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Volume 109 - Issue 09: 10 Nov, 2015
SASTRA - G. N. Ramachandran Award
p. 1514

In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1518

Guest Editorial
What can scientists/science administrators do for ‘Make in India’?
p. 1519 | Arunan, E.

Biobeds: on-farm biopurification for environmental protection
p. 1521 | Das, Shaon Kumar; Avasthe, R. K.; Singh, Matber; Sharma, Kalpana

Environmental flow estimation under climate change
p. 1522 | Sahoo, Amiya Kumar; Sahoo, Bhabagrahi

Afforestation/Reforestation-Clean Development Mechanism and Indian farmers
p. 1522 | Tripathi, Mayank

Citation peaks in modern science: 1900–2010
p. 1523 | Zhao, Star X.; Li, Jiang

Resolutions of solar and atmospheric neutrino problems
p. 1526 | Sankar, S. Uma

2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for DNA repair
p. 1533 | Mugesh, G.

Nobel shot in the arm for neglected infectious disease research
p. 1537 | Padmanaban, G.

Research News
Discovery of a two-coordinate borinium cation: a new frontier in boron chemistry
p. 1541 | Thilagar, P.

Evolution of corn: role of single nucleotide polymorphism
p. 1544 | Mahadeva, A.

Random thoughts on the 100 most cited papers from 1925 to 2008
p. 1545 | Kantha, Sachi Sri

The Martina Hingis Effect in science
p. 1549 | Shaanker, R. Uma

Scientific Correspondence
Role of neuropeptide RFRP-3 in circadian rhythm
p. 1551 | Sethi, Sumit; Chaturvedi, Chandra Mohini

Global influence of Cancer Statistics articles
p. 1552 | Chuang, Kun-Yang; Chuang, Ying-Chih; Ho, Yuh-Shan

Adaptive modifications in lip and barbel of an endangered catfish Amblyceps arunchalensis Nath & Dey, 1989
p. 1554 | Kaushik, Gitartha; Bordoloi, Sabitry

General Articles
Public–private partnership for convergence of extension services in Indian agriculture
p. 1557 | Mukherjee, Anirban; Maity, Aniruddha
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1557-1563

Special Section: Design for Well-Being (Guest Editors: Prabhu Kandachar and Monto Mani)
p. 1564 | Kandachar, Prabhu; Mani, Monto

Frugal and reverse innovations – Quo Vadis?
p. 1567 | Simula, Henri; Hossain, Mokter; Halme, Minna
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1567-1572

Lighting and health of building occupants: a case of Indian information technology offices
p. 1573 | Das, Sutapa
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1573-1580

Top floors of low-rise modern residences in Kolkata: preliminary exploration towards a sustainable solution
p. 1581 | Bose, Shivashish; Sarkar, Somen
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1581-1589

Thermal performance design criteria for bio-climatic architecture in Himachal Pradesh
p. 1590 | Sarkar, Amitava; Bose, Shivashish
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1590-1600

Capability approach-based evaluation of a biomass cook-stove design
p. 1601 | Khadilkar, Pramod; Lokras, Shridhar; Somashekar, H. I.; Reddy, B. V. Venkatarama; Mani, Monto
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1601-1609

Understanding transitions in a rural Indian building typology in the context of well-being
p. 1610 | Chandran, Kumari Moothedath; Balaji, Nallaval Chinnaswamy; Mani, Monto
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1610-1621

Design for sustainability: case of designing an urban household organic waste management system
p. 1622 | Devadula, Suman; Gurumoorthy, B.; Chakrabarti, Amaresh
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1622-1629

Creating an essential marketplace to close the information gap for social impact technologies
p. 1630 | Jue, Diana; Pruter, Matthew
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1630-1638

Approaching design for development from a capability perspective
p. 1639 | Mink, Annemarie; Marel, Floris van der; Parmar, Vikram; Kandachar, Prabhu
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1639-1650

Design of a manual press for the production of compacted stabilized soil blocks
p. 1651 | Reddy, B. V. Venkatarama
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1651-1659

Women empowerment by technology supported manufacturing of beads from Holy Basil
p. 1660 | Gupta, Rajkumar; Sharma, Mangal; Singh, Davinder Pal; Suthar, Bhivraj; Saha, Subir Kumar
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1660-1664

