Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 22: 20 Nov, 1977
Research Articles
An Alternative Structure for DNA and its Relevance to DNA Supercoiling
p. 0763 | Sasisekharan, V.; Pattabhiraman, N.; Gupta, Goutam

On the Occurance of Prieskaite from the Iron Stone Formation, Bababudan Hills
p. 0765 | Ragavendra, R. V.; Iyer, G. V. Anantha; Kutty, T. R. Narayanan

Some Reproductive Anomalies in the Indian Rufus Horse Shoe Bat, Rhinolophus Rouxi(Temminck)
p. 0767 | Gopalakrishna, A.; Ramakrishna, P. A.

Cobalt Toxicity and its Reversal by Iron and Magnesium in Ogawa Serotypes of Vibrio Cholerae and Vibrio Eltor
p. 0770 | Nagesha, C. N.; Lalithamma, B. P.; Rao, S. Narasimha; Ananthakrishnan, N. C.; Sagar, I. Karuna

Letters to the Editor
Mixed-Valent Palladium (IV and II) Complexes of Tetradentate Schiff Bases Derived from Acetylacetone and Diamines - Novel Examples of Palladium(IV)-OXO-II-Allyic Bonding
p. 0774 | Sudha, B. P.; Dixit, N. S.; Patel, C. C.

A New Procedure for the Synthesis of Substituted Pyrrocoline Quinones
p. 0775 | Soni, R. P.; Saxena, J. P.

Chemical Examination of the Leaves of Guazuma Tomentosa Kunth
p. 0776 | Anjaneyulu, A. S. R.; Murty, V. Surarayana

Potentiometric Titrations of Benzenediamines in Non-Aqueous Medium
p. 0777 | Naidu, P. B.; Naidu, P. R.

Characterisation of L-Dopa in Seeds of Mucuna Sloanei
p. 0778 | Rai, P. P.; Saidu, M.

Synthesis of 5, 5'-(p-Phenylenediamine-Disazo)- and 5,5'-(o-Dianisidinedisazo)-8-Hydroxyquinoline
p. 0778 | Banerji, V.; Pandey, Arun K.

New Methods for the Synthesis of Benzoxazolin-2-Ones
p. 0779 | Verma, Rajendra S.; Kapoor, Anup

Therapeutic Evaluation of Antimycotic Drugs in Repeat Breeding Bovines Dues to Mycotic Infections
p. 0780 | Saxena, S. C.; Ishaque, S. M.

Blood Copper Content and Minimum Molecular Weight of Haemocyanin of Cryptozone Ligulata (Ferrusac)
p. 0782 | Krupanidhi, S.; Reddy, V. Venkata; Reddy, M. Venugopal; Naidu, B. Padmanabha

Isolation & Biological Activity of A Strain of Streptomyces Ganmycicus and Stability of the Antibiotic Substance Produced by it
p. 0784 | Sinha, S. K.; Basuchaudhary, K. C.

Two New Species of Hyphomycetes
p. 0786 | Panwar, K. S.; Chauhan, J. S.

A New Acidium from Burma
p. 0787 | Thaung, Maung Mya

A New Trimmatostroma from Soil
p. 0788 | Manoharachary, C.; Rao, P. Raghuveer; Ramarao, P.

Determination of Captefol in its Formulation and Residues on Crop Plants
p. 0788 | Mithyantha, M. S.; Agnihothrudu, V.; Kulkarni, D. S.

A New Category of B-Chromosomes in Trigonella Foenum-Graecum L.
p. 0789 | Raghuvanshi, S. S.; Upreti, Manjula

New Genera from the Exotic Block at Lamayuru, Ladakh
p. 0790 | Sharma, Madan. L.; Shah, S. K.

Haematological Studies of Freshwater Teleosts
p. 0790 | Raizada, M. N.; Singh, C. P.; Maheshwari, U. K.

Vomiting Response in the Indian Frogs Rana Tigrina (Daud) and Rana Cyanophylyctis (Boulenger)
p. 0791 | Nigam, Harish C.

Proline Accumulation Under Zinc Deficiency in Mustard
p. 0792 | Ghildiyal, M. C.; Pandey, M.; Sirohi, G. S.

Reviews and Announcements
p. 0794

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