Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 4: 20 Feb, 1977
Research Articles
Shape Factor Analysis of the 690 keV Beta Transition in 111Ag
p. 0095 | Reddy, T. Seshi; Mathews, Rajan; Reddy, K. Venkata

Synthesis of Some Benzothiazolyl Hydrazones
p. 0097 | Deshpande, D. S.

Determination of Stability Constants of 2-Hydroxy-1-Naphthalidene-p-N-Dimethylaniline Complexes with Some Bivalent Metal Ions
p. 0099 | Mayadeo, M. S.; Rao, A. P.; Kabadi, M. B.

Letters to the Editor
Formation and Reproportionation Constants of Binary and Ternary Complexes
p. 0103 | Sharma, Jawahar Lal; Srivastava, J. N.; Garg, B. S.; Singh, R. P.

Cis-Hydroxylation of Olefinic Compunds with Silver Succinate and Iodine
p. 0104 | Mathew, K. K.; Raman, P. S.

2-Methoxy-3-Nitro-5-Chlorobenzohydrazine - A New Benzohydrazide for Characrterisation of Carbonyl Compunds
p. 0105 | Thakkar, N.; Haksar, C. N.

Isolation of Thermophilic Fungi From Soils
p. 0106 | Sundaram, B. M.

Nitrogen Fixation by a Salt and Alkali Tolerant Strain of Azotobacter Chroococcum
p. 0107 | Ahmad, N.; Rai, M.; Sahi, B. P.

Persistence of Temik (Aldicarb) in Soil and its Residues in Bhendi Fruits (Abelmoschus Esculentus)
p. 0108 | Rajukkannu, K.; Reguraj, R.; Subramaniam, T. R.; Krishnamoorthy, K. K.

Failure of the Deolone Road Bridge on the sone River, Shahdol District, Madhya Pradesh
p. 0109 | Bangar, K. M.

Stimulatory Effect of the Neuroactive Substance on Isolated Cockroach Heart
p. 0110 | Rao, A. P.; Naidu, M. B.

Solubility of Proteins of Muscle in Fatigue
p. 0111 | Naidu, N. Chandrashakarm; Swami, K. S.

Gynophore Nutrition in Groundnut
p. 0112 | Gopalakrishnan, S.; Srinivasan, P. S.; Boopathi, S. N. M. Ramachandra

Changes in Oil and Fatty Acid Composition of Liness (Linum Usitatisimum L. ) Under Varying Photoperiods
p. 0115 | Sairam, R. K.; Srivastava, G. C.

Physiology of Bhendi Plants, Abelmoschus Esculentus (L. ) Associated with its Preference and Feeding by the Redspider Mite Tetranychus Cinnabarinus Boisduval
p. 0116 | Palanisamy, S.; Subramaniam, T. R.; Regupathy, A.

Dictyuchus Anomalous (Nagai. ) A New Pathogen of Fresh Water Teleosis
p. 0118 | Srivastava, G. C.; Srivastava, R. C.

Effect of Oraganic and Mineral Fertilizers on Azotobacter in Flooded Rice Field
p. 0118 | Rao, V. Rajaramamohan

Effect of Planofix - An Naa Formulation on Groundnut Var. Tmv 7
p. 0119 | Srivasan, P. S.; Gopalakrishnan, S.

Cytogenetic Behaviour of a Fragment Chromosome in Job's Tears, Coix Lacryma - Jobi L.
p. 0120 | Venkateswaralu, J.; Rao, Panuganti N.

Cytological Studies in Fuirena Rottb. (Cyperaceae)
p. 0121 | Nijalingappa, B. H. M.

Meiosis in Graptophyllum Pictum Griff
p. 0122 | Lakshmi, N.; Rao, N. Bapa

Screening of Flowers in Interspecific Crosses of Some Spinous Solanum Species
p. 0123 | Rao, S. Veerabhadra; Rao, B. G. S.

Chromosome Pairing in the Solanum Surettense X S. Melongena F1 Heterozygote
p. 0124 | Rao, S. Veerabhadra; Rao, B. G. S.

Growth Pattern in Jute (Corchorus Olitorius L. )
p. 0125 | Sen, S.; Datta, P.; Maiti, S. N.; Biswas, S. R.

Sub-Haploid Pollen in Aloe Barbadensis Mill.
p. 0126 | Sapre, A. B.

Proteolytic Enzyme Changes in Mango Shoots as Affected by Growth Retardents in Relation to Flowering
p. 0127 | Suryanarayana, V.

Palynological Evidence on the Age of Mikir Formation
p. 0128 | Singh, R. Y.; Mehrotra, N. C.

The Present Situation of Physiologica Races of Pyricularia Oryzae Cav. in India
p. 0129 | Dath, A. Premalatha; Veeraraghavan, J.

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