Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 09: 05 May, 1978
Research Articles
Crystal Structure of d(A-T)2 and Sequence Specific DNA-Protein Recognition
p. 0289 | Viswamitra, M. A.

Some Recent Observations on the Systemic Mode of Action of Vitamin A
p. 0292 | Ganguly, J.; Sarada, K.; Murthy, S. Krishna

Discovery of the Cyanophycean Algal Remains and Microplanktons in the Late Precambrian Schistose Phyllites and Its Bearing On the age of the Amri unit, Himalaya, India
p. 0295 | Nautiyal, Avinash Ch.

Letters to the Editor
Mono Amino oxidase (Mao) Inhibitory activity of Indole-3-Acetamido-4'-Arylcarboxylic acid alkylesters
p. 0300 | Gujarati, V.; Srivastava, N.; Shanker, K.; Kishor, K.; Bhargava, K. P.

Chemical examination of the heartwood of Abroma Augusta Linn
p. 0301 | Mukherjee, K. S.; Badruddoja, Sah

Cone-in-Cone structure in the upper Flysch series(Upper cretaceous) Malla Johar area Pithoragarh district, Uttar Pradesh
p. 0301 | Kumar, S.; Singh, I. B.; Singh, S. K.

Transpiration in rust infected leaves of groundnut
p. 0302 | Subrahmanyam, P.; Vijaykumar, C. S. K.; Rao, A. S.

Infectious Variegation- A new virus disease of cotton in India
p. 0304 | Mall, V. R.

Association of certain fungi with paddy seeds and the effect of seed dressing chemicals on them
p. 0305 | Barman, B.; Chetia, M. N.

Horizontal spread of sheath blight to rice plants in relation to spacing and nitrogen application
p. 0307 | Roy, A. K.

On the occurence and distribution of Angiospermic parasites in Assam
p. 0308 | Islam, M.

Factors responsible for the mode of action of polyhedral inclusion bodies of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus in the tobacco caterpillar Spodoptera Litura F.
p. 0310 | Narayanan, K.; Jayaraj, S.

Inheritance of glume colour in bread wheat c. v. Sharbati Sonora
p. 0311 | Goud, J. V.; Sadananda, A. R.

Leaf area determination in cabbage
p. 0312 | Rao, J. V.

Occurence of a new virulent race 77B of leaf rust of Bijaga red wheat in Dharwar
p. 0313 | Kulkarni, Srikant

Three new records of Ascomycetous fungi from India
p. 0313 | Tiwari, D. P.; Agarwal, P. D.; Lodh, A. R.

Phyllachora Crotonis (Cooke) Sacc. A new record from India
p. 0314 | Srivastava, A. K.; Singh, P. L.

Neutral salt soluble collagen from the adductor muscle of amusium (Bivalvia)
p. 0314 | Kalyani, M.

On the occurence of succinic dehydrogenase and its neural regulation in the bone tissue of frog Rana Hexadactyla
p. 0316 | Naidu, R. Chandra Mohan; Swami, K. S.

Prehistoric remains of the Grey Seal, Helichoerus Grypus Fabricis 1791, from Harappa, Pakistan
p. 0317 | Ghosh, M.; Saha, U.

Acid and alkaline phosphatase and amylase concentration in the semen of Malabari bucks
p. 0318 | Patil, R. V.; Raja, C. K. S. V.

Observations on ovarian ascorbic acid and cholesterol during induced ovulations in the skipper Frog Rana Cyanophlyctis Schneider
p. 0319 | Gopalakrishnan, M.; Rajasekharasetty, M. R.

Award of Research Degrees
p. 0321

p. 0322

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