Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 11: 05 Jun, 1978
Research Articles
Acid Degradation Studies of 2-Aroyl-3(2H)-Benzofuranones and 3-Phenyl-4-Hydroxy Coumarins
p. 0359 | Malik, M. L.; Grover, S. K.

Cyclic Amp and Cell Proliferation: A Catalogue of Positive Correlationships
p. 0361 | Krishnaraj, R.

Neuroendocrine Regulation of Succinic Dehydrogenase Activity in the Indian Apple Snail Pila Globosa (Swainson)
p. 0365 | Naidu, R. Chandra Mohan; Chetty, C. Sreeramulu; Aruna, P.; Reddy, Y. Srinivasa; Swami, K. S.

Some Cytogenetical Aspects of Genus Trichuris (Nematoda)
p. 0368 | Goswami, Usha

Letters to the Editor
Study of forward scattering of meteor Bursts
p. 0372 | Gangopadhyay, D. K.

Synthesis and structural studies of tetrathiocyanate complexes with five membered ring molecules as lewis bases
p. 0373 | Khan, S. A.; Agrawal, O. P.

Heat of formation of some organic compounds using IOC-o- Technique
p. 0376 | Rajwar, D. C.; Tiwari, S. C.

Preliminary studies on the control of mango hoppers by stem injection with systemic insecticides
p. 0378 | Thontadarya, T. S.; Viswanath, B. N.; Hiremath, S. C.

inactivation of extracellular polygalacturonase of Rhizopus Nigricans ehrenberg by phenolic substances
p. 0379 | Rai, P. K.

Effect of bottlegouard mosaid virus on RNA contents of the leaves of Lagenaria vulgaris at different stages of pathogens
p. 0380 | Ghosh, S. K.

Occurrence of a new fungal disease on green horned caterpillar of rice
p. 0380 | Nayak, P.; Srivastava, R. P.

Induced chlorophyll chimeras as breeding behaviour in chillies
p. 0381 | Ramalingam, R. Sethupathi

effect of ethyl-methane-sulphonate (EMS) on histology of testes and ovaries of Heliothis Zea
p. 0384 | Sharma, B. D.; Mann, S. K.

Proliferation in the reproductive structures of Aspergillus Niger van Tieghem
p. 0385 | Manoharachary, C.; Bhagyanarayana, G.

Polyploid chromosome numbers in the genus Nitella
p. 0386 | Mukherjee, Subhra

Effect of phyllosphere fungi on the spore germination of Alternaria Alternata FR. causing leafblight of sunflower
p. 0386 | Gupta, Y. K.; Gupta, M. N.

Defence secretions from the repugnatorial glands of a polydesmoid millipede
p. 0387 | Bano, Kubra; Krishnamoorthy, R. V.

An Examination of environmental factors for the cause of a summer fishkill in a tank near Allahabad
p. 0389 | Sharma, Neelima; Mukherji, Ashish Prasad

Flame photometry and photocolorimetric determination of electrolytes of plasma of channa Punctatus (BL. ) and Notopterus Notopterus (HAM).
p. 0391 | Sharma, O. P.; Sharma, B. K.

A study on the lipid component of te haemolymph of a spider Poecilotheria Fasciata
p. 0392 | Aruchami, M.; Rajulu, G. Sundara

cytotaxonomy of Trox fabr. (Trioginae : Scarabaeidae : Coleoptera)
p. 0393 | Yadav, J. S.; Pillai, R. K.

Giemsa-banding in fish chromosomes
p. 0393 | Rishi, K. K.

Cytochemistry and ultrastructute of the yolk nucleus in oocytes of the Loach. Misgurnus Anguillicaudatus (Cantor)
p. 0394 | Dutt, N. H. Gopal; Inoue, Sakae; Kobayashi, Kan

Tobacco stem borer survives on Datura
p. 0395 | Jacob, S. A.; Das, V. S. R.

Record of a new host for Oligonychus Coffear (Nietner)
p. 0396 | Mukherjee, S. N.; Chauhan, N. S.

Aflatoxin contamination of grains in flooded areas of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
p. 0396 | Mishra, R. S.; Singh, R. S.

Two new species of Hyphomycetes
p. 0397 | Rajak, R. C.; Soni, K. K.; Pathak, G. P.

Studies of chromocentres in Radish (Raphanus Sativus L. )
p. 0399 | Dayal, N.; Kumar, S.

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