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Volume 107 - Issue 02: 25 Jul, 2014
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In this issue
p. 0158

Guest Editorial
The magic of automated recognition of handwriting
p. 0159 | Ramakrishnan, A.G

What constitutes a successful institutionalized education?
p. 0161 | Ramakrishnan, Vigneshwar

Are our all research journals scholarly and peer reviewed?
p. 0161 | Singh, Anil

Attracting undergraduate students to scientific research: limited openings in national laboratories
p. 0162 | Lavakare, P. J.

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize: an inspiration for international recognitions
p. 0163 | Singh, Inderpal; Luthra, Rajesh

Meeting Report
Open data in education and research
p. 0167 | Munshi, Usha Mujoo; Verma, Neeta

Field Workshop on the Marwar Supergroup
p. 0169 | Pandey, S. K.; Dimri, Bandana

Indian Physics Association Awards
p. 0170 | Sheth, Parul R.

Research News
New life for old soiled banknotes
p. 0171 | Srinivasan, C.; Saraswathi, R.

Thwarting changing land use – a step towards Ganga rejuvenation
p. 0174 | Sharma, Shikha; Agrawal, Madhoolika

The culture of environmental education: insights from a citizen science experiment in India
p. 0176 | Radhakrishna, Sindhu; Binoy, V. V.; Kurup, Anitha

Exploration for rare earth elements in North East India
p. 0178 | Singh, Harbans; Sadiq, Mohd; Sharma, B. B.

Scientific Correspondence
MineVue radar for delineation of abandoned mine galleries
p. 0181 | Singh, K. K. K.; Francke, Jan

Time-course expression of soluble acid invertase (SAI) gene mirroring post-harvest cane quality deterioration: effective treatments cause reduction of SAI gene expression
p. 0184 | Chandra, Amaresh; Roopendra, Kriti; Singh, Priyanka; Jain, Radha; Prajapati, C.P; Solomon, Sushil

Transformation of colourful pattern of eyespot in peacock wing
p. 0186 | Mishra, Monalisa

General Articles
A simple wage–talent curve illustrates several aspects of higher technical education
p. 0189 | Chatterjee, Anindya

Can post offices of rural India be the driver for agricultural technology dissemination? Experiences of action research
p. 0195 | Burman, R. Roy; Sharma, J. P.; Vijayaragavan,, K.; Sangeetha, V.; Singh, Ishwari; Gupta, H. S.; Dubey, S. K.

Review Articles
The uncertainty relations in quantum mechanics
p. 0203 | Sen, D.

Research Articles
Comparison study of dimensionally stable anodes for degradation of chlorpyrifos in water
p. 0219 | Pathiraja, Gayani Chathurika; Jayathilaka, Pavithra Bhakthi; Weerakkody, Chandima; Karunarathne, Parakrama; Nanayakkara, Nadeeshani

Heat balance characteristics of a pressure vessel
p. 0227 | Sivamurugan, P.; Ravikumar, P.

Catastrophic heavy rainfall episode over Uttarakhand during 16–18 June 2013 – observational aspects
p. 0234 | Kotal, S.D; Roy, Soma Sen; Bhowmik, S. K. Roy

The ‘mystic’ sand dune-covered temples of Talakad, Mysore district, Karnakata: evidence of earthquake-related destruction
p. 0246 | Roy, A. B.; Sethumadhav, M. S.

Research Communications
Solar photovoltaic assistance for LHB rail coaches
p. 0255 | Shravanth Vasisht, M.; Vishal, C.; Srinivasan, J.; Ramasesha, Sheela K.

Effect of vitamin D3 on antimicrobial peptide gene expression in the neutrophils of pulmonary tuberculosis patients
p. 0259 | Afsal, K.; Banurekha, V. V.; Harishankar, M.; Selvaraj, P.

