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Volume 42 - Issue 07:
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Short communications
Copper Content in the Inshore and Estuarine Waters along the Central West Coast of India
p. 0223 | Sankaranarayanan, V. N.; Reddy, C. V. G.

Research Articles
Vitamin A-Induced Haemolysis and Lipid Peroxidation : Effect of Vitamin E, D and Antioxidants
p. 0225 | Krishnamurthy, S.; Kartha, V. N. R.

Importance of O-R Potential in Initiating Cultures of Axenically Grown Entamoeba Histolytica from Small Inocula
p. 0227 | Singh, B. N.; Das, S. R.; Dutta, G. P.

Mechanism of Ventilatory Movements in Tesseratoma Javanica and Their Recording Techniques
p. 0230 | Puranik, P. G.; Chari, N.; Sukhdev, R. D.

Letters to the Editor
Study of Impurity Precipitates in Doped NaCl Crystals by Means of Ultrasonic Velocity Changes
p. 0234 | Chary, E. Srinivasa; Babu, V. Hari; Ramana, Y. V.

Application of First Order Kinetic Equation for the Evaluation of Kinetic Parameters by DTA-Uranyl Oxalate Trihydrate System
p. 0235 | Subramanian, K. S.; Radhakrishnan, T. P.; Sundaram, A. K.

Spectrophotometric Studies on Iron (III) Complexes
p. 0236 | Shah, J. R.; Patel, R. P.

Tetrafluorenyl Oxy Molybdenum (VI) and Tungsten (VI)
p. 0237 | Kapur, Sushma; Multani, R. K.; Kalsotra, B. L.

A Note on the Geology and Micropalaeontology of the Neill Island, South Andaman
p. 0239 | Singh, Pratap; Vimal, K. P.

Free amino Acids in some Tissues of Gryllotalpa Africana Beauvois (Orthoptera : Insecta)
p. 0241 | Rakshpal, R.

Karyolgical Studies on the Genus Acartia (Copepoda)
p. 0242 | Goswami, Usha; Goswami, S. C.

Herbicides as Regulants for Stomatal Closure in Dryland Farming
p. 0243 | Dutta, T. R.; Gupta, S. R.; Gupta, J. N.

A Note on the Utility of Cotton Waste as a Soil Conditioner
p. 0245 | Lakshminarasimhan, C. R.; Balasundaram, C. S.; Rajakkannu, K.

Foliar Sclereids in Rhodoleia Teysmanni
p. 0245 | Rao, A. N.

In Vitro Production of Plats from the Anthers of Petunia Hybrida Vilmour (247)
p. 0247 | Sopory, Sudhir K.; Maheshwari, S. C.

Kaempferol-3-Glucoside from Crateva Adansonii Dc. Subsp, Odora Jacobs (Family Capparaceae) and its Taxonomic Significance
p. 0248 | Prithipalsingh; Dakshini, K. M.

Electrolyte Changes in Blasted Rice
p. 0249 | Dube, H. C.

A Note on the Embryology of Polygonum Glabrum Willd
p. 0250 | Rao, B. A.; Mukherjee, P. K.

Differential Expression of Pleiotropic Genes for for Pigmentation in Rice (Oryza Sativa L. )
p. 0252 | Dhulappanavar, C. V.

Isolation and Identification of Sesamin from Sesamum Indicum Tissue Cultures
p. 0253 | Khanna, Pushpa; Jain, S. C.

Glycogen Fractions During Exercise of the Dytiscid Beetle Cybister Confusus
p. 0254 | Kallapur, V. L.

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0256

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0258

Current Issue
Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 6, 2023