Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 109 - Issue 07: 10 Oct, 2015
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1214

Guest Editorial
One hundred years of general relativity: summary, status and prospects
p. 1215 | Padmanabhan, T.

Pitfalls in ICAR mode of germplasm conservation
p. 1220 | Dharmapalan, Biju

Swadeshi Nobel Prize
p. 1220 | Rao, Shrisha

The booming of open access publications in science
p. 1221 | Liu, Weishu; Li, Yanchao

Carbon farming and credit for mitigating greenhouse gases
p. 1223 | Das, Shaon Kumar; Avasthe, R. K.

Nanomaterials from food packaging and commercial products into ecological and soil environment
p. 1223 | Sharma, Prabhakar

Capacity building in glaciology
p. 1225 | Dixit, Ankur; Bajpai, Ruchika; Mishra, Kriti

Research News
Raman spectroscopic findings of new molecular phase in hot dense hydrogen
p. 1226 | Sur, Ujjal Kumar

Hydrology in India – a practitioner’s perspective
p. 1228 | Pandit, Chetan

Look-alike, sound-alike drugs in India
p. 1230 | Ligade, Virendra S.

Need for targeted education programme for preparedness and formulating adaptive strategies in the Indian Himalayan region
p. 1233 | Gupta, Nishikant; Rajvanshi, Asha; Sathyakumar, S.; Johnson, J. A.; Sivakumar, K.; Rawat, G. S.; Mathur, Vinod B.

Scientific Correspondence
Performance of research publications in Eastern European countries
p. 1235 | Gorobets, Alexander

Public–private partnership towards rural development: a study of Artemisia annua in Uttar Pradesh
p. 1237 | Kumar, Sanjay; Suresh, Ram; Verma, Deepak Kumar; Dangesh, Alka; Tomar, V. K. S.

An approach to improve shallow surface investigation using joint analysis of Rayleigh and Love waves
p. 1239 | Ranjan, Sunny Kumar; Pal, S. K.; Singh, K. K. K.

Biological implications of cyclone Hudhud in the coastal waters of northwestern Bay of Bengal
p. 1243 | Baliarsingh, S. K.; Parida, Chandanlal; Lotliker, Aneesh A.; Srichandan, Suchismita; Sahu, K. C.; Srinivasa Kumar, T.

Spider feeding on a Vespertilionid bat from Kerala, South India
p. 1245 | Ramachandran, Arjun; Abha Manohar, K.; Venugopal, Parvathy; Nameer, P. O.

General Articles
Solar photovoltaic-powered membrane distillation as sustainable clean energy technology in desalination
p. 1247 | Selvi, S. R.; Baskaran, R.
doi: 10.18520/v109/i7/1247-1254

Review Articles
Reproductive assurance through autogamous self-pollination across diverse sexual and breeding systems
p. 1255 | Shivanna, K. R.
doi: 10.18520/v109/i7/1255-1263

Research Articles
Design and administration of activity-travel diaries: a case study from Bengaluru city in India
p. 1264 | Manoj, M.; Verma, Ashish
doi: 10.18520/v109/i7/1264-1272

Genetic diversity assessment of Valeriana jatamansi Jones using microsatellites markers
p. 1273 | Jugran, Arun Kumar; Bhatt, Indra D.; Mondal, Suvendu; Rawal, Ranbeer S.; Nandi, Shyamal K.
doi: 10.18520/v109/i7/1273-1282

Sporulation-associated mother cell lysis in Bacillus displays markers of programmed cell death
p. 1283 | Roy, Swati V.; Hajare, Sachin N.; Gautam, Satyendra; Deobagkar, Deepti; Sharma, Arun
doi: 10.18520/v109/i7/1283-1292

On the botanical findings from excavations at Ahichchhatra: a multicultural site in Upper Ganga Plain, Uttar Pradesh
p. 1293 | Pokharia, Anil K.; Srivastava, Chanchala; Vikram, Bhuvan; Dimri, D. N.; Nautiyal, Chandra Mohan; Sharma, Shalini
doi: 10.18520/v109/i7/1293-1304

Distribution of zeolitic soils in India
p. 1305 | Bhattacharyya, T.; Chandran, P.; Ray, S. K.; Pal, D. K.; Mandal, C.; Mandal, D. K.
doi: 10.18520/v109/i7/1305-1313

