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Volume 42 - Issue 08:
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Research Articles
Autoinfection with Cysts of Entamoeba Histolytica in Experimental Animals and its Bearing on Relapses of Treated Cases of Chronic Human Amoebiasis
p. 0261 | Singh, B. N.

Discovery of a Komatiite in the Precambrian of India and its Significance in the Nature of Archean Volcanism and of the Early Crust in the Indian Shield
p. 0266 | Viswanathan, S.; Sankaran, A. V.

Active Layer os Asymmetric Osmotic Membrane
p. 0270 | Pandya, V. P.; Bhalala, B. J.; Kawa, R. M.; Mehta, D. J.

Short communications
Satellite Television Cloudf Photography as a Possible tool to Forecast Plant Disease Spread
p. 0273 | Nagarajan, S.; Singh, H.

Letters to the Editor
Anomalous Etch Pits in Bismuth
p. 0275 | Shah, B. S.

The Expanding Earth - An Evidence from Palaeomagnetic Observations in India
p. 0275 | Rao, B. S. R.; Murthy, I. V. Radhakrishna

Cone-in-Cone Structure from the West Bokaro Coalfield, India
p. 0276 | Chandra, D.; Gupta, J. P.

On the Occurance of Rapakivi Granite from Keskal Area of Bastar District in South-Eastern Madhya Pradesh
p. 0277 | Adyalkar, P. G.; Phadtare, P. N.; Ramanna, K.

Release of Phosphate from Tricalcium and Rock Phosphates by Organic Acids
p. 0278 | Pareek, R. P.; Gaur, A. C.

Isolation of a Nephrotoxin From Pencillium Piceum, A Common Food Contaminant
p. 0279 | Parthasarathy, V. V.; Shanmugasundaram, E. R. B.

Effect of Triphenyltin Acetate on the Fecundity and Fertility of Dysdercus Cingulatus F. (Heteroptera : Pyrrhocoridae)
p. 0280 | Ansari, Habeeb J.; Khan, Mumtaz A.

Size Relationship of Oocytes and Their Nuclei in Three Species of Scorpions
p. 0281 | Sareen, M. L.; Monga, Darshana

Giant Cells in the Placenta of Two Species of Indian Rats
p. 0282 | Karim, K. B.

Chromosomal Dynamics in the south Indian Palm Squirrel Funambulus Palmarum Palmarum Linn. (Rodenta : Sciuridae)
p. 0284 | Prakash, K. L. Satya; Aswathnarayana, N. V.

Mass Mortality of Lingula Anatina (Lam. ) (Brachiopoda) in Porto Novo Waters, S. India
p. 0285 | Ramamoorthi, K.; Venkataramanujam, K.; Srikrishnadhas, B.

Intracellular and Extracellular complement Fixing Antigens of Japanese Encephalitis and Chandipura Viruses in Mosquito Tissue Cultures
p. 0286 | Ghosh, S. N.; Tongaonkar, S. S.; Dandawate, C. N.

Chromosome Studies in the Liver Fluke, Fasciola Gigantica Cobbold, 1856, from Andhra Pradesh
p. 0288 | Reddy, P. Venkat; Subramanyam, S.

Meiosis in Spironema Fragrans Lindle
p. 0291 | Gupta, P. P.; Roy, S. K.

Photoperiodic Responses of Some Species of Marsilea
p. 0292 | Gopal, Brij

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0293

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0297

Current Issue
Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 6, 2023