Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 18: 20 Sep, 1978
Research Articles
2,4-Lutidine-I-Oxide Complexes of Lanthanide Nitrates and Chlorides
p. 0655 | Navaneetham, N. S.; Soundararajan, S.

Periodicity of Oestrous cycle in Rats: Response to Artobotrys Odoratissimus Linn. Extracts
p. 0659 | Prakash, Anand O.

Differential effects of Ultrasonication on the Myofibrillar and Mitochondrial ATPase activity of Slow and Fast Muscles om Birds and Mammals
p. 0662 | Talesara, C. L.; Narang, Vasdev

Changes of Glucose and Glycogen contest in the maternal and Embryonic Tissues of the Viviparous scorpion Heterometrus Fulvipes during Gestation Period
p. 0665 | Subbaram, V.; Reddy, T. Gopalakrishna

Letters to the Editor
Centrifugal distortion constants and thermodynamic functions of C2H4O5 C2D4 and C2H4S
p. 0668 | Patil, D. C.; Korwar, V. M.

Effect of solvent on the polarization of fluoresecence of acridine orange
p. 0671 | Pandya, M. L.; Machwe, M. K.

The crystal structure of Monoadipato tetraaquo Nickel(II)
p. 0672 | Gupta, M. P.; Saha, B. N.

Formation constants and thermodynamic parameters of some poly-Hydroxy phenols
p. 0672 | Khadikar, P. V.; Das, A. K.; Deshmukh, P. S.

Polarographic study of palladium amino-acid complexes
p. 0674 | Kalapurna, P. B.

Selenium dioxide oxidatiion of saussurealactone
p. 0677 | Mane, B. M.; Hiremath, S. V.; Kulkarni, G. H.

A novel spray reagent for plant pigment
p. 0678 | Tiwari, K. P.; Masood, M.; Choudhary, R. N.

Synthesis and structural studies of malonyl and succinyl dihydrazide complexes of some first row transition metal ions
p. 0679 | Aggarwal, R. C.; Singh, Bachcha

Amino acid composition of the fibres of some silk worm species (Philosamia Ricini, Antheraea Mylitta and Attacus Atalus)
p. 0681 | Pant, Radha; Unni, Balagopalan

A novel observation in the claisen rearrangement of 7-prenyloxyisoflavone
p. 0682 | Jain, A. C.; Tull., D. K.

Synthesis of 2-p-Chlorophenoxymethylchromone
p. 0683 | Gurjar, M. K.; Bagavant, G.

A magnetic survey on Charnockites in the vicinity of Vishakapatnam
p. 0684 | Rao, V. Bhaskara; Raju, A. Lakshmipathi

Cytokinin like behaivour of some B vitamins in Bougainvillaea Spectabilis Wiild. and Green Gram (Phaseolus Radiatus L. )
p. 0686 | Rao, P. Gopala; Mallikarjuna, K.

Casnoidea Indica (Thunb. ) A Carabid ground beetle predating on brown plant hopper, Nilaparvata Lugens (Stal) of rice
p. 0688 | Samal, P.; Mishra, B. C.

A new system for plant tissue culture
p. 0689 | Rai, P. P.

Nodal organization in the family Acanthaceae
p. 0690 | Kumar, Shashi; Paliwal, G. S.

Some cytochemical observations on the giant cells in human placenta
p. 0690 | Deshpande, A. S.; Vasishta, Uma G.

Substrate Decoction A new technique to isolate the Myxomycetes from dead plant materials
p. 0692 | Nanir, S. P.

Embryo development in Moringa Concanensis Nimmo
p. 0693 | Dutt, B. S. M.

CA-dose response in the production of intermedidtes of Chrysocoris Stollii Wolff (Hemiptera:Pentatomidae)
p. 0694 | Chakraborty, Sanjib; Samui, Tarak Nath

Factors affecting formation of Aflatoxin B1 by Aspergillus Flavus on Ganga-5 Maize hybrid
p. 0695 | Prakash, Om; Siradhana, Babu Singh

Meisis in the interspecific hybrid of two spinous solanums and its bearing on their affinities
p. 0696 | Kirti, P. B.; Rao, B. G. S.

Effect of juvenile hormone analogues on reproduction in the cricket, Gryllodes Sigillatus Walker
p. 0697 | Yaragamblimath, J. S.; Biradar, V. K.; Mathad, S. B.

New dragonfly records from India and the Dehra Dun valley (Northern India )
p. 0698 | B. K. T.

p. 0699

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