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Volume 107 - Issue 08: 25 Oct, 2014
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In this Issue
p. 1218

Guest Editorial
Is particulate air pollution a price we must pay for progress?
p. 1219 | Srinivasan, J.

End-to-end performance analysis of CSIR in SIR 2014
p. 1221 | Prathap, Gagan

Human–animal conflicts
p. 1222 | Kesavan, P. C.

Food production to feed the growing population needs both water and energy
p. 1223 | Bhatia, C. R.

Culture, science and music in the theatre of education
p. 1224 | Ramnarayanan, R.

Meeting Report
Forests of the Western Himalaya
p. 1225 | Thadani, Rajesh; Singh, Vishal; Shahabuddin, Ghazala

Insects related to veterinary and fisheries sciences
p. 1226 | Verghese, A.; Subaharan, Kesavan; Gupta, Ankita

Choice-based credit system: boon or bane?
p. 1229 | Kelkar, Alka S.; Ravishankar, Lakshmy

A need of farmer-centric marking system for plant varieties in seed market of India
p. 1231 | Kumar, Sanjeev; Singh, J.; Singh, P. K.

Impact of impact factor in quantifying the quality of scientific research
p. 1233 | Muthamilarasan, Mehanathan; Prasad, Manoj

Is an economic ‘input–output’ model applicable to Indian science?
p. 1235 | Lavakare, P. J.

Scientific Correspondence
Earliest record of slime moulds (Myxomycetes) from the Deccan Intertrappean beds (Maastrichtian), Padwar, India
p. 1237 | Kar, Ratan; Singh, R. S.

General Articles
Preservation and protection of traditional knowledge – diverse documentation initiatives across the globe
p. 1240 | Poorna, R. Lakshmi; Mymoon, M.; Hariharan, A.

Sun power
p. 1247 | Salkalachen, Saji

Benchmarking diaspora performance as an input for policy makers: a comparative statistical analysis
p. 1253 | Milosevic, Dusan; Filipovic, Jovan; Djuric, Mladen; Dobrota, Marina

Research Articles
On non-monotonic variation of hydrodynamically focused width in a rectangular microchannel
p. 1260 | Tripathi, Siddhartha; Chakravarty, Pritish; Agrawal, Amit

Rainfall estimation from Kalpana-1 satellite data over Indian land and oceanic regions
p. 1275 | Gairola, R. M.; Prakash, Satya; Bushair, M. T.; Pal, P. K.

Classification of cereal proteins related to abiotic stress based on their physicochemical properties using support vector machine
p. 1283 | Paul, Manju Mary; Rai, Anil; Kumar, Sanjeev

Research Communications
Carbon sequestration in agroforestry and pasture systems in arid northwestern India
p. 1290 | Mangalassery, Shamsudheen; Dayal, Devi; Meena, S. L.; Ram, Bhagirath

Graviperceptional changes in the roots of cadmium-treated soybean seedlings
p. 1294 | Singh, Kamal Jit; Thakur, Anil Kumar

Geochemical characterization of Neoproterozoic heavy oil from Rajasthan, India: implications for future exploration of hydrocarbons
p. 1298 | Raju, S. V.; Mathur, N.; Sarmah, M. K.

Impact of rainfall variability on groundwater resources and opportunities of artificial recharge structure to reduce its exploitation in fresh groundwater zones of Haryana
p. 1305 | Narjary, Bhaskar; Kumar, Satyendra; Kamra, S. K.; Bundela, D. S.; Sharma, D. K.

Raindrop size distributions of southwest and northeast monsoon heavy precipitation observed over Kadapa (14o4'N, 78o82'E), a semi-arid region of India
p. 1312 | Jayalakshmi, J.; Reddy, K. Krishna

Magmatic epidote in the Neoarchaean granitoids of Srinivaspura area of Eastern Dharwar Craton and its significance on emplacement mechanism of granitoids
p. 1321 | Nagar, R. P.; Korakoppa, M. M.

Observation on foreshore morphodynamics of microtidal sandy beaches
p. 1324 | Dora, G. Udhaba; Kumar, V. Sanil; Philip, C. Sajiv; Johnson, Glejin

Book Reviews
Chaos, CNN, Memristors and Beyond – A Festschrift for Leon Chua. Andrew Adamatzky and Guanrong Chen (eds)
p. 1331 | Dongale, T. D

Environmental Chemistry. A. K. De
p. 1331 | Mote, Umesh S

Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics, 2013. Aravinda Chakravarti and Eric Green (eds)
p. 1332 | Acharya, Moulinath; Chinnaswamy, Sreedhar; Desai, Kartiki V.

Annual Review of Immunology, 2012. William E. Paul, Don R. Littman and Wayne M. Yokayama (eds)
p. 1334 | Nandi., D

Personal News
Joseph Devassy Padayatty (1928–2014)
p. 1337 | Thomas, George

Historical Notes
The mathematician in Asutosh Mukhopadhyay
p. 1339 | Ghosh, Chinmoy Kumar

Biotechnology Industry Parogramme
p. 1341

Centre for Cellular and Molecula Platforms
p. 1342

Science Academies’ Summer Research Fellowship Programme for Students and Teachers – 2015
p. 1343

Invitation of Nominations for the National Fellowship Awards for Pitamber Pant National Environment Fellowship and Dr B. P. Pal National Environment Fellowship Award for Biodiversity for the Year 2013–2014
p. 1344

Admission for Research Scholars Program – II – 2014 - CDFD
p. 1345

Explore Nano Horizons
p. 1346

International Winterschool on: ‘Using models to advance our understanding of the Indian Ocean biogeochemical variability’
p. 1347

Science Academies’ Refresher Course in Theoretical Physics
p. 1348

Junior Research Fellow - Guru Nanak Dev University
p. 1349

Senior Research Fellow - Indian Institute of Technology
p. 1349

DBT Sponsored Teacher/Researcher Short-term Training at Pondicherry University
p. 1350

p. 1350

Senior Research Fellowship - PSG College of Technology
p. 1351

Junior Research Fellow - College of Post-Graduate Studies
p. 1351

Junior Research Fellow - National Institute of Technology Patna
p. 1351

Winter School on ‘Computational Chemistry’ - University of Hyderabad
p. 1351

Senior Research Fellow - Bharathidasan University
p. 1352

E. K. Janaki Ammal National Award on Taxonomy for the Year 2013
p. 1352

Junior Research Fellow - Defence Institute of Advanced Technology
p. 1352

The 6th Indian Youth Science Congress Acharya Nagarjuna University
p. 1352

Scientific Personnel on Contract Basis - National Centre for Biological Sciences
p. 1353

KIIT-TBI BioIncubator, Bhubaneswar
p. 1353

Nano India - Sastra University
p. 1354

Full-Time Ph.D. - Sastra University
p. 1355

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Current Issue
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