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Volume 115 - Issue 05: 10 Sep, 2018
S. Ramaseshan Science Writing Fellowships/Internships at Current Science
p. 0802

In this Issue
In this issue
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Guest Editorial
Why should India invest in deep ocean research?
p. 0807 | Rajeevan, M.

Internationalization of Indian higher-education
p. 0809 | Raman, Anantanarayanan

Transforming science and technology in India
p. 0809 | Prathap, Gangan

Inter-specific relationship of size and walking speed in predaceous ladybirds (Insecta: Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)
p. 0810 | Ghosh, S.; Agarwala, B. K.

Science Last Fortnight
p. 0811

Research News
Punjab’s food and water woes: perils of heavy metal contamination
p. 0815 | Iqbal, Sarah

Does autonomy of colleges make a difference to academic outcomes?
p. 0817 | Mukhopadhyay, P.; Tapaswi, Murari P.; Sudarsan, P. K.

Scientific Correspondence
Cyclone Ockhi and its impact over Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep, India
p. 0819 | Fousiya, A. A.; Lone, Aasif Mohmad

Recent flood event in Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India as assessed using remote sensing data
p. 0821 | Ghosh, Surajit; Kumar, Raj; Pandey, Uttara; Srivastava, Parul; Mehra, Swapan

Non-tectonic signals in tectonic geodesy
p. 0822 | Kundu, Bhaskar; Panda, Dibyashakti; Gahalaut, Vineet K.

General Articles
Electronic national agricultural markets: the way forward
p. 0826 | Reddy, A. Amarender
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/826-837

Sustainable exploitation of building stone in India – emerging issues
p. 0838 | Sharma, Abhishek; Mishra, A. K.; Choudhary, B. S.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/838-844

Collaboration pattern in male breast cancer research
p. 0845 | Dwivedi, Sandhya; Garg, K. C.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/845-850

Attrition of agents in Indian life insurance companies
p. 0851 | Roy, Neha Chhabra; Shome, Samik
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/851-859

Review Articles
Fluorosis and iodine deficiency disorders in India
p. 0860 | Susheela, Andezhath K.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/860-867

Research Articles
Rehabilitation device supporting active and passive upper limb exercises
p. 0868 | Trochimczuk, Roman; Huścio, Tomasz; Grymek, Szymon; Szalewska, Dominika
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/868-873

Delineation of subtle and obscure structures in West Bengal Shelf: a remote sensing and GIS-based parallel approach
p. 0874 | Mazumder, Subhobroto; Adhikari, Kalyan; Mitra, Durga Shanker; Mahapatra, Samiran; Pangtey, Krishan Kumar Singh
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/874-885

Marker to authenticate Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) containing aphrodisiac herbal products
p. 0886 | Vejayan, Jaya; Mohamed, Aini Norhidayah; Zulkifli, Amira Alia; Yahya, Yasmin Amira Che; Munir, Norliana; Yusoff, Mashitah M.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/886-894

A simple method for the separation and detection of trace levels of buprofezin, flubendiamide and imidacloprid by NP-HPTLC and RP-HPTLC
p. 0895 | Nareshkumar, B.; Sangnalmath, Praveen U.; Gayatridevi, S.; Sreeramulu, K.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/895-903

Ranking Mediterranean-type shrubs and trees by their allelopathic activity is not independent of how extract concentration is expressed
p. 0904 | Pereira, I. P.; Dias, L. S.; Dias, A. S.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/904-909

Capturing richness-independent phylogenetic diversity and testing surrogates in woody plant communities
p. 0910 | Divya, B.; Karanth, K. Praveen
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/910-919

Understanding sea ice melting via functional data analysis
p. 0920 | Das, Purba; Lahiri, Ananya; Das, Sourish
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/920-929

Research Communications
Evaluation of school backpack prototype-based on gait parameters, energy expenditure and posture of students
p. 0930 | Gupta, Ishant; Kalra, Parveen; Iqbal, Rauf
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/930-936

