Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 1: 05 Jan, 1977
Research Articles
Detour Transitions in the Internal Bremsstrahlung Spectrum of 91Y
p. 0001 | Narayana, D. G. S.; Murty, K. Narasimha; Subrahmanyam, V. V. V.

Explosive Phase Transformation
p. 0003 | Shubha, V.; Ramesh, T. G.

High Energy Single and Double Plasmon Satellites in the Be Auger Spectrum
p. 0005 | Srivastava, K. S.; Shrivastava, R. L.; Harsh, O. K.

Magnetic Susceptibility of Cobaltic Complexes
p. 0007 | Dodwad, S. S.; Datar, M. G.

Letters to the Editor
Preparation and Preliminary X-Ray Studies of Arginine Ascorbate, A Crystalline Complex Between an Amino Acid and a Vitamin
p. 0009 | Sudhakar, V.; Vijayan, M.

Determination of Phenanthridine in Non-Aqueous Media
p. 0009 | Rao, K. C. Mohan; Naidu, P. R.

Nickel (II) Complexes of Some Bidentate and Tridentate Schiff Bases
p. 0010 | Syamal, A.

Determination of Manganese by Neutron Activation Analysis Using Am241-Be Source
p. 0011 | Rao, V. R. S.; Sudhakar, Ch.

Sulphuryl Chloride - Sulpholane A Powerful Chlorinating Agent
p. 0012 | Merchant, J. R.; Shirali, S. S.

Some Lesser Known Reactions of Chalkones
p. 0013 | Kapur, Anjoo; Merchant, J. R.

Isoscutellarin and Other Polyphenols from the Leaves of Sterculia Foetida
p. 0014 | Nair, A. G. Ramachandran; Ramesh, P.; Subramanian, S. Sankara

Toxiicity of Parthenium Hysterophorus L.
p. 0015 | Narasimhan, T. R.; Ananth, M.; Swamy, M. Narayana; Babu, M. Rajendra; Mangala, A.; Rao, P. V. Subba

Preliminary Observations on the Production of Amyloglucosidase by Thermophilic Fungi
p. 0016 | Mangallam, S.; Subramanyam, A.; Gopalakrishnan, K. S.

Haematological Studies on the Red Cotton Bug, Dysdercus Koenigii
p. 0017 | Bhargava, Sudhir; Gupta, Shashi

Further Observations on Oviposition of Dimarmus Vagabundus timb, (Pteromalide : Hymenoptera)
p. 0018 | Dhir, Santosh

Nitrogen Content of Rhizosphere Soils of Wild Weeds and Cultivated Rice
p. 0018 | Rao, N. S. Subba; Kavimandan, S. K.; Kumari, M. Lakshmi

Pectic and Cellulolytic Enzymes Associated with Gloeosporium Rot of Papaya
p. 0021 | Rai, P. K.

Variability in Xanthomonas Vesicatoria (Doidge) Dowson From Tomato, Chilli and Datura
p. 0022 | Mathew, James; Patel, P. N.

A Note on Monadelphy in Some Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
p. 0022 | Kumari, D. Santha

Solheinmia Kamatii sp. Nov. (Hyphomycete) A New Generic Record to India
p. 0023 | Varghese, K. I. Mani; Rao, V. G.

Carpellary Vasculature and the Ovular Vascular Supply in Uvariopsis Globiflora L. and Monocyclanthus Vignei Keay
p. 0024 | Lyagalwar, Meenakshi

Petrified Sporocarps of Salviniaceae
p. 0025 | Chaitaley, S. D.

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0026

Reviews and Notices of Books
p. 0029

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