.D. Programme - JEST-2014
p. 1316

Junior Research Fellow - Department of Physics
p. 1317

Junior Research Fellow - Department of Physics
p. 1317

Third International Plant Phenotyping Symposium - M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
p. 1317

Fifth Indian Youth Science Congress - Visva-Bharati University
p. 1317

Senior Research Fellow - Department of Atomic Energy
p. 1318

Junior Research Fellow - BITS-Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus
p. 1318

Epithelial Development and Disease – New Frontiers and Therapies
p. 1318

JRF/SRF/RA - Mody Institute of Technology and Science
p. 1318

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Current Issue
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