Uncertainty and the capability approach to design
p. 1665 | Shahare, Mahendra
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1665-1671

Review Articles
Shikimic acid: a highly prospective molecule in pharmaceutical industry
p. 1672 | Borah, Jagat Chandra
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1672-1679

Research Articles
Effect of ambient heat on all-cause mortality in the coastal city of Surat, India
p. 1680 | Desai, Vikas K.; Wagle, Shailesh; Rathi, Suresh Kumar; Patel, Urvi; Desai, Hemant S.; Khatri, Kaplesh
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1680-1686

Effect of diet quality and associated metabolic changes in adult stress response and life-history traits in Drosophila ananassae
p. 1687 | Sisodia, Seema; Verma, Puja; Singh, Bashisth Narayan
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1687-1696

Research Communications
Diagnostic value of oscillation technique for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a meta-analysis
p. 1697 | Pang, Cai-Shuang; Chen, Mei; Hu, Jun; Wen, Fu-Qiang
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1697-1703

Demographic characteristics of donors: an exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis in health care of Iran
p. 1704 | Aghababa, Sara; Nasiripour, Amir Ashkan; Maleki, Mohammadreza; Gohari, Mahmoodreza
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1704-1708

Pantoea sp. strain A4, a new plant-associated bacterium exhibiting quorum sensing activity
p. 1709 | How, Kah-Yan; Sheng, Kit-Yeng; Chan, Kok-Gan
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1709-1714

Application of neural network based on genetic algorithm in predicting magnitude of earthquake in North Tabriz Fault (NW Iran)
p. 1715 | Zakeri, Negar Sadat Soleimani; Pashazadeh, Saeid
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1715-1722

Borehole radar for delineation of unapproachable underground coal-mine galleries below Grand Chord railway lines
p. 1722 | Singh, K. K. K.
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1722-1727

Detection of glacier lakes buried under snow by RISAT-1 SAR in the Himalayan terrain
p. 1728 | Singh, S. K.; Rajawat, A. S.; Rathore, B. P.; Bahuguna, I. M.; Chakraborty, M.
doi: 10.18520/v109/i9/1728-1732

Book Reviews
Bioresources of the Eastern Ghats: Their Conservation and Management. K. V. Krishnamurthy, R. Murugan and K. Ravikumar.
p. 1733 | Raman, Anantanarayanan

The Living Tree: Traditional Medicine and Public Health in China and India. Sachin Chaturvedi, Miltos Ladikas, Guo Lifeng and Krishna Ravi Srinivas (eds).
p. 1734 | Patwardhan, Bhushan

Madness and Memory: The Discovery of Prions – A New Biological Principle of Disease. Stanley B. Prusiner.
p. 1737 | Mukhopadhyay, Samrat

Admission for Research Scholars Program – II – 2015 - CDFD
p. 1738

Science Academies’ Refresher Course on Crystallography, Mineralogy, Igneous Petrology and Thermodynamics, Sedimentology and Economic Geology
p. 1739

Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor - CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF TAMIL NADU
p. 1740

Twinning R&D Proposals (CFT)) 2015-2016 from Scientists Working in the North Eastern States of India
p. 1741

p. 1742

Call for the Post of Communications Officer - National Institute of Advanced Studies
p. 1743

Institute of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology – (Trans Disciplinary University) – ITD-HST
p. 1744

Postdoctoral Positions in Surfactant/Physical Chemistry - Novozymes South Asia Pvt Ltd, Pune
p. 1745

Recruitment at Charotar University of Science and Technology
p. 1745

Research Associate, Junior Research Fellow and Lab Attendant - Banaras Hindu University
p. 1746

The 7th Indian Youth Science Congress
p. 1746

Call for Abstracts - Karunya University
p. 1746

Director (Research) - Spices Board
p. 1747

Vacancies - Spices Board
p. 1747

Junior Research Fellow - Indian Institute of Technology
p. 1747

Junior Research Fellow - National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad
p. 1747

OmiX Research and Diagnostics Laboratories Private Limited
p. 1748

Utilisation of Chandrayaan-1 TMC, HySI Data – Announcement of Opportunity (AO) - Indian Space Research Organisation HQ, Bangalore
p. 1748

Call for Applications for Full-Time Ph.D. - SASTRA University
p. 1750

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