Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 47 - Issue 5: 05 Mar, 1978
Research Articles
On Renormalization-Group Theoretic Approach to Anderson Localisation
p. 0143 | Kumar, N.

Role of Hepatopancreas in the Metabolism of Copper in the Indian Amphiobious Snail, Pila Globosa (Swainson), With Special reference to Aestivation and Starvation
p. 0145 | Reddy, M. Venugopal; Naidu, B. Padmanabha

Anaerobic Fermentation of Plant Materials into Acids and Biogas
p. 0147 | Neelakantan, S.; Sondhi, H. S.; Manocha, A.; Sarma, S. C.

Letters to the Editor
5, 7-Dimethy; apigenin 4'-o-beta-D-glucopyranoside from Saccharium Officinarum Leaves
p. 0152 | Misra, C. S.; Misra, K.

Thermodynamic investigation of the rare earth chelates of o-(alpha-2-oxopropylbenzylideneinino)ethanesulphonic acid
p. 0153 | Kanungo, P. K.; Sehgal, D. C.; Mehta, P. K.

Reduction of thiophosphoryl fluoride and thiophosphoryl chloride with hydrazine hydrate
p. 0153 | Padma, D. K.; Vijayalakshmi, S. K.; Murthy, A. R. Vasudeva

Spectrocolorimetric study of the complexation reaction between molybdenum(VI) and reacetophenone oxime
p. 0155 | Huq, G. Abdul; Rao, S. Brahmaji

A specific spot test for palladium using diphenyldisulphide 2:2'-Dicarboxtlic acid
p. 0156 | Rajan, S. C. Soundar; Narayana, B. V.; Raju, N. Appala

Synthesis of 1,5-bis (beta-hydroxyethyl)-decaphenylpentasilane
p. 0158 | Sen, P. K.

A note on the synthesis of some new merocyanines
p. 0158 | Seth, D. S.; Ittyerah, P. I.

Antiviral property of Tea
p. 0159 | John, T. Jacob; Mukundan, P.

An Indigenous UV Photoelectron spectrometer
p. 0160 | Hegde, M. S.; Basu, P. K.

Production of pectic enzymes by Corynespora Cashcola causing fruit rot of papaya
p. 0161 | Agarwal, G. P.; Gupta, S.

Effect of Gibberellic acid and coumarin on the Carotenoid content of carrot (Daucus Carota L. ) root
p. 0163 | Sarma, Soneswar; Sarma, Reeta

Gamma ray induced semi-dwarf mutant with a new type of leaf arrangement in rice
p. 0164 | Ghosh, A. K.; Bhattacharya, P. K.

Rare fruiting in Allamanda Cathartica L. Var. Grandiflora (A. Grandiflora Hook. )
p. 0166 | Nath, V. Ravindra

Vascular anatomy of Pittosporum Floribundum Wight and Arn. (Pittosporaceae)
p. 0167 | Radhakrishnaiah, M.; Narayana, L. L.

Influence of age of host plant on the expression of acquired local and systemic antiviral resistance induced by treatment with trichothecium polysaccharide in N. Glutinosa
p. 0168 | Chandra, K.; Gupta, B. M.; Verma, H. N.

Effect of altosid on the blood protein of caterpillar of Spodoptera Litura Fb. (Noctuidae :Lepidoptera)
p. 0170 | Sundaramurthy, V. T.; Ahmed, N. Mushtaq

A new species of dictyuchus from alkaline ponds of India
p. 0171 | Rai, J. N.; Misra, J. K.

Cytology of Areca Macrocalyx Becc.
p. 0172 | Nair, M. K.; Rathambal, M. J.

Popillia Schizonycha Arrow- a pollen feeding beetle on rice in Karnataka
p. 0173 | Rai, P. S.

EMS-induced sterile mutants in redgram
p. 0173 | Chaturvedi, S. N.; Sharma, R. P.

Irradiation induced sterility in the males and females of tribolium castaneus Herbst.(Tenebrionidae:Coleoptera)
p. 0175 | Pajni, H. R.; Virk, Nivanjit

Lophosquilla Tiwarii Blumstein from the coast of Porto Novo
p. 0175 | Balasubramanyan, K.

Coleochaete pseudosoluta, a new addition to the Indian flora
p. 0176 | Prasad, Braj Nandan; Asthana, Deep Kumar

Acartia Dweepi, a new species of Copepod (acarthdae:Galanoida) From Lakshadweep
p. 0176 | Haridas, P.; Madhupratap, M.

Award of Research Degree
p. 0178

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