In situ formation of silver nanowire networks on paper
p. 0262 | Parmar, Shravan Kumar; Santhanam, Venugopal

Field-normalized bibliometric evaluation of leading research institutions in chemistry in China and India
p. 0269 | Prathap, Gangan

Diatom burst-driven silica depletion under the Antarctic sea ice: evidence from sponge spicules
p. 0273 | Shetye, Suhas; Mohan, Rahul; Jafar, Syed A; Nair, Abhilash; Patil, Shramik; Jawak, Shridhar; Asthana, Rajesh; Gazi, Sahina

Temperature-sensitive male-sterility system in pigeonpea
p. 0277 | Saxena, K. B.

Monitoring of glacier changes and response time in Chorabari Glacier, Central Himalaya, Garhwal, India
p. 0281 | Mehta, Manish; Dobhal, D. P.; Kesarwani, Kapil; Pratap, Bhanu; Kumar, Amit; Verma, Akshya

Thermal performance of a low-concentration ethanol stove without pressure system
p. 0289 | Hajamalala, Andrianantenaina Marcelin

Living Legends in Indian Science
Roddam Narasimha
p. 0297 | Bhat, G. S.; Sreenivasan, K. R.

Book Reviews
Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil. Paul Bloom
p. 0306 | Borges, Renee M.

Basic Organometallic Chemistry: Concepts, Syntheses and Applications. B. D. Gupta and A. J. Elias
p. 0307 | Krishnamurthy, S. S.

Epiphyllous Liverworts of Eastern Himalaya. Monalisa Dey and D. K. Singh
p. 0308 | Asthana, Geeta

Consortium Approach to Resource Sharing in an E-Environment. Yalagouda M. Patil
p. 0308 | Meera, B. M.

Flowering Plants of Sholas and Grass-lands of the Nilgiris. N. Krishna Kumar, P. S. Udayan, S. P. Subramani and R. Anandalakshmi
p. 0309 | Narasimhan, D.

Personal News
Sarjit Singh Sandhu (1930–2014)
p. 0310 | Virk, Hardev Singh

Biotechnology Ignition Grant - Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms
p. 0311

Biotechnology Ignition Grant Scheme - Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council
p. 0312

Science Academies’ Refresher Course on Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism
p. 0313

International Conference on ‘A decade after the Indian Ocean Tsunami – Status and Experiences’ - IOTSUNAMI2014
p. 0314

Science Academies’ Refresher Course on Foundation of Physics
p. 0315

Sixty-Sixth Refresher Courses in Experimental Physics
p. 0316

Senior Professor - S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 0317

Junior Research Fellow - Shriram Institute for Industrial Research
p. 0317

Recruitment for Research Associate and Project Assistant Positions - Regional Centre for Biotechnology
p. 0318

2014 Call for Applications for Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Partner Group Program and Max Planck India Mobility Grants Program in Cooperation with Department of Science and Technology, Government of India
p. 0318

Junior Research Fellow - SRM Research Institute
p. 0319

Junior Research Fellow - VIT University
p. 0319

Shivaji University, Kolhapur
p. 0320

Research Scholar - PSG Institute of Advanced Studies
p. 0320

DST sponsored National Workshop on Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics
p. 0320

Junior Research Fellow - Mody University of Science and Technology
p. 0321

Junior Research Fellow - Sathyabama University
p. 0321

Junior Research Fellow - The Institute of Science
p. 0321

Junior Research Fellow - Department of Chemistry
p. 0321

Junior Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow - Dr Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth
p. 0322

Junior Research Fellow - Andhra University
p. 0322

Junior Research Fellow - Vikrama Simhapuri University
p. 0322

Junior Research Fellow - VIT University
p. 0322

Junior Research Fellow - Shivaji University, Kolhapur
p. 0323

Junior Research Fellow - Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University
p. 0323

Junior Research Fellow - University of Kalyani
p. 0323

B.V. PATEL PERD CENTRE Announces 2014 Events
p. 0323

CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute
p. 0324

Junior Research Fellow - Bombay College of Pharmacy
p. 0324

Junior Research Fellow - CSIR–Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
p. 0324

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