Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 46 - Issue 7: 05 Apr, 1977
Research Articles
Nickel(II) Complexes of 6-Methylpyridine-2-Aldoxime
p. 0211 | Mohan, M.; Khera, H. C.; Mittal, S. G.; Sirivastava, A. K.

Nannoplankton Production in Vellar Estuary
p. 0212 | Subramanian, B. R.; Ramadhas, V.; Venugopalan, V. K.

Short communications
Understanding Human Systems
p. 0216 | Seshachar, B. R.

Letters to the Editor
Role of Three Ohonon Normal Processes in the Phonon Conductivity of Silicon
p. 0220 | Samueal, R. M.; Misho, R. H.; Dubey, K. S.

Crystal Structure of Metamizol
p. 0221 | Murthy, H. M. Krishna; Vijayan, M.; Brehm, Lette

Stability Constants of Bivalent Metal Chelates of 2-(N-a-Methyl, 2-Hydroxybenzylideneimino) Ethanesulphonic Acid
p. 0222 | Singhvi, B. R.; Kanungo, P. K.; Mehta, R. K.

Estragol - A Persistent Depolarising Agent of the Skeletal Muscle Membrane
p. 0223 | Zutshi, S. K.; Bhagwat, A. W.

Effect of Caffeine on Testicular Hyaluronidase of Different Species
p. 0224 | Kumar, Parveen; Trehan, S.; Dani, H. M.

Synthesis of Some New Benzodiazaborole Derivatives
p. 0225 | Kanabur, V. V.; Dandegaonker, S. H.

Behaviour of Macrophomina Phaseoli and Sclerotium Rolfsii with Relation to Soil Texture and Soil pH
p. 0226 | Chattopadhyay, S. B.; Mustafee, T. P.

Inhibitory Effect of Light on the Production of citric Acid by Aspergillus Niger
p. 0228 | Abraham, T. K.; Chaudhuri, K. L.

Reevaluation of a-Glycerophosphate Dehydrogenase Activity in Skeletal Muscle Fibre Types
p. 0229 | Talesara, C. L.; Kumar, P.

The Chromosomes of Coptosoma Indica Montand (Heteroptera - Plataspidae)
p. 0230 | Reddy, P. Venkat; Janaiah, C.; Chari, N.

A Fertile Colchicine Induced Allohexaploid in Arachis
p. 0231 | Pushpa, G.; Reddy, B. G. Suryanarayana; Nayar, K. M. D.; Shambulingappa, K. G.

A New species of Spirotrichonympha Grassi and Foa (Protozoa: Mastigophora) from a Xylophagous Termite from India
p. 0232 | Tiwari, D. N.

Xenia in Interspecific Crosses of Sorghum
p. 0233 | Kuruvinashetti, M. S.; Goud, J. V.

Role of pH in the Fruit Rot of Chillies Caused by Colletotrichum Capsici
p. 0235 | Thirupathaiah, V.; Subramanian, D.

Phenolic Acids of Viable and Non-Viable Seeds of Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea, L. )
p. 0236 | Reddy, S. Balanarasimha; Rao, K. N.; Swamy, P. M.

Control of 'Chenthal' (Bacterial Blight) Disease of Cardamom with Penicillin
p. 0237 | George, Mathew; Jayasankar, N. P.

Diseases of Fruits from Haryana A New Leaf Spot Disease of Zizyphus Mauritiana Lamk.
p. 0237 | Gupta, P. C.; Madaan, R. L.

Reproductive Biology of Bidens Pilosa L. (Compositae)
p. 0238 | Matthew, K. M.

Genus Quadrigula Printz - A New Addition to the Indian Flora
p. 0239 | Prasad, Braj Nandan; Mehrotra, R. K.

On a Morohologically Interesting Oscillatoria Sp.
p. 0240 | Maherotra, R. K.; Singh, Yashpal

Inhibition Potential of Aureofungin Against Cephalosporium Sacchari an Incitant of Sugarcane Wilt.
p. 0240 | Chattopadhyay, Narayan Chandra; Nandi, Balen

Vegetative Multiplication by Leaf Cuttings of Crowns in Pineapple (Ananas Comosus L. )
p. 0241 | Dass, H. C.; Sohi, H. S.; Reddy, B. M. C.; Prakash, G. S.

Development of Multiple Resilifers in Lophia (Actinostreon) Diluviana (Linne. ) from the Upper Cretaceous of South India
p. 0242 | Chiplonkar, G. W.; Badve, R. M.

Occurance of Quartz-Monozite Plugs at Borlai-Korlai in Kolaba District, Maharshatra
p. 0243 | Deshpande, G. G.; Ghate, N. S.

Short Scientific Notes
Short Scientific Notes
p. 0244

Reviews and Notices of books
p. 0245

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