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Volume 109 - Issue 04: 25 Aug, 2015
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In this issue
p. 0658

Guest Editorial
Why do we do the science we do?
p. 0659 | Ravishankara, A. R

Genome editing of human embryo –a question on editorial outlook and responsibilities
p. 0661 | Krishan, Kewal; Kanchan, Tanuj; Singh, Bahadur; Baryah, Neha

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize: an inspiration for international recognitions – II
p. 0661 | Singh, Inderpal; Luthra, Rajesh

Einstein’s brain
p. 0661 | Hejmadi, P. Mohanty

Fostering innovative processes for promotion of animal sciences
p. 0663 | Vengayil, Doyil T.; Asrafuzzaman, Syed; Singh, B. P.

Meeting Report
High entropy alloys: a renaissance in physical metallurgy
p. 0665 | Mukhopadhyay, N. K.

Tropical ecology congress 2014
p. 0667 | Garkoti, S. C.

Buffalo cloning: what we have achieved so far
p. 0670 | Singla, S. K.; Palta, P.; Chauhan, M. S.; Manik, R. S.; Selokar, N. L.; Saini, M.

Clean development mechanism – an opportunity to mitigate carbon footprint from the energy sector of India
p. 0672 | Ranganathan, K.; Goyal, Manish Kumar

Subject selection bias in animal studies
p. 0678 | Parikh, Mihir

Scientific Correspondence
The existential crisis in Indian Brachystelma (Apocynaceae)
p. 0680 | Venu, P.; Prasad, K.

Multicoloured seed coat and flower in Abrus precatorius (Leguminosae), India
p. 0682 | Balachandran, N.; Rajendiran, K.

Orbicular structures near Pichhore, Shivpuri district, Bundelkhand Craton: forerunner for geoheritage site
p. 0684 | Ramiz, Mir Md.; Mondal, M. E. A.

Acid mine drainage, a potential threat to fish fauna of Simsang River, Meghalaya
p. 0687 | Mallik, Sumanta Kumar; Sarma, Debajit; Sarma, Dandadhar; Shahi, Neetu

General Articles
The role of open service innovation in enhancing business performance: the moderating effects of competitive intensity
p. 0691 | Foroughi, Amir; Buang, Nor Aishah; Senik, Zizah Che; Hajmirsadeghi, Reihaneh Sadat; Bagheri, Mahdi Mohammad

Karnataka State Women’s University to be an energy-surplus campus by harnessing renewable energies
p. 0699 | Kamepalli, Lenin Babu

Review Articles
ARIES, Nainital: a strategically important location for climate change studies in the Central Gangetic Himalayan region
p. 0703 | Sagar, Ram; Dumka, U. C.; Naja, Manish; Singh, Narendra; Phanikumar, D. V.

The basis of the stress reaction
p. 0716 | Myslivecek, Jaromir

Research Articles
Synthesis and characterization of yellow gypsum from LD slag fines generated in a steel plant
p. 0727 | Ashrit, Shrenivas; Banerjee, Pradip K.; Chatti, Ravikrishna V.; Rayasam, Venugopal; Nair, Udayabhanu Gopalakrishnan

Spatio-temporal dynamics of surface melting over Antarctica using OSCAT and QuikSCAT scatterometer data (2001–2014)
p. 0733 | Bothale, Rajashree V.; Rao, P. V. N.; Dutt, C. B. S.; Dadhwal, V. K.; Maurya, Devesh

Tidal analysis and prediction for the Gangra location, Hooghly estuary in the Bay of Bengal
p. 0745 | Rose, Linta; Bhaskaran, Prasad K.; Kani, Selvin P.

Influence of canopy architecture on stemflow in agroforestry trees in Western Himalayas
p. 0759 | Ahmed, Akram; Tomar, J. M. S.; Mehta, Harsh; Alam, N. M.; Chaturvedi, O. P.

Research Communications
Measuring the linewidth of a stabilized diode laser
p. 0765 | Muanzuala, Lal; Ravi, Harish,; Sylvan, Karthik; Natarajan, Vasant

Studies on emission potentiality of nitrous oxide from wheat field under changed climate
p. 0768 | Saha, G.; Karmakar, S.; Kar, B.; Bhattacharya, R.; Singh, G.

Determination of intrinsic strain in poly(vinylpyrrolidone)-capped silver nano-hexapod using X-ray diffraction technique
p. 0775 | Das, Ratan; Sarkar, Sumit

Time and risk factors associated with relapse among drug-dependent patients who underwent neurosurgery by ablating the nucleus accumbens
p. 0779 | Wu, He-ming; Ge, Shun-nan; Dou, Li-min; Wang, Ling; Wang, Xue-lian; Li, Nan; Wang, Jing; Gao, Guo-dong

Schumann resonances observed at Maitri, Antarctica: diurnal variation and its interpretation in terms of global thunderstorm activity
p. 0784 | Manu, S.; Rawat, R.; Sinha, A. K.; Gurubaran, S.; Jeeva, K.

Correlation patterns among floral traits in Cleome viscosa L., a sexually polymorphic species
p. 0790 | Saroop, Shveta; Kaul, Veenu

Physico-chemical properties along soil profiles of two dominant forest types in Western Himalaya
p. 0798 | Joshi, Gunjan; Negi, G. C. S.

Patterns of dominance relationships among the females of a captive femaleonly group of lion-tailed macaques (Macaca silenus) during the course of the introduction of a new adult male
p. 0803 | Zaunmair, Pia; Mangalam, Madhur; Kaumanns, Werner; Singh, Mewa; Slotta-Bachmayr, Leopold

Book Reviews
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2014. S. M. Faber, Ewine van Dishoeck and John Kormendy (eds)
p. 0808 | Rao, A. R.

Historical Notes
Primatological studies by medicine Nobel laureates
p. 0810 | Kantha, Sachi Sri; Suzuki, Juri

Personal News
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (1931–2015)
p. 0814 | Narasimha, Roddam

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (1931–2015)
p. 0817 | Balakrishnan, N.

Govindasamy Shanmugam (1938–2015)
p. 0820 | Munirajan, A. K.; Somasundaram, Kumar

Govindasamy Shanmugam (1938–2015)
p. 0821 | Kumaresan, G.

FLIR SCR7000 Series
p. 0822

SRM University Invites Outstanding Scientists and Researchers
p. 0823

Water Advanced Research and Innovation Fellowship Program
p. 0824

Science Academies’ Refresher Course in Recent Advances in Chemistry
p. 0825

Vacancy notice for the Post of Executive Secretary - Indian Academy of Sciences
p. 0826

Buti Foundation Award - 2015 - Physical Research Laboratory
p. 0827

Edge Editing genomes - Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 0827

Announce a 6 day Training Programme on Advanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) – Bioinformatics and Data Analysis
p. 0828

Faculty position in quantitative biology - Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology
p. 0828

Research Positions - Manipal University
p. 0829

Junior Research Fellow - I.K. GUJRAL PTU
p. 0829

Utilization of Mars Orbiter Mission Data – Announcement of Opportunity - Indian Space Research Organisation
p. 0829

Junior Research Fellowship - International Institute of Information Technology
p. 0829

Junior Research Fellowship - Bangalore University
p. 0830

Modelling Mountain Glacier Dynamics - Earth and Climate Science
p. 0830

Call for Research Proposals for 2015–16 - Science and Technology of Yoga and Meditation (SATYAM)
p. 0831

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