Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 23: 05 Dec, 1978
Research Articles
Makrofol As a High Exposure Gamma Ray Dosimeter
p. 0885 | Shah, S. M.; Bhagwat, A. M.; Soman, S. D.

Stereochemistry and Synthesis of 5-Chloroaurone and 6-Chloroflavone
p. 0887 | Gurjar, M. K.

Phenylation of Hydroxybenzophenones using acid (BF3) and Base (Ag2O) Catalysts
p. 0889 | Mathur, Anil K.

Synthesis of 7-Hydroxy-6, 2',4',5'-Tetramethoxyisoflavone
p. 0891 | Bhardwaj, D. K.; Jha, H. N.; Sanduja, S. K.; Singh, R.; Saxena, S. B.

Letters to the Editor
Immunocytochemical Techniques for Localization of C3 Component of the Complement
p. 0892 | Gupta, P. D.; Srivastava, L. M.; Srivastava, Nalini

Effect of Malathion on the Excretory Pattern of the Snail, Pila Globosa (Swainson)
p. 0894 | Sivaiah, S.; Rao, K. V. Ramana

Low energy plasmon satellites in K β1,3 X-ray emission spectra of 23V, 26Fe and 28Ni
p. 0896 | Singh, S. P.

Preparation of Diethanolaminemanganate(III)
p. 0897 | Gnanasundaram, P.; Kothandaram, H.

Polymetallic mineralisation in Ladakh granite, Indus suture zone, Ladkh, India
p. 0898 | Sharma, Kewal K.; Gupta, K. R.

Photochemical activities of Parthenium chloroplasts
p. 0899 | Francis, K.

Vibrational spectra of Bromoantimonates(III)
p. 0900 | Mishra, Bivekanand

Spectral studies of Trichloroacetates of Lanthanons
p. 0902 | Singh, Megh

Pillow Breccia from the precambrian metabasalts of the Chitradurga greenstone belt, Karnataka
p. 0903 | Srinivasan, R.

Puccinia Xanthii Schw - A first report from India
p. 0905 | Jadhav, A. N.; Soman, R. B.

Powdery mildew of horse gram
p. 0905 | Sardeshpande, J. S.

Induction of sporulation in Clathiridium Corticola (Fckl) Shoem, and Muller
p. 0906 | Thind, T. S.; Saksena, S. B.; Agarwal, S. C.

Dendrophthoe Falcata, A menace to fruit orchards
p. 0908 | Sridhar, T. S.; Rao, V. Rama

Two new fruit rot diseases of pomegranate (Punica Granatum L. ) caused by Coniella Spp.
p. 0908 | Sharma, N. D.; Jain, A. C.

Control of Chrysanthemum Aspermy virus by heat therapy
p. 0909 | Singh, B. P.; Gupta, R. P.

Effect of 2,4-d on seed germination, hypocotyl elongation and amylase activity in Phaseolus radiatus
p. 0910 | Raza, S. H.; Saiprakash, P. K.

Influence of different photoperiods on the flowering of mungbean
p. 0911 | Sirohi, G. S.; Wasnik, K. G.

The occurence of Pseudocercospora Nigricans on Cassia Obtusifolia in India
p. 0911 | Dube, V. P.; Charaya, M. U.; Tyagi, Shobha; Kumar, Satendra

Occurence of Leveillula Trurica On Carica Papaya In India
p. 0911 | Ullasa, B. A.; Sohi, H. S.

Chlorotic mottle of Chrysanthemum Morifolium (Ram. ) Hemsl- A new record from India
p. 0913 | Singh, B. P.; Gupta, R. P.; Abidi, S. M. H.; Raizada, R. K.

Seasonal periodicity of cyanophage AC-1
p. 0914 | Sharma, C. R.; Venkataraman, G. S.

Chromosome studies in Ocimum
p. 0915 | Singh, T. P.

Genetic control of artificially induced desynapsis in Jute(Corchorus Olitorius L. )
p. 0916 | Paria, P.; Basu, M. S.; Chattopadhyaya, S.; Basak, S. L.

Idioblasts typology on the taxonomy of Capparis Spinosa complex
p. 0917 | Rao, T. Ananda; Das, Silpi

Aspergillus Flavus in the air of working environments
p. 0920 | Jayprakash, K. B.; Rati, E.; Ramalingam, A.

Temperature dependent osmotic remedial mutation induced in the adenine biosynthetic pathway in Torulopsis Bovina
p. 0921 | Rao, S. P.; Polasa, H.

Cytochemical studies on the effect of kinetin on cucumber cotyledons
p. 0922 | Apparao, B. J.; Patel, Kamlesh R.; Shah, C. K.

Utility of unmated females of Perisierola Nephantidis control of Nephantis Serinopa Meyrick
p. 0924 | Murty, V. T. Sundara; Santhanakrishnan, K.

Contributions to the cytology of the mole cricket Gryllotalpa Africana
p. 0925 | Rajasekharasetty, M. R.; Kumaraswamy, K. R.

Chlorotic stunt- A new virus disease of Catharanthus Roseus in India
p. 0927 | Zaidi, A. A.; Singh, B. P.; Srivastava, K. M.

A nuclear polyhedrosis virus from rice case worm, Nymphula Depunctalis (Guen. ) (Lepidoptera:Pyralidae)
p. 0928 | Jacob, Abraham; Pillai, K. Sasidharan; Ansari, P. A. Rajan

Larval Trichinellid in capsules of diaphragm and striated muscles of albino rats
p. 0929 | Sinha, J. N.; Majumdar, G.

Sex expression in coriander (Coriandrum Sativum L. ) as affected by growth regulators
p. 0929 | Amruthavalli

On the little known pony fish, Gazza Achlamys Jordan and Starks (Pisces: Leiognathidae) in the Indian waters
p. 0930 | Singh, Rani; Talwar, P. K.

The 59th annual convention of the institute of engineers (India )
p. 0931

p. 0932

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