Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 14: 20 Jul, 1977
Research Articles
Titanium(IV) Complexes of Benzyol Hydrazones
p. 0467 | Rastogi, D. K.; Rana, V. B.; Sahni, S. K.; Dua, S. K.

Studies on the Influence of Drainage as a Cultural Practice in Increasing Rice Yields
p. 0469 | A. K. M., A. K. M.; Rahman, S. M.; Ali, M. Idris; Enayetullah, M.; Hossain, K. M. Mokbul; Biswas, M. R.

Chemotaxonomical Studies on Capparidaceae - Cleomaceae
p. 0472 | Daniel, M.; Sabnis, S. D.

Preliminary Studies on the Effects of Cadmium Chloride on the Meiotic Chromosomes
p. 0475 | Kumaraswamy, K. R.; Rajasekarasetty, M. R.

Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on the Response of Panicum Repens L. To Inoculation with Pyricularia Spp.
p. 0479 | Hilda, A.; Suryanarayanan, S.

Evolution of Stomatal Complex in Embryobionta
p. 0481 | Paliwal, G. S.; Harjal, Nilima

Meeting Report
Recent Researches in Plant Sciences
p. 0484

Letters to the Editor
Rotational Analysis of the A3 II o+ -->X1E+ System of InI Molecule
p. 0486 | Darji, A. B.; Vaidya, S. P.

Copper Complexes of Phthalhydrazide-5-Azo-2-Naphthol
p. 0487 | Thankarajan, N.; Kutty, K. Krishna

Ni(II), Cu(II) and Pd(II) - Chelates of N-Hydroxyethylpyrrolideneimene Schiff Base
p. 0489 | Kanungo, P. K.; Sehgal, D. C.; Mehta, R. K.

On a New Avian Nematodes, Physaloptera Accipiteri Sp. Nov. (Family : Physalopteridae Leiper, 1908) froma Shikra, Accipiter Badis (Gmelin) from Lucknow
p. 0490 | Kumar, Pramod; Gupta, S. P.

On a New Avian Nematode, Porrocaecum (P. ) Accipiteri Sp. Now. (Family:Heterocheilidae Railliet Et Henry, 1915) from a Shikra, Accipiter Badius (Gmelin) from Lucknow
p. 0491 | Kumar, Pramod; Gupta, S. P.

Quantitative Distribution of the Cardio-Acceleratory Substance in the Central Nervous System of Heterometrus Fulvipes C. Koch, A Scorpion
p. 0492 | Naidu, V. Devarajulu

Circadian Activity of Adenosine-Triphosphatase in the Nervous System of the Cockroach, Periplaneta Americana
p. 0493 | Reddy, G. Rajarami; Kumar, T. Pavan; Vijayalakshmi, S.; Babu, K. Sasira

Mixed-Communal roosting of Indian white Backed Vultures in Poona
p. 0495 | Mahabal, Anil

New Parasites Recorded on the Sorghum Shootfly, Anthergona Soccata (Rondani)
p. 0495 | Kishore, Prem; Jotwani, M. G.; Sukhani, T. R.; Srivastava, K. P.

Cyanophage AC-1 Infecting the Blue Green Alga Anacystis Nidulans
p. 0496 | Sharma, C. R.; Venkataraman, G. S.; Prakash, Nam

Association of Some Leaf Characters with Photosynthesis in Rice
p. 0497 | Janardhanan, K. V.; Murty, K. S.

Triticale Stem Rust From India
p. 0498 | Ahuja, S. S.; Sharma, Y. R.; Chahal, S. S.; Sandha, G. S.

On the Occurance of Alternative Germination in the Genus Phaseolus L. (Papilionaceae)
p. 0499 | Bahadur, Bir; Reddy, N. Pratap; Kumar, P. Vijaya; Rao, M. Madhusudana

An Improved and Simple Leucocyte Culture Technique for Chromosomal Praparations from Albino Rat
p. 0501 | Adhami, Usman M.; Tariq, S.; Haqqi, M.

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