Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 48 - Issue 1: 05 Jan, 1979
Research Articles
Study of Effective Debye Temperature for Pure and Doped n-Type Gallium Antimonide
p. 0001 | Pandy, J. D.; Pandey, H. C.

Glauco-Conglomeratic Phosphorite and Stromatolites from the Late Precambrian Semri Group (Lower Vindhyan), Chitrakut Area, Madhya Pradesh
p. 0003 | Kumar, S.

Gibberellic Acid (Ga3) Induced Enhancement in Flowering in Bulgarian Coriander (Coriandrum Sativum L. ) in Relation to Changes in Carbohydrate Metabolosm
p. 0005 | Amruthavalli

Carbohydrate Metabolism in the Heart of the Scorpion, Heterometrus Fulvipus (C. L. Koch) with reference to Sex
p. 0006 | Jayaram, V.; Naidu, B. Padmanabha

Letters to the Editor
Radiation induced crosslinking and Cleavage in certain araldites
p. 0009 | Rao, P. Venkateswara; Rao, T. V. Kameswara

Frank-Condon factors and gamma-centroids for the B-X band system of Sc)
p. 0010 | Pathak, A. N.; Sinha, B. K.

Onset of equatorial spread-F during post-midnight period
p. 0012 | Sastri, J. Hanumanth

Reactionof Halogenoanilines with acrylic acids
p. 0013 | Mechant, J. R.; Engineer, A. B.

Rhein from he leaves of Cassia Nodosa
p. 0015 | Rai, P. P.

2-(2'Lepidyl Azo)-1-Naphthola-4-Ammonium Sulphate (Lanas) as visual metallochromic indicator in Complexometric determination of Lead (II)
p. 0015 | Chadha, R. C.; Garg, B. S.; Singh, R. P.

Cadmium complexes with dicyanamide
p. 0016 | Misra, Rajendra P.; Mahapatra, Bipin B.; Guru, Sarweshwar

Surface heterogeniety and elovich equation
p. 0017 | Varadarajan, T. K.; Viswanathan, B.

N-Debenzylation of Benzimidazole derivatives
p. 0019 | Rao, P. Jaya Prasada; Reddy, K. Kondal

Studies on the antigungal activity of some mixed ligand metallic complexes of salicyclic acid
p. 0020 | Saxena, C. P.; Misra, S. H.; Khadikar, P. V.

A Soft fruit rot of Aegle Marmelos
p. 0022 | Sharma, R. B.; Roy, A. N.; Verma, R. K.

Effect of hormones on the growth and chlorophyll content of Westiellopsis prolifica Najet
p. 0023 | Adhikary, S. P.; Pattnaik, H.

The influence of temperature on Oxygen consumption of Daphnia Carinata King (Cladocera:Daphnidae)
p. 0024 | Venkataraman, K.; Job, S. V.

Chromosomal studies of two species of Aconitum
p. 0025 | Bhatacharjee, Alpha

Contiguous stomata in Desmodium Desv. (Papilionaceae)
p. 0027 | Bora, Nilamoni; Baruah, Parukutty

Interception of a new brown spot strain of PVX in India
p. 0028 | Singh, Vijai; Singh, R. A.

Charcoal rot of garden Balsam- a new disease
p. 0030 | Kandhari, Janki; Payak, M. M.

Histochemical Localisation of enzyme acid phosphatase in the anthers of male-fertile, cytoplasmic, genic and induced male-sterile plants
p. 0031 | Chauhan, S. V. S.

A trisomic Nymphae Hybrid
p. 0034

Cytological studies in the sex types of Morus alba L. (Moraceae)
p. 0035 | Gill, B. S.; Gupta, R. C.

A new species of Cerostegia de lotto (Homoptera:Coccidae) from Ajmer (India)
p. 0036 | Avasthi, Rajendra Kumar; Shapee, Shaikh Adam

Larval feeding behaviour of Scirpophaga Incertulas (WLK,) (Tryporyza Incertulas)
p. 0037 | Chaturvedi, D. P.; Mathur, K. C.

Cyclical changes in the mucus secreting cells of the cervical epithelium of pteropus giganteus giganteus
p. 0038 | Sapkal, V. M.; Gadegone, M. M.

Isolation of Corynebacterium Equi from Milk
p. 0040 | Zaki, Syed; Rao, M. S.; Murthy, B. S. K.

Differential effects of Prostaglandins on cartilage
p. 0040 | Kumar, Nirbhay

Occurrence of a new podocopan ostracod Tanella Vasishta in the vasishta Godavari Estuary, East coast of India
p. 0042 | Annapurna, C.; Sarma, D. V. Rama

Response of chromatophores to adrenalin treatment in the marine crab. Portunus Pelagicus (Rathbun)
p. 0043 | Kolwalkar, D. G.; Rangnekar, P. V.

A new record of Cletocamptus Deitersi (Richard, 1895) (Copepoda:Harpacticoida) from India
p. 0045 | Reddy, Y. Ranga; Radhakrishna, Y.

p. 0046

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