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Volume 43 - Issue 05:
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General Articles
Relation Between Nth Power of the Adjacency Matrix and the Number of Points of a Complete Graph
p. 0133 | Murthy, T. N. Venkatesha

The Physiological Significance of the Interaction of Bilirubin with Reconstituted Collagen Fibrils
p. 0134 | Kapoor, C. L.

Ecological Implications of Haemolymph Protein Patterns in some Amphipod and Isopod Species
p. 0136 | Alikhan, M. A.; Jazdzewski, K.; Gondko, R.

Morphogenesis in Stem-Callus Tissue of Citrus Grandis in Long-Term cultures-A Biochemical analysis
p. 0139 | Chaturvedi, H. C.; Chowdhury, A. R.; Mitra, G. C.

Letters to the Editor
A Note on the Variation of Freezing Level Over India
p. 0143 | Ramachandran, V. S.; Patnaik, J. K.

A Note on the Monthly Mean Maximum Mixing Heights
p. 0144 | Satyanarayana, B.; Patnaik, J. K.

Spectrophotometric Studies on Iron (III) Complexes
p. 0145 | Shah, J. R.; Patel, R. P.

Rearrangement of Isonitrosoacetanilide Using Polyphosphoric Acid to Substituted Urea
p. 0147 | Parimoo, Pyare

Reaction of Dimethyl Acetylenecarboxylate with 2-Amino-4,6-Trimethyl-1,3-Thiazine
p. 0147 | Sharma, Mahendra Narain

Gravimetric Determination of Cadmium with N-Benzoyl-O-Tolyhydroxlamine
p. 0148 | Lahiri, Suprakash

Inheritance of Pollen Content in Rice
p. 0149 | Gurunathan, G. Manimekalai; Swaminathan, R.; Jambulingam, R.; Rangasamy, S. R. Sree

Isolation of Seed Borne Microflora from Leguminous Crops and Their Antagonistic Effect on Rhizobium
p. 0151 | Jain, M. K.; Rewari, R. B.

Light Regulated Distribution of Photosynthates to Various Plant Parts-An Adaptive Mechanism
p. 0152 | Gopal, Brij

A Note On Fixation and Preservation of Calcareous Zooplankton
p. 0153 | Balachandran, T.

On Methods of Collection, Handling and Storage of Zooplankton in Tropics
p. 0154 | Balachandran, T.

a Preliminary Note on the Occurence of Gregarines(Protozoa:Sporozoa) in Insects of Kalyani, West Bengal
p. 0155 | Haldar, D. P.; Chakraborty, N.

Inter-Relationship Between the Amphid Aphis gossypii and the Leaf-Hopper, Amrasca devastans Populations on Bhendi
p. 0157 | Reghupathy, A.; Jayaraj, S.

A Note on the Characterization of Oocytes tn Three trematodes of Rana tigrina
p. 0158 | Rao, L. Narasimha

Notes on A Predator of dysdercus koenigii Fabr. (Hemiptera :Pyrrhocoridae)
p. 0159 | Kamble, Shripat K.

Chlorophyll Stability Index (CSI) of Certain Algae
p. 0159 | Purushothaman, D.; Kesavan, R.; Marimuthu, T.; Oblisami, G.

Cytological Studies in Chlorophytum Bharuchae Ansari, Raghavan et Hemadr
p. 0161 | Naik, V. K.

Short Scientific Notes
Ear Blight and Scab of Wheat in Arunachal Pradesh
p. 0162 | Roy, A. K.

Computer Program for Estimating Stability Parameters in Crop Plants
p. 0162 | Peter, K. V.; Srivastava, V. K.; Rai, B.; Jain, R. C.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0163

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Current Issue
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