Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 44 - Issue 01: 05 Jan, 1975
General Articles
Hydroxyproline Stabilizes both Intrafibrillar Structure as well as Inter-Protofibrillar Linkages in Collagen
p. 0001 | Ramachandran, G. N; Bansal, M; Ramakrishnan, C.

Amperometric, Potentiometric and Magnetic Studies of some Rare Earth Kojates
p. 0003 | Agarwala, R. C; Gupta, S. P

Oxidation of Cysteine with Chloramine-T and Dichloramine-T
p. 0005 | Gowda, N. M. Made; Murthy, A. S. Ananda; Mahadevappa, D. S

Letters to the Editor
Variation of Internal Pressure of Mercury with Applied Pressure and Temperature
p. 0007 | Joseph, P. S; Srinivasan, G. M; Raj, G. A. Savari

Analysis of Phenomenon of Miscibility in a Ternary System: Water-Carbon Tetrachloride-Methanol
p. 0008 | Krishnamoorthy, K; Sood, B. S; Kuppuswami, J

Evaluation of Average L-Shell Fluorescence Yields Involving Photoexcitation
p. 0009 | Allawadhi, K. L; Sood, B. S.

Ascorbic Acid Oxidase in the Ripening of Bananas
p. 0009 | Patil, D. L; Magar, N. G

Mass Spectral Analysis of Pigments from Macrocarpa Wall
p. 0011 | Rao, T. V. Padmanabha

Chemical Examination of the Fats from the Seeds of Phaseolus Species
p. 0011 | Shah, Satish B.

Synthesis of 2-Phenylindole Derievatives
p. 0012 | Merchant, J. R; Shah, N. J.

On the Occurence of Halite in Didwana Salt Lake Area, Rajasthan
p. 0013 | Khandelwala, N. M.

Barytes in Vindhyan Sediments-A New Find
p. 0015 | Gupta, S. N; Khan, E. A.

Sexual Dimorphism in the Cat Fish Mystus Vittatus(Bloch)
p. 0016 | Swarup, Krishna; Swaroop, Anand.

A Note on Tuna Fishery around Agatti Island (Lakshadweep) in Relation to Hydrographic Conditions leading to the Phenomenon of Upwelling
p. 0017 | Pillai, V. Narayana; Perumal, M. C

A Note on the Changes in some Qualitative Characters during the Last Phase of Maturation of Indian Mustard Seed (Brassica Juncea, Coss)
p. 0018 | Roy, Utpal; Gupta, S. K. Das

Current Position of Physiologic Races of Pyricularia Oryzae Cav in India
p. 0019 | Veeraraghavan, J; Dath, A. Premalatha

Cytology of Paspalum Scrobiculatum Linn.
p. 0020 | Hiremath, S. C; Dandin, S. B

Induced Floral Mutation in Physalis Ixocarpa Brot
p. 0021 | Mahna, S. K; Singh, Dalbir

Antipodal Cells in some members of Gramineae
p. 0022 | Chikkannaiah, P. S; Mahalingappa, M. S

On Gastroclonium Iyengarii Srinivasan
p. 0024 | Balakrishnan, M. S.

Meiotic studies in species and Hybrids in Medicinal Yams
p. 0024 | Rao, V. Rama; Murty, U. R.

Occurrence of Gallmidge, Asphondylia SP. (Cecidomyiidae: Diptera) As a pest of Brinjal (Solanum Melongena Linn,) in India
p. 0025 | Krishnaiah, K; Tandon, P. L; Prasad, V. O.

Little leaf Disease of Grapewine from India
p. 0026 | Singh, S. J; Sastry, K. S. M; Sastry, K. S

Effect of Hoplolaimus Indicus on Germination of Green Gram
p. 0028 | Haider, M. G; Nath, R. P; Prasad, S. S

Record of a Slug, Mariaella Dussumieri Gray (Ariophantidae:Basommatophora), as a new Pest of Cabbage from India
p. 0029 | Tandon, P. I; Krishnaiah, K; Prasad, V. G

A note on the Andalusite Depost of Baghishoti Area, District Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh
p. 0029 | Srivastava, A. K.

Effect of Dinitrophenol on Growth and Nitrogen Fixation in Clones of Cylindrospermum Majus
p. 0030 | Sharma, V. K.

Short Scientific Notes
Vitamin C Content in Moringo Pod Vegetable
p. 0031 | Doora, P. D; Singh, B. P; Tandon, S

Comparative Observations on Glume, Spikelet and Stomatal Length in Haploid and Tetraploid Rices
p. 0031 | Thakur, R.

An Alternaria Leaf Spot of Tapioca
p. 0032 | Sathyarajan, P. K; Nair, M. Chandrasekharan; Menon, M. Ramanatha

Occurrence of White Grubs in Haryana
p. 0032 | Verma, A. N.

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0033

Letters to the Editor
Analytical Applications of 5-Ethyl Reacetophenone Oxime (5-Erapo)
p. 0080 | Naik, N. D; Naik, H. B; Desai, C. M

Cuba 19, A Highly Heterotic Variety of Maize and Its Possible Utilization in Varietal Hybrids
p. 0479 | Dhillon, B. S; Singh, Joginder

Nectria-Haematococa-A perfect state of Fusarium Solani (Mart,) Sacc. on Soybean from India
p. 0602 | Agarwal, D. K; Sarbhoy, A. K.

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