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Volume 42 - Issue 11:
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Research Articles
Studies on Sappe Disease of the Silkworm Bombyx Mori, L.
p. 0373 | Chitra, C.; Bhandarkar, Aruna; Karanth, N. G. K.; Vasantharajan, V. N

Growth Dynamics and Developmental Patterns in the Unicellular Trichomes of Angiosperms
p. 0376 | Ramayya, N.; Prabhakar, M.

The Growth of Silver Sulphide Crystals
p. 0381 | Kutty, T. R. Narayanan; Rao, M. Subba

Letters to the Editor
Crystallization and Crystal Data of Acetaminophen and Metamizol
p. 0384 | Singh, T. P.; Bhat, T. N.; Vijayan, M.

Electrical Properties of a New Type of A+B5+B6+O6 2- Compounds
p. 0384 | Chincholkar, V. S.

Observation of a Relatively Low Apperent Velocity and High Absorption Layer at 39. 0 degree - 40. 2 degree Epicentral Distances by Using P Waves
p. 0385 | Sarmah, S. K.

Elimination of Acid Drift During Potentiometric Measurement of Root Cec
p. 0387 | Wahid, P. A.; Pillai, N. G.; Devi, C. B. Kamala

Effect of Nitrogen Sources on L-Lysine Production by Homoserine Auxotroph of Micrococcus Glutamicus
p. 0388 | Lodha, M. L; Mehta, S. L.; Das, N. B.

A Kinetic Study of the Reaction of a-Hydroxy Acids and Their Esters with Halogen Hydracids
p. 0390 | Visvanathan, T. P.

The Karyotype of Zizyphoides Punctatus, Sp. Nov
p. 0391 | Bhattacharya, A. K.

Tyrosinase : A Fe2+ Containing Enzyme from Tea Leaves
p. 0391 | Singh, D. V.; Mukherjee, P. P.

A New Record of Pentatomoidea (Hemiptera) from India
p. 0392 | Pawar, A. D.

An Improvised Portable Fermentor for Small Scale Production of Rhizobium Culture
p. 0394 | Gulati, S. L.; Seth, V. K.

Isolation of a New Cyanophage TAuHN-1
p. 0395 | Kaushik, B. D.; Venkataraman, G. S.

Distributional Records of Soliva Anthemifolia, Centipeda Minima and Merremia Emarginata in and Near Delhi
p. 0396 | Dakshini, K. M. M.; Prithipalsingh

Protoplasmic Germinal Processes in Some Cucurbits
p. 0397 | Dhar, S.

On Endothecial Thickenings in Some Monocotyledonous Families
p. 0398 | Untawale, Arvind G.; Bhasin, R. K.

Post-Infection Changes in Ascorbic Acid Content in Fruits of Tomato (Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill. ) Induced by Cylindrocladium Scoparium Morgan
p. 0400 | Tandon, M. P.; Jamaluddin

Studies on Stomato and Trichomes of Rauwolfia Serpentina L.
p. 0401 | Trivedi, B. S.; Upadhyay, Nirmala

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0403

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0406

Current Issue
Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 6, 2023