Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 03: 05 Feb, 1978
Research Articles
Solar Cycle Effects in Equatorial Spread F.
p. 0073 | Rastogi, R. G.; Vyas, G. D.

Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation - Awards
p. 0074

Research Articles
Seasonal Alterations in the serum Prolactin and LH Levels in the water Buffaloes
p. 0075 | Sheth, A. R.; Wadadekar, K. B.; Moodbidri, S. B.; Janakiraman, K.; Parameswaran, M.

Differentiation and Estimation of P-Phenol Organothiophosphate Insecticides from other Organophosphate Insecticides by Mercurous Nitrate Reagen
p. 0077 | Prasad, B. N.; Kawale, G. B.; Joglekar, V. D.

S. L. Hora Memorial Gold Medal for 1977
p. 0079

I. C. A. R. Grant to Current Science
p. 0079

Letters to the Editor
Graft copolymerisation of methyl methacrylate onto wool fibres
p. 0080 | Subhan, Jahanara; Sacubai, S.; Santappa, M.

Adducts of bis(salicylaldehydato) cobalt(II) and Nickel(II)
p. 0081 | Mishra, N. C.; Mahapatra, B. K.; Guru, S.

Titrimetric determinatio of methionine cystine and its alpha-substituted derivatives with chloramine-T
p. 0082 | Verma, Krishna K.

Interaction of Li+ and NH4+ with electron donor molecules
p. 0083 | Agarwal, Umesh P.

Extraction photometric study of maganese(II) as salicylalidoximate complex into n-butanol
p. 0084 | Reddy, P. B. Sankara; Rao, S. Brahmaji

Synthesis of some naturally occurring hydroxylisoflavones
p. 0085 | Makrandi, J. K.; Grover, S. K.

Coprolites from the paleocene of Pondicherry area of South India
p. 0086 | Gowda, S. Sambe; Nagaraj, H. M.

A note on the late middle Eocene Nannofossils from Lakhpat, Kutch
p. 0087 | Singh, Pratap

Rapid atomic absorption spectrophotometric method for estimation of (reactive & Total )Silica, Iron, Alluminium and Titanium in Bauxite
p. 0088 | Purushotham, A.; Naidu, P. P.

Protogyny in Elytrophorus Spicata (Wild. ) A. Camus
p. 0090 | Seshavatharam, V.; Sathyamurthy, T. V. Ch.

Growth and phenolic production in callus cultures of crotolaria,/em>
p. 0091 | Shah, R. R.; Mehta, A. R.

Mechanical transmission of white fly-brone yellow mosaic virus of Lablab Niger Medikus (Dolichos Lablab L. )
p. 0092 | Subramaniam, K. S.; Naranasasmy, P.

Shoot formation in Catharanthus Roseus (L. ) G. Don Callus cultures
p. 0093 | Ramawat, K. G.; Bhansali, R. Raj; Arya, H. C.

Presence of staminodia and nectariferous disc in Smithia Cilliata Royle
p. 0094 | Basu, P. K.

Hydrocyanic acid (HCN) content in sorghum as affected by age and soil salinity
p. 0095 | Rao, K. B.; Bhat, G. G.; Bhramagowdar, T. D.; Panchaksharaiah, S.

Isolation of Spirillum Lipoferum from the stems of wheat and nitrogen fixation in enrichment cultures
p. 0096 | Kavimandan, S. K.; Rao, N. S. Subba; Mohrir, A. V.

changes in nucleic acid levels during aestivation in Pila Globosa (swainson)
p. 0098 | Kumari, N. Aruna; Reddy, Y. Srinivasa; Swami, K. S.

Age-dependent reposnse of lactate dehydrogenase of gastrocnemius muscle of the rat to testosterone and estradiol
p. 0099 | Giri, K. V.; Singh, S. N.

Feeding preferences of adults and mandibular morphology in the different instars of Eyprepocnemis Alacris Alacris (Serv. ) (Orthoptera:Acrididae)
p. 0101 | Muralirangan, M. C.

Developemntal behaviour of diacrisia obliqua (Walker) (Lepidoptera: arctiidae) on some common weeds
p. 0104 | Rathore, Y. S.; Sachan, G. C.

Chromosome number in Polystomoides Kachugae (Trematoda: Monogenea)
p. 0106 | Duda, P. L.; Gupta, Vijay

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