Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 24: 20 Dec, 1978
Research Articles
Theoretical Studies on Beta-Lactam Antibiotics
p. 0933 | Joshi, N. V.; Virudachalam, R.; Rao, V. S. R.

Observation of Higher Seismicity Associated with Lower Premonsoon Rainfall in North-East India
p. 0936 | Sarmah, Suryya K.

Bromine Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance of Cyclophosphazene Derivatives
p. 0938 | Sridharan, K. R.; Ramakrishna, J.; Krishnamurthy, S. S.; Rao, M. N. Sudheendra

Ultrastructural Study on the Fate of some of Special Cytoplasmic Inclusion in Pathogenic Naegleria Aerobia (Singh and Das, 1970)
p. 0939 | Maitra, S. C.; Shipstone, A. C.; Prasad, B. N. Krishna; Bajpai, V. K.; Das, S. R.

Letters to the Editor
Seasonal and solar cycle variations in the occurence of night E3 at Ahmedabad
p. 0942 | Chandra, H.

Fluorescent polarization spectrum of Rhodamine 6G
p. 0943 | Pandya, M. L.; Machwe, M. K.

Spectral studies on rare earth complexes of Schiff bases
p. 0944 | Singh, P.; Goel, R. L.; Singh, V.

Schiff base complexesof Cu(II) and Ni(II) with 2,4-dihydroxyacetophenone ethylenediamine
p. 0946 | Srihari, S.; Raju, N. Appala

Comparative study of relative order of ligand field strength in isomeric substituted cobaltic complexes
p. 0947 | Dodwad, S. S.; Manjrekar, S. K.; Datar, M. G.

Kinetics of Chromic acid oxidation of methyl alcohol: Effect of phosphoric acid and oxalic acid
p. 0949 | Reddy, M. Govinda; Rao, S. Brahmaji

Synthesis and Antimicrobial screening of amino-1, 2-Benzisoxazoles and sulphanilamido-1, 2 benzisoxazoles
p. 0950 | Thakar, K. A.; Bhawal, B. M.

A staining technique for microscopic identification of Boehmite (Gamma-Alooh)
p. 0952 | Seetharaman, R.

Variations in tissue glycogen content serum lactate and glucose levels due to copper intoxication in three freshwater teleosts
p. 0954 | Shaffi, S. A.

Piper Nigrum L. A new host of Xanthomonas Betlicola Patel Et Al
p. 0956 | Mathew, James; Cherian, Mani T.; Abraham, Koshy

Sporoschisma Saccardoi Mason and Hughes state of Chaetosphaeria Coelestina Hohnel, An addition to Indian mycoflora
p. 0957 | Reddy, S. R.; Reddy, S. S.; Reddy, S. M.

A Contribution to the floral anatomy and morphology of the gynoecium of Sericostoma Pauciflorum stocks
p. 0958 | Joshi, B. M.

NMU induced polycarpellary mutants in redgram
p. 0960 | Chaturvedi, S. N.; Sharma, R. P.

Auxin production potentiality of nitrogen fixers isolated from the phyllosphere of crop plants
p. 0962 | Banerjee, Mahuya; Chandra, A. K.

The pistillode of Phoenix Loureirii Kunth
p. 0964 | Gunamani, M.; Padmanabhan, D.; Veni, S. Pushpa; Reghupathy, D.

A new species of Brachystelma R. Br. (Asclepiadaceae) from India
p. 0965 | Char, M. B. S.

Two new species of Cercospora
p. 0966 | Rajak, R. C.; Gautam, S. P.

A new record of sclerotinia rot of cabbage in India
p. 0967 | Alagianagalingam, M. N.; Mohan, R.; Subramanian, C. L.; Sampathamoorthy, S.

Systematic position of Balantines Delile
p. 0968 | Parvati, A.; Narayana, L. L.

Leaf blight of Tapioca caused by Periconia Manihoticola
p. 0970 | Roy, A. K.; Saikia, B. K.

Senescence in isolated leaves of cestrum Nocturnum linn
p. 0970 | Mishra, Gadadhar; Das, Snehaprava

In Vitro clonal propagation of Cassava
p. 0971 | Bajaj, Y. P. S.

Glycogen and acid mucopolysaccharides in the ovary, testis, brain neurosecretory cells and corpora allata of Dysdercus Koenigii (Hemiptera: Pyrrhocoridae)
p. 0973 | Sinha, M. P.; Sahni, S. L.; Sinha, D. P.

Uptake and release of 1-C14 palmitate by the fat body of the beetle Cybister Confusus
p. 0974 | Kallapur, V. L.

International conference on polyploidy: Biological relevance
p. 0975

p. 0976

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