Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 45 - Issue 07: 05 Apr, 1976
Research Articles
Mossbauer and infrared spectral studies on the complexes of some alkaloids with ferro- and ferricyanic acids
p. 0241 | Singh, Yashpal; Singh, M. P.; Malik, Wahid U.

Physico-chemical studies of Schiff's base metal comlexes
p. 0244 | Wazir, B. L.; Dubey, K. P.

Cold-tolerance in the tent caterpillar Malacosoma Americanum and the effects of hormones
p. 0246 | Mansingh, Ajai

Antholysis of Sesamum Indicum L. (TIL)
p. 0248 | Sen, D. N.; Bhandari, D. C.; Bansal, R. P.

Embryological Studies in Lagnaria Siceraria Standl
p. 0250 | Nikam, E. R.

Letters to the Editor
Dielectric investigation of relaxation in some polar molecules
p. 0254 | Mehrotra, N. K.; Somevanshi, S. K. S.

Use of tetracyclone derivative in the synthesis of polyphenylated aromatic hydrocarbons by Diels-Alder reaction
p. 0254 | Banerjee, P. K.; Samanta, S. R.; Bhattacharya, A. J.

Pyridine-2-aldoxime as a reagent for the spectrophotometric determination of Ruthenium (III) in aqueous medium
p. 0256 | Manku, G. S.

Effect of isatin on chick brain acid and alkaline phosphatases
p. 0257 | Singh, Baldev; Bansal, R. C.; Singh, Indrajit

A reversible spermiostatic factor present in Buffalo seminal plasma
p. 0258 | Sengupta, B. P.; Singh, L. N.; Rawat, J. S.

Protective effect of chlorpromazine on tissue culture against poliovirus
p. 0258 | Chaturvedi, U. C.; Bahuguina, L. M.

Radiometric dating of a Lithium pegmatite near Ajmer
p. 0259 | Babu, S. K.

A note on the control of jointing by topography between Jangalgali and Salal, Jammu province, J and K state, India
p. 0261 | Chadha, Satish Kumar

Chromosome organization of Periplaneta americana
p. 0262 | Kumaraswamy, K. R.; Rajasekarasetty, M. R.

On a new species of the genus Hypotrichomonas Lee, 1960 (Sub-family: Hypotrichomonadinae) from Hemidactylus species
p. 0263 | Rao, T. Bhaskar; Rao, T. Susan Bhaskar; Devi, Ambika

A report on the occurrence of twin-tailed Scorpion
p. 0264 | Vidyasagar, P. S. P. V.; Shaad, F. U.

Karyotype of the sandfly Phlebotomus papatasi
p. 0265 | Bhat, U. K. M.; Modi, G. B.

Karyotypes of three species of mosquitoes from India
p. 0266 | Bhat, U. K. M.

On the occurrence of stratified cambium in Salvodora persica L.
p. 0267 | Sajwan, V. M.; Paliwal, G. S.

Stalk end rot of grapes
p. 0268 | Bhargava, S. N.; Bhargava, Virendra; Singh, A. P.

Abnormal female cones of Zamia floridana A. Dc. (Cycadaceae)
p. 0269 | Pandey, D. S.; kumar, Anand

Harknessia: A new generic record to India
p. 0269 | Golatkar, V. V.

Prolonged presence of nucleus in the sieve tube elements of Chilli and Brinjal
p. 0270 | Patel, J. D.

The minimal time required for nematode extraction by Oostenbrink's Elutriator
p. 0271 | Banerjee, B.; Banu, S. D.

Occurrence of the thermophilic fungi in coal-mine soils of Madhya Pradesh
p. 0271 | Banerjee, B.; Basu, S. D.

Vein enation: A new virus disease of Maize in India
p. 0273 | Ahlawat, Y. S.

Morphological and histochemical studies in natural and chemically induced male-sterile plants
p. 0274 | Chauhan, S. V. S.

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0276 | Kamal, S.; Razvi, A.; Ahmad, M. Mustaque; Khan, Meher-E-Alam

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0278

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