Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 12: 20 Jun, 1978
Research Articles
Fourfold Helical Structures for Sequential Copolymers of Glycine and Imino Acid Residues Proline and Hydroxyproline
p. 0401 | Balaji, V. N.; Sasisekharan, V.

Biosomerism in Cycads
p. 0404 | Bahadur, Bir; Reddy, N. Pratap; Kumar, P. Vijaya

Inhibition of Passive Anaphylactic (PCA) Reaction in Mice by Cobalt and Iron Complexes
p. 0406 | Kar, K.; Bajpai, S. K.; Dhawan, B. N.

Letters to the Editor
North-South movement of blanketing type es layers
p. 0409 | Chandra, H.; Rastogi, R. G.

Studies on condensed Thiazole system
p. 0411 | Mahapatra, S. K.; Patra, M.; Dash, B.

Chemical investigation of Indian Medicinal plants used for Leprosy I Constituents of the flowers of Ochrocarpus Longifolia Benth. and Hook. F. (Guttiferae)
p. 0414 | Khan, M. S. Y.; Kumar, I.; Khan, Nizam U.; Ilyas, M.

Ascorbate-M(II) systems - equilibrium studies
p. 0415 | Dubey, Keshava P.; Praveen, Shamah

Synthesis of Quinazoline-4-N-Mannich Bases
p. 0416 | Sharma, Rajendra S.

Isolation and crystallization of a metallopeptide from the ovary of silkwork, Bombyx Mori L.
p. 0417 | Gowda, T. Veerabasappa; Ramesh, T. R.

Thyroid activity and the nature of 131I uptake in the postmetamorphic Rana Hexadactyla Lesson
p. 0419 | Singh, A. Guna; Balasubramanian, A.

Changes in the levels of amino acids in developing Corcyra Cephalonica Stainton
p. 0420 | Ramakrishnan, V.; Raghavan, K. G.

Paper chromatography of metal ion complexes with morpholine-4- carbodothioate
p. 0422 | Kumar, Ravindra; Singh, Nepal

Flavone from Lynchnophora affins : a synthetic study
p. 0424 | Bhardwaj, D. K.; Gupta, A. K.; Jain, R. K.; Sharma, G. C.

Mesomorphic behaviour of some schiff base esters: p-(p-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy) benzymidene-p''-phenetidines
p. 0425 | Dave, J. S.; Patel, N. R.; Prajapati, A. P.

Living benthionic foraminafera from the innershelf sediments at Visakhapatnam
p. 0426 | Rao, J. Nageswara; Rao, M. Subba

Initiation of Haustoria in cuscuta by cytokinin application
p. 0427 | Paliyath, Gopinadhan; Maheshwari, Ramesh; Mahadevan, S.

Occurrence of a bacterium in polar glands of Pedalium Murex
p. 0429 | Reddy, J. Raghava; Reddy, C. Subba

Role of relative humidity and nutrients on seta formation in Colletotrachum Papayae P. Henn
p. 0430 | Chahal, S. S.

Changes in phenolics and soluble carbohydrates in cowpea varieties infected by Xanthomonas vignicola burk.
p. 0431 | Mohan, R.; Alagianagalingam, M. N.; Govindaswamy, C. V.

Metabolic changes in rice leaves during senescence
p. 0432 | Misra, Gadadhar; Hota, Jayanti

Effects of herbicides on the chlorophyll content of isolated leaves of Oxalis Latifolia HB and K.
p. 0433 | Misra, L. P.; Sharma, D. P.; Duria, H. S.

Intraspecific polyploidy in costis speciosus
p. 0434 | Subramanyam, G. V.

Powdery mildew of brinjal from Jammu (J & K state)
p. 0436 | Sharma, Arun Kumar

Two new species of sphaeropsidales on ornamental plants
p. 0436 | Yadav, B. R. Dayakar; Rao, V. G.

Compartmentation of gluconeogenic enzymes in adult rat brain
p. 0438 | Shaffi, S. A.

Mobilization of acid and alkaline phosphatase in the degenerating tail of Bufo melanosticus
p. 0439 | Prakash, Anand O.; Mathur, R.

Ultrastructural evidence for the origin of pigment in the oocytes of Tricurus Pyrrhogaster
p. 0440 | Dutt, N. H. Gopal; Inoue, Sakae

The male of the rotifer epiphanes senta (Ehrenberg)
p. 0441 | Vasisht, H. S.; Agarwal, Piki

Leaf blight of guava-A new record
p. 0442 | Sridhar, T. S.; Ullasa, B. A.

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