Obtaining 3D and 3D revert cultures of BMG-1 cell line for the analysis of cytokine expression differences
p. 0936 | Ravi, Maddaly; Subramaniyan, Aishwarya
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/936-938

Occurrence of Fusarium species in asymptomatic barley plants grown in field conditions under differential phosphate regimes
p. 0939 | Echeverria, Mariela; Moreno, Maria Virginia; Caputo, Carla
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/939-944

Agronomic biofortification of zinc in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
p. 0944 | Kumar, Arvind; Denre, Manas; Prasad, Ruplal
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/944-948

Cotton crop in changing climate
p. 0948 | Shikha, A.; Maharana, P.; Singh, K. K.; Dimri, A. P.; Niwas, R.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/948-954

Identification of potential areas for crops
p. 0955 | Ramamurthy, V.; Chattaraj, S.; Singh, S. K.; Yadav, R. P.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/955-961

Applications of two-dimensional seismic tomography for subsurface cavity and dissolution features detection under Doon valley, NW Himalaya
p. 0962 | Mahajan, A. K.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/962-969

Study of a snow avalanche accident along Chowkibal–Tangdhar road in Kupwara district, Jammu and Kashmir, India
p. 0969 | Gusain, H. S.; Mishra, V. D.; Singh, D. K.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/969-972

Application of ICP-MS technique for analysis of heavy metals in LD slag fines
p. 0973 | Ashrit, Shrenivas; Chatti, Ravikrishna V.; Sarkar, S.; Venugopal, R.; Nair, G. Udayabhanu
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/973-977

Preparation of nanosized bioapatite by cryogenic grinding from sintered scales of silver carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (Cuvier and Valenciennes)
p. 0977 | ., Ravneet; Verma, Gaurav; Matiyal, Bandu; Thakur, Neha
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/977-982

Effect of temperature on minor invertebrate predator reduviid Isyndus heros (Fab.) (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)
p. 0983 | Mouly, Rakshitha; Shivananda, T. N.; Verghese, Abraham
doi: 10.18520/cs/v115/i5/983-986

Book Reviews
Mathematical Physics: With Applications, Problems & Solutions. V. Balakrishnan
p. 0987 | Khare, Avinash

Comprehensive Remote Sensing, Volume 9: Applications for Societal Benefits. Editor in Chief: Shunlin Liang, Volume Editor: Stephen J. Walsh
p. 0988 | Navalgund, Ranganath

Personal News
Jayanta Kumar Ghosh (1937–2018)
p. 0989 | Ramamoorthi, R. V.

K. Porsezian (1963–2018)
p. 0992 | Lakshmanan, M.

7th Indian Peptide Syposium
p. 0994

IPS Young Scientist Award – 2019 - Excellence in Peptide Research
p. 0995

Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology
p. 0996

Focus Area Science Technology – Summer Fellowship
p. 0997

Science Academies’ Summer Research Fellowship Programme for Students and Teachers – 2019
p. 0998

Inter University Accelerator Centre, Delhi
p. 0999

Admission to Ph.D. program - Indrashil University
p. 0999

The Society of Polymer Science, India
p. 1000

Junior Research Fellow - SRM Research Institute
p. 1000

Hands-on Training Workshop for Women Scientists on Human Cell Culture Technology and its Applications in Cancer Research
p. 1001

Notification for Ph.D. Admission - Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services
p. 1001

2018 SAILIFE-NOST Best Thesis Awards
p. 1002

p. 1002

Indo-French School cum Workshop on Molecular Magnetism
p. 1003

Eminent Scientist/Engineer of international repute for the post of Dean in Homi Bhabha National Institute
p. 1003

Award of DBT-Research Associateship in Biotechnology and Life Sciences
p. 1003

Award of DBT-Research Associateship in Biotechnology and Life Sciences for Candidates of North-East Region
p. 1003

Expanding frontier in Chemical Sciences - Indian Academy of Sciences
p. 1007

Mandatory Approval of NBA
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