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Volume 42 - Issue 05:
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Research Articles
Some Electrohydrodynamic Distortion Patters in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
p. 0147 | Madhusudana, N. V.; Karat, P. P.; Chandrashekhar, S.

Short communications
Relativistic Invariance and Discrete Symmetries
p. 0149 | Balachandran, A. P.

Problems in Electromagnetic Mass-Difference Calculations
p. 0151 | Majumdar, D. P.

Weak Interactions
p. 0155 | Deshpande, N. G.

Research Articles
Gravitational Theory in the Presence of Spinors
p. 0157 | Lord, Eric A.

Short communications
Unsolved Problems in Quark Model and Hardon Spectra
p. 0159 | Mitra, A. N.

The Group-Theoritical Aspects of Quantum Mechanics
p. 0161 | Majumdar, S. Datta

Letters to the Editor
Calculation of High Frequency Dielectric Constant of Alkali Halide Crystals
p. 0164 | Goyal, S. C.; Shanker, Jai

Thermodynamic Properties of Some Molecules of XO2Y2 and XO2YZ Types
p. 0164 | Gopinath, C. R.; Rao, K. S. Raghavendra

Tetrakis Selenourea Cobalt (II) Perchlorate
p. 0165 | Roy, P. C.; Rao, D. V. Ramana

Spiral Growth of Lead on a Copper (111) Plane
p. 0167 | Setty, T. H. V.; Ahmed, M. F.; Seshadri, B. S.

Storage Stability of Antimicrobial Cotton Textile
p. 0168 | Maurya, M. S.; Pandya, G.; Krishna, Bal

Large Scale Isolation Protoplasts from Maize Leaves of Maize
p. 0169 | Chakraborty, S. N.

Biological Oxidation of Resorcinol
p. 0171 | Mythirayee, C.; Madhavakrishna, W.

Diagenetic Rhombohedral Calcite from the Maestrichtian Band of the Trichinopoly Upper Cretaceous, South India
p. 0171 | Rao, C. Gundu

Inhibition of Ovarian Compensatory Hypertrophy by Barbital Sodium in Hemispayed Albino Rats
p. 0173 | Singh, Saraswati B.; Rao, M. Appaswamy

Inheritance of a Dwarf Barley Mutant - A Preliminary Study
p. 0175 | Thakur, B.; Sinha, B. C.

A New Species of Chaetomium from Soil
p. 0176 | Tiwari, D. P.; Agarwal, P. D.

Colchicine-Potassium Oxalate in the Analysis of Mouse Chromosome
p. 0177 | Dikshith, T. S. S.; Datta, K. K.

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0179

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0181

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Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 6, 2023