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Volume 43 - Issue 12:
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General Articles
Trends in Botanical Thoughts and Research: in Retrospect and in Prospect
p. 0363 | Steward, F. C.

A Semiphenomenological Theory of Superfluid Liquid 3He
p. 0366 | Amritkar, R. E.; Kumar, N.

Concentration of Japanese Encaphalities Viral antigens Prepared from Vero cell culture by Sucrose Dialysis
p. 0367 | Venkateshan, C. N.; Kelkar, S. D.; Dandawate, C. N.; Ghosh, S. N.

A Molecular Orbital Treatment of Some Halogen substituted Amides
p. 0369 | Rao, L. Srinivasa; Chalapathi, V. Venkata; Ramaiah, K. Venkata

A Plane Symmetric Universe Filled with Perfect Fluid
p. 0372 | Singh, K. P.

Simultaneous and Spectrographic Determination of Volatile and Refractory Impurities of Tantalum Oxide Using a D. C. Arc excitation
p. 0372 | Chandola, L. C.; Dixit, V. S.

Letters to the Editor
The use of O-Nitrophenylsulphenyl Group for N-Protection During the synthesis of the protected Hexapeptide Sequence(5-10) of Human Fibronopeptide-A
p. 0373 | Baligadad, S. K.; Sivanandaiah, K. M.

Emission spectrum of SnCl(C-X271 1/2) System
p. 0374 | Katti, P. H.; Korwar, V. M.

Mangano-Cobalti-Ferrite MnCoFeO4 Spinel
p. 0374 | Kulkarni, D. K.

Elimination of Dissolved Hydrogen Sulphide from Barium Chloride Solution
p. 0376 | Vaidyanathan, K. R.; Ibrahim, S. H.

Phase studies in the system Fe2Tix Zr1-xO5
p. 0377 | Supe, P. T.; Rao, K. Rama

A High Alkaloid Containing Race of Solanum incanum Linn., Collected from the Paniyas of Kerala
p. 0378 | Ammal, E. K. Janaki; Viswanathan, T. V.

A Mega-Porphyritic Dolerite Intrusion at San Pedro, Goa
p. 0378 | Wagle, B. G.; Almeida, F.

Phenoxetol A as Good Sorting Medium cum Preservative for Zooplankton in the Tropics
p. 0380 | Balachandran, T.

Two New Leaf Spot Diseases of Citrus
p. 0381 | Sharma, N. D.

On the Occurence of Myoglobin in the Nephridium of the Gastropod Pila Virens
p. 0382 | Shylaja, R.; Alexander, K. M.

Secretory Blebs from the Seminal Vesicles of the Indian Fruit Bat, Rousettes leschenaulti (Desmarest)
p. 0383 | Gopalakrishnan, A.; Karim, K. B.

Some Chemical Consttituents in the Dlood Plasma of Four Species of Freshwater Air-Breathing Fishes
p. 0385 | Siddiqui, Neena

Cytological Instability of Wheat Variety Kalyanasona
p. 0387 | Singh, Dalmir; Joshi, B. C.

A Note on the Fish, Amphiprion polymnus (Linn), A New Record to the Indian Coast
p. 0387 | Trivedi, Yogendra

The Probable Origin of the Basal Placentation in Elaeagnaceae
p. 0390 | Rao, V. S.

Contributions to the Floral Anatomy of Linaceae
p. 0391 | Narayana, L. L.; Rao, Digamber

Effect of GA on Extension Growth of Pearl Millet (Bajra) Seedlings under Low Moisture Level
p. 0393 | Vora, A. B.; Dehal, K. S.; Vyas, A. V.

Short Scientific Notes
Rosa Indica and Punica granatum as New Hosts of Noctoid moth Achoea tirrhaea Linnaeus in India
p. 0395 | Bhatnagar, V. S.; Wazir, J. S.

Occurence of Lymantria obfuscata Walker, the Indian Gypsy Moth, as a Pest of Cacao in South India
p. 0395 | Kumar, T. Prem

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0396

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