Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 2: 20 Jan, 1978
Research Articles
Study of Molecular Reorientations in Benzene Hydrochloride and Aniline Hydrochloride by Protein Magnetic Resonance
p. 0037 | Mishra, S. C.; Gupta, R. C.; Bajpai, Usha

Production of Zinc Bicrystals by Modified Bridgman Technique
p. 0039 | Menon, Gopi; Thattey, A. S.

Host Cell Macromolecular Synthesis and Viral RNA Synthesis in Rinderpest virus infected Cells
p. 0042 | Prakash, K.; Antony, A.; Ramakrishnan, T.

Central Leather Institute Madras- silver jubilee
p. 0044

Letters to the Editor
Upper bound on the number of constraints in balanced arrays
p. 0045 | Chandak, M. L.; Misra, B. L.

Ultrasonic parameters of dicarboxylic acids
p. 0046 | Rao, C. Raghupati; Subrahmanyam, P.

Reaction of 4-Alkylnaphthols with carbon tetrachloride
p. 0049 | Merchant, J. R.; Yadav, R. G.; Deshpande, A. R.

Azine dyes as new redox indicators in cerate oxidimetry
p. 0050 | Rao, N. Venkateswara; Prasad, K. M. M. Krishna

Soil moisture movement and ground water recharge by Tritium tagging technique -Discussion
p. 0051 | Datta, P. S.; Gupta, S. K.

Non stoichiometric pyrochlores
p. 0052 | Darshane, V. S.

Thalassinoides in the mottled nodular beds, Jabalpur area, M. P.
p. 0052 | Kumar, S.; Tandon, K. K.

A note on the late middle eocene nannofossils from the vinjhan-miani area, Kutch
p. 0053 | Singh, Pratap

Effect of polaris [N-, N-bis (Phosphonomethyl)glycine] on sugars of Mango fruits C. Baganapally
p. 0054 | Rameshwar, Akula; Rao, N. Narayan

Trichoderma piluliferum and T. Hamatum - New records from India
p. 0055 | Miah, M. A. Jabbar; Sarbhoy, A. K.

Witches broom of cowpea - a mycoplasmal disease
p. 0056 | Varma, A.; Sharma, S. R.; Moharir, A. V.

Prohibitins in Catharanthus Roseus
p. 0057 | Mahadevan, A.; Mohan, N.

Some interesting macromutants of sunflower
p. 0058 | Ahmed, M. Ilyas; Goud, J. V.

Seed mycoflora of maize with reference to mycotoxins
p. 0059 | Dange, S. R. S.; Rathore, R. S.; Singh, S. D.

Two new soft rot disease of onion bulbs in storage
p. 0060 | Sharma, R. B.; Roy, A. N.

A new species of Hippoporina (Ectoprocta, Ascophora) from Bombay Coast
p. 0061 | Pillai, S. R. Madhavan

Genetic relationship betweendiploid Solanum Nigrum and Solanum Nodiflorum Jaco.
p. 0064 | Rao, G. R.; Khan, A. H.; Khan, Reayat

Pollen grains in Ephedra Helvetica c. A. Mev.
p. 0066 | Chaturvedi, Mithilesh

Rapid detection of indole compounds with ehrlichs reagent
p. 0066 | Potty, V. P.; Joseph, K. V.; Jayasankar, N. P.

Stigmatic extracts of Chlorophytum Heyneanum enhance in vitro germination of C. Malabaricum Pollen grains
p. 0067 | Bhaskar, Meera S; Namboodiri, A. N.

Clock-connected rhythmicity in phosphorylase activity in the slug. Laevicaulis Alte (Ferrussac 1821)
p. 0069 | Reddy, D. Chandrasekara; Jayaram, V.; Sowjanya, K.; Naidu, B. Padmanabha

Constitutive heterochromatin in the Indian Bush Rat. Golunda Ellioti(Gray)
p. 0070 | Rao, S. Krishna; Aswathanarayana, N. V.

Some new diseases of fruits
p. 0071 | Sridhar, T. S.

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