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Volume 117 - Issue 08: 25 Oct, 2019
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 1258

Hormesis – an exciting field in genetic toxicology and evolutionary biology
p. 1259 | Kesavan, P. C.

Foldscope as a research tool in the diagnosis of fungal leaf spot diseases
p. 1261 | Wangdi, Lhanjey P.; Pradhan, Arpan; Mangar, Srijana

Parliament’s Standing Committee on Science and Technology, Environment and Forests
p. 1262

Indian-origin Fellows of National Academy of Inventors
p. 1262 | Singh, Inderpal

Science Last Fortnight
p. 1263

Road widening along National Highway-58, Uttarakhand, India
p. 1267 | Siddique, T.; Pradhan, S. P.

Scientific Correspondence
Simple somatic cell assay to screen mammalian embryo toxicity caused by mineral oil
p. 1270 | Rajendran, Rasika; Saini, Monika; Dua, Seema; Saini, Diksha; Kumar, Dharmendra; Yadav, Prem Singh; Selokar, Naresh L.

Infestation of bopyrid isopod parasite (Bopyridae) on ‘coral banded boxing’ shrimp Stenopus hispidus Olivier, 1811 (Stenopodidae) in the Lakshadweep archipelago
p. 1271 | Prakash, S.; Kumar, T. T. Ajith; Lal, Kuldeep K.

General Articles
Towards effective climate services: Indian context
p. 1274 | Mehajan, Rajeev Kumar; Tewary, Abha; Gupta, Shreekant
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1274-1280

Sustainability improvement of traditional cropping system in Uttarakhand, India, through intercropping with medicinal and aromatic plants
p. 1281 | Pandey, Madhulika; Nautiyal, B. P.; Kumar, Nirdesh
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1281-1285

Review Articles
Current status of enthalpy–entropy compensation phenomenon
p. 1286 | Moulik, Satya Priya; Naskar, Bappaditya; Rakshit, Animesh Kumar
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1286-1291

Research Articles
Determination of tolerable dose of litchi fruit considering reported hypoglycin A and MCPG contents through biochemical and histopathological evaluations in mice
p. 1292 | Tripathi, Jyoti; Bandyopadhyay, Nilantana; Hajare, Sachin N.; Wadhawan, Surbhi; Sarma, Haladhar Dev; Gautam, Satyendra
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1292-1299

Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Azadirachta indica and Ocimum sanctum leaf extract
p. 1300 | Priyadarshini, Sonali; Sulava, Sushree; Bhol, Rasmita; Jena, Somanatha
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1300-1307

Green synthesis, characterization and biological activity of synthesized ruthenium nanoparticles using fishtail fern, sago palm, rosy periwinkle and holy basil
p. 1308 | Gupta, Pranshu K.; Ranganath, Kalluri V. S.; Dubey, Nawal K.; Mishra, Lallan
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1308-1317

Spatiotemporal variation of single-season rice phenology in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China, during 1991–2010
p. 1318 | He, Lei; Chen, Ji-Long
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1318-1323

Soil bacterial diversity and its determinants in the riparian zone of the Lijiang River, China
p. 1324 | Wang, Jing; Wang, Dongmei; Wang, Bin
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1324-1332

Textural variation in the crustal xenoliths in basic dykes, Western Deccan Volcanic Province, Maharashtra, India: evidence of partial melting and pyrometamorphism
p. 1333 | Ghole, Aishwarya N.; Marathe, Tanuuja; Vaddadi, Sudha
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1333-1339

Research Communications
Robust perceptual image hashing using SIFT and SVD
p. 1340 | Singh, Kh. Motilal; Neelima, Arambam; Tuithung, T.; Singh, Kh. Manglem
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1340-1344

Limited replication studies in functional magnetic resonance imaging research on taste and food
p. 1345 | Yeung, Andy Wai Kan
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1345-1347

Use of a weather forecast model to identify suitable sites for new wind power plants in Karnataka
p. 1347 | Gangopadhyay, Anasuya; Kanase, Radhika; Mohan, Greeshma; Halder, Madhuparna; Deshpande, Medha; Mukhopadhyay, Parthasharathi; Srinivasan, J.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1347-1353

Raw water treatment with Cl2 and ClO2: comparison of two major class of disinfection by-products formation
p. 1354 | Padhi, R. K.; Subramanian, Suja; Satpathy, K. K.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1354-1357

Quantitative assessment of crop species diversity in shifting cultivation system of Eastern Himalaya
p. 1357 | Pandey, D. K.; Adhiguru, P.; Devi, S. Vimla; Dobhal, Shivani; Dubey, S. K.; Mehra, T. S.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1357-1363

Effect of integrated nutrient management in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) on alluvial soil
p. 1364 | Mukherjee, Aritra Kumar; Tripathi, Sudipta; Mukherjee, Subhadeep; Mallick, R. B.; Banerjee, Anannya
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1364-1368

Genetic lineage of Zeugodacus caudatus (Diptera: Tephritidae) detected with mtCOI gene analysis from India
p. 1368 | Prabhakar, Chandra S.; ., Anil; Choudhary, Jaipal S.; Singh, Ravi S.; Ray, S. N.; Managanvi, Kalmesh; Kumari, Mona; Hadapad, Ashok B.; Hire, Ramesh S.
doi: 10.18520/cs/v117/i8/1368-1375

Book Reviews
Gandhi and Health @ 150: Footprints of ICMR’s Century-long Journey. Collector’s Edition. Balram Bhargava, Rajni Kant, A. Annamalai and Abhay Bang (eds)
p. 1376 | Bamji, Mahtab S.; Kant, Rajni; Gavaravarapu, Subbarao M.

History and Theory of Knowledge Production. An Introductory Outline. Rajan Gurukkal
p. 1377 | Vijayan, M.

Annual Review of Biophysics, 2018. Ken A. Dill (ed.)
p. 1379 | Menon, Gautam I.

Personal News
Chanchal Uberoi (1939–2019)
p. 1381 | Balasubrahmanyam, S. N.

Historical Notes
Observational records of stars in Indian texts – III (Gemini)
p. 1383 | Pai, R. Venketeswara; Shylaja, B. S.

Invites Proposals For Support Biotechnological Product/Technology Development - BIRAC
p. 1387

Building Energy Efficiency Higher and Advanced Network - Indo-US Science and Technology Forum
p. 1388

Wanted Scientists - Karpagam Cancer Research Centre
p. 1389

Executive Director - M S Swaminathan Research Foundation
p. 1389

Workshop on Climate Modelling - DST Centre of Excellence in Divecha Centre for Climate Change
p. 1390

Awards and Honours for the Award Year 2019 - Odisha Bigyan Academy
p. 1390

Five-day Workshop - CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute
p. 1391

Ph.D. Admissions and Postdoctoral Fellowships - Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology and Research
p. 1391

Executive Director - Indian National Academy of Engineering
p. 1391

Junior Research Fellow - National Aerospace Laboratories
p. 1607

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