Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 13: 05 Jul, 1978
Research Articles
Evolution, Genetics and Recapitulation
p. 0443 | Seshachar, B. R.

A Comparative Study on Acetylcholine and Acetylcholiesterase during Development of the Lepidopteran Philosamia Ricni and the Dipteran Sarcophaga Ruficornis
p. 0445 | Pant, Radha; Kumar, Suman; Dubey, Ratan

Polarographic Determination of the Stability Constant of Complexes formed by Lead(II) and Cadmium(II) with Acetylene Dicarboxylic Acid
p. 0448 | Rao, A. L. J.; Singh, Makhan

Letters to the Editor
On the height control of the onset of equatorial spread-F
p. 0451 | Sastri, J. Hanumanth; Subrahmanyam, V.; Sasidharan, K.; Rao, M. Srirama

Cis-Chloro-awuo-tetramminecobalt(III) sulphate as a photoinitiator of vinyl polymerization
p. 0452 | Kader, A. Abdul; Anwaruddin, Q.; Natarajan, L. V.

Antibacterial activity of some essential oils
p. 0454 | Girgune, J. B.; Jain, N. K.; Garg, B. D.

Some novel aromatic diterpenes from premna Latifolia Roxb.
p. 0455 | Rao, Ch. Bheemasankara; Rao, T. Namosiva; Vijayakumar, E. K. S.

Anthraquinones from leaves of Cassia podocarpa
p. 0457 | Rai, P. P.; Obayemi, O. M.

Antigenic and nodulation properties of Rhizobium trifoli transformations
p. 0457 | Roychaudhury, Paromita; Dadarwal, K. R.; Venkataraman, G. S.

Regeneration of hybrid tomato plants from leaf callus
p. 0458 | Dhruva, Bharati; Ramakrishnan, T.; Vaidyanathan, C. S.

Discovery of micro-organism from the black cherts of the fawn limestone (Late precambrian, Semri group, son valley, Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh
p. 0461 | Kumar, S.

An interchange heterozygote in Eurycles Sylvestris salisb
p. 0462 | Venkateswarlu, J.; Lakshmi, N.

A note on the variation in the sexuality of spikelets of Cymbopogon Nardus
p. 0462 | Gupta, B. K.

Effect of insect growth regulation on the phenolic changes in tropic organs of caterpillars of spodoptera litura Fb. (Noctuidae : Lepidoptera)
p. 0464 | Sundaramurthy, V. T.

Mode of pollination and frequency of mutations in sunflower (Helianthus Annuus L. )
p. 0466 | Ahmed, M. Ilyas; Goud, J. V.

Dothiorella rot of Citrus Sinesis fruits from India
p. 0467 | Saxena, Usha; Tiwari, A. K.; Tiwari, D. P.

The mango coccid, Rastrococcus Iceryoides Green (Homoptera: Coccidae) and its natural enemies
p. 0467 | Tandon, P. L.; Lal, Beche

Soft-wood grafting - A new technique for hard wood plants
p. 0468 | Amin, R. S.

Cuscuta Chinensis Lamk. on Eleusine Coracana Gaertn. (Ragi) - A new Record
p. 0469 | Kumaraswamy, A. S.; Syamasundar, J.; Lingappa, S.; Jayaram, G.

A new species of Kumanasamuha
p. 0470 | Raman, Tulasi; Rao, B. Renuka; Rao, Dev

Pollen morphology in two varieties of Ephedra Intermedia Sch. & Mey.
p. 0471 | Chaturvedi, Mithilesh

Typical sporophore production of Polyporus tricholoma mont. in culture
p. 0472 | De, A. B.; Roy, Anjali

Occurrence of the genus Echinopodospora in Indian Soil
p. 0473 | Tiwari, D. P.; Jacob, Alka I.

A note on the recovery of Chelonus Blackburni cameron (Braconidae : Hymenoptera), an exotic egg-larval parasite of cotton bollyworms
p. 0474 | Sarkate, M. B.; Raodeb, A. K.; Seeras, N. R.; Jawale, M. D.

Linear movement of cranular insecticides in soil
p. 0474 | Rao, N. Hari Prasada; Agarwal, R. A.

Natural ourbreak of the muscardine fungus Nomuraea Rilevi (Farlow) samson on leaf-eating caterpillar. Spodoptera Exigua HB. in Maharashtra
p. 0476 | Phadke, C. H.; Rao, V. G.; Pawar, S. K.

Preliminary laboratory evaluation of Cephalpsporium Lecanii Zimm. As a Pathogen of brinjal leaf beetle, henosepilachna Viginti. Octopunctata (Fabr)
p. 0477 | Santharam, G.; Eswaramoorthy, S.; Jayaraj, S.

Corpus Luteus in the Indian Rufus Horse Shoe Bat, Rhinolophus Rouxi (Temminck)
p. 0477 | Ramakrishna, P. A.

p. 0479

Letters to the Editor
3-Aryl-2-Thioacetylhydrazine-4-Quinazolones as Anticonvulsants
p. 0487 | Dwivedi, C.; Parmar, Surendra S.

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