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Volume 108 - Issue 07: 10 Apr, 2015
Admission Annoucements - International Centre for Stem Cells, Cancer and Biotechnology
p. 1190

In this Issue
In this issue
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Guest Editorial
Four key areas for training the next-generation of global change researchers
p. 1195 | Goswami, Santonu; Xu, Xiaofeng; Hayes, Daniel J.

Motivated and committed teacher—dire need in our education system
p. 1197 | Raman, Anantanarayanan

Popularization of ‘Ashtvarga’ plants for conservation and sustainable utilization
p. 1197 | Giri, Lalit; Bhatt, Indra D.; Rawal, Ranbeer S.

Endosulfan: analyses sans logic
p. 1198 | Sreekumar, K. M.; Prathapan, K. D.

Response by
p. 1200 | Harikumar, P. S.; Jesitha, K.; Megha, T.; Kokkal, Kamalakshan

Rejoinder to the reviewer’s comment on ‘Bioenergetics, Thermodynamics and Plant Physiology’
p. 1201 | Palit, Pratip Kumar

2015 King Faisal International Prize for Science and Medicine
p. 1202 | Khan, Sameen Ahmed

A close look at Darwin’s finches
p. 1203 | Herlekar, Ipsita

Meeting Report
Weather and climate informatics for proactive healthcare
p. 1204 | Goswami, Prashant; Gouda, K. C.

Atmosphere–ocean interactions in the Indo-Pacific basin and their impact on Asian climate
p. 1206 | Bhat, G. S.; Hunt, J. C. R.

Needs for policy on landscape restoration in India
p. 1208 | Ravi, Ramalingam; Priyadarsanan, Dharma Rajan

Antimicrobial nanotechnologies: what are the current possibilities?
p. 1210 | Singh, Brahma N.; Rao, Ch. V.; Rawat, A. K. S.; Upreti, D. K.; Singh, Braj R.; Prateeksha

Scientific Correspondence
Preparation of polysilicon from rice-husk
p. 1214 | Bose, D. N.; Haldar, A. R.; Chaudhuri, T. K.

Uranium mineralization in Palaeoproterozoic Khetabari Formation, Bomdila Group, Sie-Rimi area, West Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh
p. 1216 | Basu, Bhaskar; Sharma, Manish; Gupta, C. S.; Thippeswamy, S.; Jeyagopal, A. V.; Joshi, G. B.; Mohanty, R.

Inter-aquifer water transfer through combination well for artificial recharging of the deeper aquifer system in Patna urban area
p. 1219 | Dwivedi, S. N.; Singh, Raj K.

Human-wildlife conflict or co-existence: what do we want?
p. 1221 | Sinu, Palatty Allesh; Nagarajan, M.

General Articles
Does country-level governance influence auditing and financial reporting standards? Evidence from a cross-country analysis
p. 1222 | Avram, Cristina Bota; Grosanu, Adrian; Rachisan, Paula Ramona

Interconnection between physical environment and pedagogical process in elementary schools in Niš, Serbia
p. 1228 | Tanic, Milan; Nikolic, Vojislav; Stankovic, Danica; Kondic, Slavisa; Zivkovic, Milica; Mitkovic, Petar; Kekovic, Aleksandar

Special Section: Sustainable Phosphorus Management
p. 1235 | Abrol, Y. P.; Raghuram, N.; Adhya, Tapan

Global sustainable phosphorus management: a transdisciplinary venture
p. 1237 | Scholz, Roland W.; Hellums, Debbie T.; Roy, Amit A.

Genesis of Early Cambrian phosphorite of Krol Belt, Lesser Himalaya
p. 1247 | Mazumdar, Aninda; Banerjee, D. M.

Phosphorus supply may dictate food security prospects in India
p. 1253 | Rao, A. Subba; Srivastava, Sanjay; Ganeshamurty, A. N.

Phosphorus in relation to dominant cropping sequences in India: chemistry, fertility relations and management options
p. 1262 | Sanyal, S. K.; Dwivedi, B. S.; Singh, V. K.; Majumdar, K.; Datta, S. C.; Pattanayak, S. K.; Annapurna, K.

Physiological and molecular approaches for improving phosphorus uptake efficiency of crops
p. 1271 | Elanchezhian, Rajamanickam; Krishnapriya, Vengavasi; Pandey, Renu; Rao, Annangi Subba; Abrol, Yash Pal

Microbial mobilization of soil phosphorus and sustainable P management in agricultural soils
p. 1280 | Adhya, Tapan Kumar; Kumar, Naresh; Reddy, Gopal; Podile, Appa Rao; Bee, Hameeda; Samantaray, Bindiya

Phosphorus nutrition of crops through arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
p. 1288 | Bagyaraj, D. J.; Sharma, M. P.; Maiti, D.

