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Volume 42 - Issue 15:
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Short communications
A Normal Period of Large-Scale Break in the Southwest Monsoon over India
p. 0517 | Ramaswamy, C.

Research Articles
A Geochemiacl Study of Nobium Distribution, and of Nb-Ti and Nb-Zr Relations in some Phyllosilicates
p. 0524 | Viswanathan, S.

Short communications
Synthesis of some New Therapeutic N-p-Bromophenly-N-2-(Substituted- Benzothiazolyl Guanidines
p. 0527 | Bhargava, P. N.; Shyam, Radhey

Letters to the Editor
A Note on the Generating Function of Laguerre Polynomials
p. 0531 | Karande, B. K.; Thakare, N. K.

The Emission Band Spectrum of HfI in the Red
p. 0533 | Savithry, T.; Rao, D. V. K.; Rao, P. T.

Thermal Expansion of Cobalt Ferrite and Cobalt-Zinc Ferrite
p. 0534 | Iyengar, Leela; Prasad, B. Ram; Quadri, Burhanullah

Green's Function Formalism and Molecular force Field Ellipses and XY4 Structures
p. 0535 | Narayanan, K. L.; Sabale, B. P.

Some Thallium(I) Molybdates
p. 0536 | Kini, M. Raghuchandra; Udupa, M. R.; Aravamudan, G.

Stobbe Reaction of Phenylacetic Esters and o-Benzoylbenzoates
p. 0537 | Patwardhan, B. H.; Bagavant, G.

Aromatic Aldehydes from Amines
p. 0539 | Dandegaonker, S. H.; Pagar, P. D.

Barbiturate Induced Sleeping Time in Mice by Tea Polyphenols
p. 0540 | Murari, R.; Natarajan, S.; Seshadri, T. R.; Ramaswami, A. S.

Biochemical Differentiation of Fast and Slow Coxal Muscles of Male and Female Periplaneta Americana
p. 0541 | Chari, N.; Bass, A.; Hajek, I.

On the Contribution of Follicle Epithelium During Oocyte Growth in Acrida Turrita (Acrididae - Orthoptera)
p. 0543 | Nirmala, N. A.; Rajasekarasetty, M. R.

Differences in ABO Blood Group Frequency Among Punjabis
p. 0544 | Gupta, A. K.; Dhesi, J. S.; Gill, B. S.

Usefulness and Limitation of Ketolactose Test to Distinguish Agrobacteria from Rhizobia
p. 0545 | Gaur, Y. D.; Sen, A. N.; Rao, N. S. Subba

Is Acrostichum Aureum L. Truly A Mangrove Fern?
p. 0546 | Rao, T. Ananda; Mukherjee, A. K.; Banerjee, L. K.

Incorporation of Radioactive Glucose in the Extracellular Pencillinase of Staphylococcus Aureus
p. 0548 | Krishnaswamy, S.; Gantotti, B. V.; Balasubramanian, A.

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0549

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0551

Current Issue
Current Issue
Volume 125
Issue 6, 2023