Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 10: 20 May, 1977
Research Articles
The Twinning in Carbonyl Pyrazine Bis (Triphenyl Arsine) Rhodium(I) Percholorate [Rh (CO) (Pyz) (Ph3As)2] ClO4 (323)
p. 0323 | Panda, Annapurna; Gowda, D. S. Sake

Studies on the total synthesis of 3-Deoxy-7-Oxaestrone: Synthesis of 1-Diethylamino-4-Benzyloxybut-2-Yne and 1-Diethylamino-4-Benzyloxybut-2-Ene
p. 0324 | Ramadas, S. R.; Chaudhuri, S. P.

Effects of Denervation on the Calcium Sensitivity of Succinate Dehydrogenase in the Amphibian Gastrocnemius Muscle
p. 0326 | Prameelamma, Y.; Swami, K. S.

Plant Growth Regulators and Sex Expression in Flower buds of Momordica Charantia In Vitro
p. 0328 | Prakash, Govind

Meeting Report
Sixty Years of Coconut Research and Development in India
p. 0330 | Nayar, N. M.

Personal News
Dr. M. S. Swaminathan, F. RS. Elected Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences, United States
p. 0332

Letters to the Editor
Studies on Poly(Acrylonitrile-Co-Vinylpyrrolidone)
p. 0333 | Radhakrishnan, Ganga; Srinivasan, K. S. V.; Santappa, M.

Nuclear Reduction in Flavonoids
p. 0334 | Kasim, S. Muhammed; Neelakantan, S.; Raman, P. V.

Dipole Moment and Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding in Orthosubstituted Phenols
p. 0335 | Srinivasan, C.; Kuthalingam, P.

Synthesis of 4-Hydroxy-α-Lapachone and its β-Isomer
p. 0337 | Gupta, R. B.; Khanna

Photooxidation of Pterostilbene from Pterocarpus Marsupium Roxb.
p. 0337 | Mathew, James; Rao, A. V. Subba; Rao, N. V. Subba

Contraction of Amphibian Skeletal Muscle by Competitive Neuromuscular Blocking Agents
p. 0339 | Acharya, S. R. K.; Rao, Subba

Polarographic Investigatin of Cadmium(II)-Mixed Ligand System
p. 0339 | Jadhav, Pratap D.; Bhore, Ramesh A.

Stromatolites and Phosphorite in the tirohan Limestone of chitrakut Area, District Satna, M. P.
p. 0341 | Kumar, S.

A Note on the Intraformational Recumbent fold an Unsuual Bedding Type in the Jabalpur Sandstone, Jabalpur Area, M. P.
p. 0342 | Kumar, S.; Tandon, K. K.

Diel Variations in the Activity of Alkaline and Acid Phosphatases in the Slug, Laevicaulis alte (Ferussac, 1821)
p. 0343 | Reddy, D. Chandrasekara; Sowjanya, K.; Naidu, B. Padmanabha

On the Trends of Infestation of Two Species of Baliothrips Uzel on Paddy, Maize and Their Weed Hosts
p. 0344 | Anathakrishnan, T. N.; Kandasamy, C.

Effect of pH on the Cellular Localization of Δ 6 3 β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase in the Testis of the Skink, Mabuya Carinata (Schn,)
p. 0345 | Shivanandappa, T.; Sarkar, H. B. Devaraj

Induced Parasitism of a Free-Living Nematode, Acrobeloides Apiculatus (Throne, 1925) in Dipterous Larvae
p. 0346 | Jairajpuri, M. Shamim; Azmi, Mujib I.; Sultan, M. Sarwat

Influence of Method of Innoculation on Sporulation of Some Light-Requiring Fungi
p. 0347 | Suryanarayanan, T. S.; Swamy, R. N.

Corynospora Blight of Solanum Mammosum L. : A New Record from India
p. 0348 | Upadhyay, D. N.; Bordoloi, D. N.

Sclerotial Rot of Solanum Khasianum Clarke and Solanum Mammosum L. : Two New Hosts
p. 0349 | Upadhyay, D. N.; Bordoloi, D. N.

Monoploid in Gossypium Arboreum, L. Var. LD. 132
p. 0349 | Thombre, M. V.; Mehetre, S. S.

Spodoptera Litura Fab. Causing Damage to Ramie in Assam
p. 0350 | Mustafee, T. P.

Glandless Haploids n = 2x = 26 in Gossypium Hirsutum, L. (Cotton)
p. 0350 | Mehetre, S. S.; Thombre, M. V.

Radiation Induced Variegated Mutant in Bouganvillea
p. 0351 | Abraham, V.; Desai, B. M.

Dactylaria Indica Agarwal and Chowdhry, A New Fungus from Soil
p. 0352 | Agarwal, G. P.; Chowdhry, P. N.

Some Interesting Features in the Flower of Crotolaria,/em> and Tephrosia Species
p. 0353 | Navrang, Arvinder Kaur

Parthenin - A Pretreatment Reagent for Chromosomes
p. 0354 | Kanchan, Sukhada D.; Geetha, K. S.

Radicular Proliferation in the Seedlings of Phaseolos Radiatus Linn. by Coumarin
p. 0355 | Krishna, H. R. Gopala; Das, V. S. Rama

Karyotype of Trilobachne Cookei (Stapf) Schneck Ex Henrard
p. 0357 | Sapre, A. B.

Occurance of the Benthic Gymnopleuran Crab Notopus Dorsipes (Fabricus) in the Northern Arabian Sea
p. 0358 | Daniel, A.; Chakrapany, S.

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