Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 24: 20 Dec, 1977
Research Articles
Ionospheric E Region Drift Pattern at Low-Latitudes
p. 0835 | Chandra, H.; Patel, V. P.; Rastogi,, R. G.

Synthesis and Structural Studies of Malonyl Diacetone Hydrazone Complexes of Mn(II), Fe(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II)
p. 0836 | Aggarwal, R. C.; Singh, Bachcha

The Claisen Rearrangement of 7-Cinnamyloxy Derivatives of 3-Methoxyflavanone and 40Methyl Coumarin
p. 0839 | Jain, A. C.; Tuli, D. K.; Kumar, A.

Kinetics and Mechanism of the Hydrolysis of D1-2-Phenylethyl Phosphate in Acid Medium
p. 0841 | Mhala, M. M.; Sonawane, V. R.

Cancer Detection and Prevention
p. 0844 | Rao, R. S.

Letters to the Editor
X-Ray Determination of the Mean Amplitude of Vibration and the Debye Temperature of Gd-Zn and Gd-Mg
p. 0845 | Subhadra, K. G.; Sirdeshmukh, D. B.

Franck-Condon Factors and r-Centroids for the (A2II-X2E+) Transition of CN by Langer's Approxiamation Method
p. 0846 | Patil, D. C.; Korwar, V. M.

NQR in Certain Organic Solids
p. 0847 | Basavaraju, S. P.; Devaraj, N.

In-Situ Measurement is a Must for Size Effect Studies of Thin Metal Films
p. 0848 | Sen, Paramita

Direct Spectrophotometric Estimation of Cadmium
p. 0849 | Sane, R. T.; Trakru, J. P. N.; Rajeshirke, D. S.

Kinetics of Polymerization Initiated by Mangenese(III) Acetate
p. 0849 | Elayaperumal, P.; Balakrishnan, T.; Santappa, M.

Chemical Constituents of Loranthus Falcatus Linn. f.
p. 0850 | Anjaneyulu, A. S. R.; Row, L. Ramachandra; Reddy, D. Sivakumar

Studies on Morpholine-4-Cerbodithioate Complex of Tellurium (IV)
p. 0851 | Singh, Nepal; Kumar, Ravindra; Agarwal, R. C.

Indirect Colorimetric Determination of Some Bivalent Metals with Cyanide and Thiocyanate
p. 0853 | Sane, R. T.; Joshi, S. N.; Rajeshirke, D. S.

A Simple Preparation of Sym-Dibenzylthiourea
p. 0854 | Dixit, L. N. Narain; Johar, G. S.

Biochemical Characterization of Cases of Mucopolysaccharidoses Detected at Bangalore
p. 0855 | Rao, B. S. Sridhara Rama; Subash, M. N.; Narayanan, H. S.

Occurance of Triplet Foetuses in the Slender Loris, Loris Tardigradus Lydekkerianus Cabr
p. 0856 | Kadam, K. M.; Swayamprabha, M. S.

Effects of Total Body Sub-Lethal Dose of Gamma-Irradation on Ascorbic acid Levels in Pigeon Tissues
p. 0857 | Gadhia, P. K.; Shah, V. C.

Some New Records of Crustacea from Kashmir
p. 0859 | Qadri, M. Y.; Yousuf, A. R.

effect of 'Morindin' A Glycoside on the Isolated Heart of Cockroack
p. 0860 | Rao, A. Purushothan; Reddy, C. Surander; Rao, P. S.

Effects of Ultrasonic, Storage and Freeze-Thawing on the Myofibrillar-ATpase Activity of Skeletal Muscles
p. 0861 | Talesara, C. L.; Narang, Vasdev

Nitrogen Fixation Under Rice Field Conditions
p. 0863 | Purushothaman, D.; Dhanapal, N.; Rangaswami, G.

A New Pentatomid Host for a Pteromalid Egg Parasite and the Nature of Inetrspecific Competition with Other Hymenopterous Egg Parasites
p. 0864 | Thirumalai, G.; Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

A Note on the Floral Anatomy of Pronaya Elegans Huegl. (Pittosporaceae)
p. 0866 | Radhakrishnaiah, M.; Narayana, L. L.

Antigenecity and Cross-Reactivity in Epidermophyton Floccosum
p. 0867 | Sundaram, B. M.; Sirsi, M.; Rao, G. Ramananda

Berlesiella (Fam. Pleosporaceae) A New Mycoparasite from India
p. 0868 | Subhedar, A. W.; Rao, V. G.

Bioisomerism in Spathes of Xanthosoma Violaceum Schott
p. 0869 | Bahadur, Bir; Kumar, P. Vijaya; Reddy, N. Pratap; Rao, K. Lokendar

Bacterial Leaf Spot of Banyan - A New Disease in India
p. 0870 | Papdiwal, P. B.; Deshpande, K. B.

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