An inventory on the phosphorus flux of major Indian rivers
p. 1294 | Ramesh, R.; Robin, R. S.; Purvaja, R.

Atmospheric deposition of phosphorus to the Northern Indian Ocean
p. 1300 | Srinivas, Bikkina; Sarin, M. M.

Phosphorus dynamics, eutrophication and fisheries in the aquatic ecosystems in India
p. 1306 | Vass, Kuldeep K.; Wangeneo, Ashwani; Samanta, Srikanta; Adhikari, Subhendu; Muralidhar, M.

Enhancing phosphorus utilization for better animal production and environment sustainability
p. 1315 | Prasad, C. S.; Mandal, A. B.; Gowda, N. K. S.; Sharma, Kusumakar; Pattanaik, A. K.; Tyagi, P. K.; Elangovan, A. V.

Phosphates from detergents and eutrophication of surface water ecosystem in India
p. 1320 | Kundu, S.; Coumar, M. Vassanda; Rajendiran, S.; Rao, A. Subba

Research Articles
Pedometric mapping of soil organic carbon loss using soil erosion maps of Tripura
p. 1326 | Tiwary, P.; Bhattacharyya, T.; Mandal, C.; Dasgupta, Dipanwita; Telpande, B. A.

Soil reinforcement capability of two legume species from plant morphological traits and mechanical properties
p. 1340 | Saifuddin, Mohammed; Osman, Normaniza; Rahman, M. Motior; Boyce, Amru Nasrulhaq

Research Communication
Simultaneous quantitative analysis of a three-drug combination using synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy and chemometrics
p. 1348 | Shinde, Mandakini A.; Divya, Ottoor

Numerical analyses of laboratory-modelled reinforced stone column
p. 1354 | Tandel, Yogendra; Jamal, Mohsin; Solanki, Chandresh; Desai, Atul

On the vertical wavelength estimates using the Krassovsky parameters of OH airglow monitoring
p. 1362 | Ghodpage, R. N.; Taori, A.; Patil, P. T.; Siingh, Devendraa; Gurubaran, S.; Sharma, A. K.

Dynamical model of daily CO concentration over Delhi: assessment of forecast potential
p. 1369 | Baruah, Jurismita; Goswami, Prashant

Spatio-temporal variability of snow cover in Alaknanda, Bhagirathi and Yamuna sub-basins, Uttarakhand Himalaya
p. 1375 | Rathore, B. P.; Singh, S. K.; Bahuguna, I. M.; Brahmbhatt, R. M.; Rajawat, A. S.; Thapliyal, A.; Panwar, A.; Ajai

Book Reviews
Annual Review of Medicine, 2014. C. Thomas Caskey, Mary E. Klotman, Peter Scardino (eds)
p. 1381 | Pai, Sanjay A.

Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science, 2014. Barry R. Holstein, Wick C. Haxton and Abolhassan Jawahery
p. 1382 | Ananthanarayan, B.

Perspectives in Environmental Studies, Fourth Multi Colour Edition. Anubha Kaushik and C. P. Kaushik
p. 1384 | Pardiwala, Rashneh N.

Personal News
John Webster (1925–2014)
p. 1386 | Subramanian, C. V.

ISCA Young Scientist’s Award Programme: 2015–2016 - The Indian Science Congress Association
p. 1388

Executive Director - Indo-US Science and Technology Forum New Delhi, India
p. 1389

Bioinformatics National Certification (BINC) Examination
p. 1390

DST Postdoctoral Fellowships in Nano Science and Technology - Department of Science and Technology
p. 1391

Call for Applications/Nomination for Appointment of Director - S.N. Bore National Centre for Basic Sciences
p. 1392

Senior Accounts Assistant - Indian Academy of Sciences
p. 1393

Career Opportunities for Scientists - National Institute of Immunology, India
p. 1393

Nominations are invited for G N Ramachandran Gold Medal for Excellence in Biological Sciences and Technology – 2015
p. 1394

Asian Mycological Congress 2015
p. 1394

Invites applications for the post of DIRECTOR - Department of Atomic Energy
p. 1395

Junior Research Fellow - Manipal University
p. 1395

Programme Manager - National Biodiversity Authority
p. 1395

National Facility on Low-Temperature Thermochronology (Fission Track Dating)
p. 1396

Junior Research Fellow (JRF) and Field Assistant - Department of Botany
p. 1396

Junior Research Fellow - Shivaji University
p. 1396

Junior Research Fellowship - The American College
p. 1397

B.M. Birla Science Prizes
p. 1397

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