Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 44 - Issue 05: 05 Mar, 1975
General Articles
Role of f-Gravity in Cosmological Models
p. 0143 | Sivaram, C; Sinha, K. P; Lord, Eric A.

Supercontinents over the Geological Times
p. 0144 | Pal, P. C

The Action of Chlorpromazine on the Skeletal, Myscle of Frog
p. 0147 | Acharya, S. R. K; Rao, A. R. Govinda

Radiocarbon dates of some late Quarternary Samples (
p. 0149 | Agrawal, D. P; Kusumgar, Sheela

Letters to the Editor
Emission Spectrum (C-X and D-X systems) of the Molecule-SrBr
p. 0152 | Puri, S.N; Mohan, Hari

Crystal Structures of Amidopyrine and Phenylbutazone
p. 0153 | Singh, T. P; Vijayan, M.

Emission Spectrum of Phenylacetylene
p. 0154 | Shashidhar, M. A; Rao, K. Suryanarayana

Titrimetric Determination of milligram Amounts of Copper
p. 0156 | Narayana, B. V; Reddy, D. Venkata; Raju, N. Appala

Spectrophotometric Study of Scanadium Chelate with 2,2'-(Ethane-Diylidenedinitrile) Diphenol (GBHA)
p. 0156 | Garg, B. S; Nagpal, Nisha; Singh, R. P

Specrophotometric Determination of Osmium with beta-Benzoyl-alpha-(0-Tolyl) Thiourea
p. 0157 | Bhowal, S. K.

Flemistrictin-a A new Chalcone From The Leaves of Flemingia Stricta Roxb. (Leguminosae)
p. 0158 | Rao, J. Madhusudhana; Subrahmanyam, K; Rao, K. V. Jagannadha

Synthesis of N-(1-Mercaptophenyl)-N'-Phenylthiourea as a chelating agent
p. 0159 | Sane, R. T; Kulkarni, P. R

Evidence of Relict Salinity and marine Transgression in the Shallow South-Western Fringe of the Narmada Upland Alluvial Valley of Madhya Pradesh
p. 0160 | Adyalkar, P. G.; Srinivasan, K. R; Haseeb, M. A.

Phosphatic Algal Stromatolites in the Trans Arvalli Vindhyans of Badi Khatu, District Nagpur, Rajasthan
p. 0161 | Paliwal, B. S.

On the Squat Lobster, Thenus Orientalis (Lund) Off Visakhapatnam (Bay of Bengal)
p. 0161 | Hossain, M. A.

On a rare Brachyuran Crab Zoea from the South-West coast of India
p. 0162 | George, M. J; John, Simon

Studies on Graphiola Phoenicis (Moug. ) Poit. 1. Histopathological Effects
p. 0163 | Shiam, R; Sharma, O. P

Gemetic Sterility induced by Gamma Rays in Luffa Acutangula Roxb
p. 0165 | Katiyar, R. B; Roy, S. K.

A New Menace of Kamadhenu, A Hybrid grass in Karnataka
p. 0166 | Hiremath, P. C; Sulladmath, V. V; Kulkarni, B. G. Patil; Hegde, R. K

Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Diploid and Tetraploid seeds of Cajanus Cajan (L. ) Milisp.
p. 0167 | Shrivastava, M. P.

Pennisetum Polystachyum (l. ) Schult. A New Chromosomal Race
p. 0168 | Muniyamma, M; Narayan, K. N.

Planktonic foraminifera from the Varipada Beds, Orissa
p. 0169 | Pandey, A. K.

Occurence of Giant Stomata in Celastraceae and Convolvulaceae
p. 0170 | Jain, D. K; Singh, V

Flourescent Antibody Test for Detection of Citrus Greening Mycoplasma
p. 0170 | Kumar, Dinesh; Ghosh, S. K; Raychaudhuri, S.; Nariani, T. K.

Toxin production by Corynespora Cassiicola (Berk and Curt) Wei
p. 0172 | Sarma, Y. R; Naydu, M. V

The Morphology of Hexamitus Kakatiae N. Sp. From Garden Lizard Calotes Versicolar
p. 0173 | Rao, T. Bhaskar

On the Occurrence of Blumea Heiracifolia (D-Don) DC. var. flexesa (Cl. ) Randeria(Asteraceae)in India
p. 0174 | Yoganarasimhan, S. N; Subramanyan, K.

Short Scientific Notes
Discovery of Uraniferous Precambrian Conglomerates at Chikmangalur, Karnataka, India
p. 0174

Identification of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Pesticides on T. L. C. Plates Using Modified Wood's Reagent
p. 0175

Archipsocus Sp. (Archipsocidae: Psocoptera), A New Pest Citrus from India
p. 0175

Test of Baerman Technique for the Recovery of Infective Larvae of Cooperia curticei from Faecal Pellets
p. 0176

Albizzia lebbek- A new Hostfor Citrus White Fly (Dialeurodes Citri Ashmead
p. 0176 | Kapoor, S. K; Kapur, S. P; Cheema, S. S

Brinjal as a New Host of Yellow Hairy Caterpillar, Psalis Pennatula (f. ) Lymantriidae: Lepidoptera) (
p. 0176 | Singh, Darshan; Ramzan, M

p. 0176

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