Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 19: 05 Oct, 1977
Research Articles
Reactions of Tricyclic Tetradentate β-Ketoimine Complexes of Nickel(II) and Copper(II) Ions with Aryldiazonium Chlorides
p. 0655 | Balakrishnan, K. P.; Krishnan, V.

On the Measurement of Relative Oscillator Strengths
p. 0656 | Panday, V. K.; Ganguly, A. K.

Kinetics of Reactions of Thiourea, Phenylthiourea, and p-Tolylthiourea With Substituted Phenacyl Bromides in Ethanol: Structure Reactivity Correlation
p. 0659 | Bhatti, A. M.; Ralhan, N. K.

Studies in Rubiaceae - III
p. 0662 | Shivaramiah, G.; Rao, K. Sankara

Effect of Lipid Peroxidation on Acid Phosphatase of Rat Tissues
p. 0664 | Philip, Laila; George, Thomas; Bai, N. Jayanthi; Krishnamurthy, S.

Letters to the Editor
Preliminary Crystallographic Data of Manganous Uranyl Acetate Hexahydrate
p. 0667 | Rajaram, R. K.; Rao, J. K. Mohana

Isolation of Maslinic Acid from Callicarpa Arborea Roxb
p. 0667 | Anjaneyulu, A. S. R.; Lakshminarayanan, V.; Raw, L. Ramachandra

A New Synthetic Biflavone
p. 0668 | Gandhi, P.

On the Mechanism of the Elbs Peroxydisulphate Oxidation
p. 0669 | Srinivasan, C.; Rajagopal, S.

1, 3-Addition Reactions of Benzonitrile Oxides to Benzimidazoles : Synthesis of 1-[(Hydroxyimino)Arylmethyl]- 1H-Benzimidazoles and Their 2-Methyl Analogs
p. 0670 | Rao, B. Ramamohan; Ahmed, Khalil

Ammonium Sulphate as a Thyroid Inhibitor in the Freshwater Telecost Claris Batrachus (L. )
p. 0671 | Joy, K. P.; Sathyanesan, A. G.

Vascular Nodules in the Stem Galls of Coccinia Indica
p. 0673 | Krishnamurthy, K. V.; Rao, M. K. Vasudeva

Dual Role of the Tapetum
p. 0674 | Chauhan, S. V. S.

Influence of Azotobacter on Germination of Rice and Cotton Seeds
p. 0675 | Shende, S. T.; Apte, R. G.; Singh, T.

Role of Synthetic Detregent on the Growth Behaviour of Spirodela Polyrhiza (L) Schleid
p. 0676 | Sahal, R.; Singh, S. P.; Gangulee, K.

A New Record of Kordyana Rac. (Exobasidiaceae) from Maharashtra
p. 0677 | Narendra, D. V.; Rao, V. G.

Induced Tetraploidy in Medicinal Yam Dioscorea Floribunda Mart. and Gal.
p. 0678 | Murthy, U. R.

A New Species of Termitomycs from India
p. 0679 | Natarajan, K.

The Exocellular Urease in Rice Roots
p. 0680 | Mahapatra, B.; Patnaik, B.; Mishra, D.

Chromosome Analysis of Two Species of Lobularia (Cruciferae)
p. 0681 | Sikka, Kumkum

Anther in Capparis Decidua (Forsk. ) Pax
p. 0683 | Rao, B. Hanumantha; Rao, P. S. Prakasa

Ontogeny and Organisation of Femalo Gametophyte in Polystachya Flavescens (Bl. ) J. J. Smith - A Reinvestigation
p. 0684 | Ekanthappa, K. G.; Arekal, Govindappa D.

Some New Stone Age Sites in the Upper Mahanadi Vally, Madhya Pradesh
p. 0686 | Pandey, R. P.

Field Recovery of Chelonus Blackburni Cameron (Hymenoptera:Braconidae) from the Cotton Spotted Bollworm Earias Vittella (Fabricius)
p. 0687 | Thontadarya, T. S.; Rao, K. Jat

On The Morphology of Y and Other Chromosomes in the Indian Flying fox, Pteropus Giganteus Giganteus
p. 0687 | Datta, Madhuri

Short Scientific Notes
Infrared Studies on K-Vitamins
p. 0689 | Sing, B. P.; Sing, R. S.

A Giant Caterpillar that Attacks Apple
p. 0689 | Chander, Ramesh.

Short communications
An Improved Method For Preserving the Marine Algae
p. 0689 | Lattoo, C. S.

Reviews and Announcements
p. 0690

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