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Volume 40 - Issue 04:
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Research Articles
Organic Materials in the Marine Environment and the Associated Metallic Elements
p. 0075 | Pillai, T. N. V.; Desai, M. V. M.; Mathew, Elizabeth; Ganapathy, S.; Ganguly, A. K.

Viral Antigens in the Bai Strain A (Avian Myeloblastosis) Virus Associated Myeloblasts and Chick Fibroblasts
p. 0081 | Rao, P. R.

Letters to the Editor
Bromination of anisole catalysed by Zinc chloride, Iodine Bromide and other salts
p. 0083 | Gnanapragasam, N. S.; Joseph, N.

Mechanism of chromic acid oxidation of acetophenone
p. 0084 | Tandon, S. K.; Banerji, K. K.; Bakore, G. V.

Crystalline chemical components of the flowers of Adhathoda Vasica
p. 0084 | Rangaswami, S.; Seshadri, R.

Bitter Principles of Physalis minima and Physalis Peruviana
p. 0085 | Subramanian, S. Sankara; Sethi, P. D.

Anti-Inflammatory principles of Vanda Roxhburghii
p. 0086 | Basu, K.; Dasgupta, B.; Bhattacharya, S. K.; Lal, R.; Das, P. K.

An unusual mineral assemblage in Tuffisite veins at Pimpalwandi, District Poona, Maharashtra
p. 0087 | Deshpande, G. G.; Peshwa, V. V.; Ghate, N. S.

Abnormal development of lower incisors in the Indian Gerbil, Tatera Indica Indica (Hardwicke) (Rodentia: Muridae)
p. 0088 | Chakroborty, S.; Ghosal, D. K.

Association of some lead and stem characteristics with Grain yield in peral Millet
p. 0089 | Phul, P. S.

Foliar spray of urea for yield increase in Rice
p. 0090 | Bhaskaran, U. P.; De, Rajat

Some new records of rice Hoppers in Maharashtra
p. 0091 | Khaire, V. M.; Bhapkar, D. G.

Differentiation of Saccharum Officinarum Tissues in vitro
p. 0092 | Narayana, R.; Srinivasan, H.

Morphactin and cytokinins interactionin Seedling growth of Ruellia Tuberosa Linn.
p. 0093 | Chawan, D. D.; Sen, D. N.; Sharma, K. D.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0094

p. 0096

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Current Issue
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