Research Communications
ELF/VLF radio signals observed at low-latitude station Srinagar, India (L = 1.28)
p. 1314 | Sheikh, S. A.; Lalmani
doi: 10.18520/v109/i7/1314-1319

Combined effect of hydroethanolic extracts of Murraya koenigii and Phyllanthus niruri leaves on paracetamol and ethanol-induced toxicity in HepG2 cell line
p. 1320 | Shah, Pallavi; Singh, S. P.; Kumar, Anil
doi: 10.18520/v109/i7/1320–1326

Toxicity study in mice fed with corn produced in soil containing tannery sludge vermicompost and irrigated with domestic wastewater
p. 1326 | Malafaia, Guilherme; Estrela, Dieferson da Costa; Mizael da Silva, Wellington Alves; Batista Guimarães, Abraão Tiago; Mendes, Bruna de Oliveira; Rodrigues, Aline Sueli de Lima; Pinto de Menezes, Ivandilson Pessoa
doi: 10.18520/v109/i7/1326–1332

Interventions to reduce drudgery of workers in the traditional method of harvesting Makhana (Euryale ferox salisb.) seeds from ponds
p. 1332 | Khadatkar, Abhijit; Gite, L. P.; Gupta, V. K.
doi: 10.18520/v109/i7/1332-1337

Salbardi–Belkher inland basin: a new site of Lameta sedimentation at the border of districts Amravati, Maharashtra and Betul, Madhya Pradesh, Central India
p. 1337 | Mankar, Rupesh S.; Srivastava, Ashok K.
doi: 10.18520/v109/i7/1337-1344

Book Reviews
Responsible Conduct of Research. Adil E. Shamoo and David B. Resnik
p. 1345 | Ravindran, G. D.

Crime Mapping Case Studies: Practice and Research. Spencer Chainey and Lisa Tompson (eds)
p. 1345 | Raj, Satya

Surveys in Theoretical High Energy Physics 2. Raghavan Rangarajan and M. Sivakumar (eds)
p. 1346 | Sinha, Aninda

Book Review: Nature’s Third Cycle: A Story of Sunspots
p. 1346 | Narasimha, Roddam

Historical Notes
Cotton heritage of India and improvements trialled on cotton germplasm in the Madras Presidency during the 19th Century
p. 1347 | Raman, Anantanarayanan

Bhaskara Advanced Solar Energy
p. 1353

VITERBI-India Program
p. 1354

Invites Applications for the Post of Centre Director, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
p. 1355

Joint Ph.D. Programme - TERI
p. 1356

The Director - Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment Sasthra Bhavan
p. 1357

Faculty Position in the Areas of Chemistry of Energy Materials and Other Advanced Materials – New Chemistry Unit - Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
p. 1358

Project Fellow Positions - Alagappa University
p. 1358

Short Term Training Course on Virus-induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) – A Tool to Study Gene Function in Plants VIGS 2016, 20 January to 2 February 2016
p. 1359

Research Staff Positions - Banaras Hindu University
p. 1359

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships - Institute of Nanoscience and Technology
p. 1360

Senior Research Fellow - Alagappa University
p. 1360

Invitation of Nominations for the National Fellowship Awards for Pitamber Pant National Environment Fellowship and Dr B. P. Pal National Environment Fellowship Award for Biodiversity for the year 2015–16
p. 1361

Research Associate - Institute of Chemical Technology
p. 1361

Position of JRF and RA-I in DST Nano Mission Project - Bangalore University
p. 1361

RESEARCH POSITIONS - Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute
p. 1362

RESEARCH POSITIONS - Kerala Forest Research Institute
p. 1362

International Conference on ‘Climate Change and Food Security: Ethical Perspective’ - AGRI Biotech Foundation
p. 1362

Shivaji University, Kolhapur
p. 1362

19th National Space Science Symposium - Indian Space Research Organisation HQ
p. 1363

JRF/SRF/RA - Shivaji University
p. 1363

Recruitment Project Scientists Purely On Temporary And Short Term Contract Basis - Indian Institute Of Tropical Meteorology
p. 1364

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