Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 48 - Issue 12: 20 Jun, 1979
Research Articles
Conformation of Poly-(a-Aminoisobutyric Acid): A Modified a-Helix
p. 0517 | Venkataraman, B. V.; Sasisekharan, V.

Spectrophotometric Determination of Platinum with Profenamine Hydrochloride
p. 0520 | Gowda, H. Sanke; Padmaji, K. A.

Antifungal Activities of the Phyllosphere Organisms
p. 0520 | Chandra, A. K.; Patil, B. R.; Gupta, S. K.

Effect of Sublethal Concentration of Methyl Parathion on selected Oxidative Enzymes in the Tissues of the Fresh Water Fish, Tilapia Mossambica (Peters)
p. 0526 | Rao, K. Siva Prasada; Rao, K. V. Ramana

12th International Congress of Soil Science (India 1982)
p. 0528

Letters to the Editor
Travelling ionospheric disturbances in the lower F-region
p. 0529 | Murty, B. Suryanarayan; Rao, B. Ramachandra

Fluoresecence polarization spectrum of mercuridibromosodium-fluorescein
p. 0530 | Odak, Sarita; Pathak, G. R.; Pandya, M. L.; Machwe, M. K.

A new band system of InCl molecule in the region 4100-3900 A
p. 0532 | Nampoori, V. P. N.; Patel, M. M.

Preparation of phantom polymers
p. 0532 | Kalyanasundaram, R.; Krishnamoorthy, S.; Kothandaraman, H.

Reaction of 2-methyl-5-nitro-azobenzene-2'-sulphenyl, bromide with ethyl methyl ketone
p. 0533 | Chaudhuri, A.; Thakuria, T.; Bhattacharjee, S. K.

Chemical examination of the stems of Lippia Citriodora Linn.
p. 0534 | Vijayakumar, E. K. S.; Krishnan, R. Rama

Cardiotoxicity of immune spleen cells treated with specific antigen of antiserum
p. 0535 | Natu, S. M.; Chaturvedi, U. C.; Mathur, Asha

A note on the ocurrence of Microstylolite seams in sulphide cherty rock at dariba-Rajpura deposit, Udaipur District, Rajasthan
p. 0537 | Pandya, M. K.; Solanki, S. L.; Pandya, T. K.

A new patten of cuticular structure in glossopterid leaves
p. 0538 | Jeyasingh, D. E. P.

Influcence of insecticides on IAA metabolism in paddy soil
p. 0538 | Jayachandran, S.

Efficacy of dimethyl sulphoxide on the mutagenic action of diethyl sulphate on rice
p. 0540 | Reddi, T. V. V. Seetharami

Manifold morphological effects of induced dwarfism in rice (Oryza sativa L. )
p. 0541 | Dwivedi, S. L.; Ral, K. N.; Singh, R. B.

Tapetum-like anther epidermis in Zeuxine Longilabris (Lindl. ) Benth ex HK. Orchiidae
p. 0542 | Karanth, K. Ananda; Bhat, P. K.; Arekal, Govindappa D.

Occurrence of Thanatephorus cucumeris as a weed fungus on mushroom beds
p. 0543 | Lakshmanan, P.; Devi, S. Bhavani; Nair, M. Chandrasekharan

On a xanthophycean alga new to India
p. 0544 | Prasad, Vraj Nandan; Misra, Pradeep Kumar

Chara Fibrosa Var. Fibrosa f. Longicorollata : A new record for India and its cytology
p. 0545 | Chatterjee, Probir

Effect of soil application of carbofuran in split doses on the control of the rice root nematode
p. 0547 | Prasad, J. Satyanarayana; Rao, Y. Seshagiri

Occurrence of a new insect. small brown plant hopper Laodelphax Striatellus (Fallen), in India
p. 0548 | Shukla, K. K.

A simple method for inducing sporulation in Helminthosporium Gramineum in culture
p. 0548 | Gulati, Shashi Bala; Mathur, S. K.

Level of glucose and fructose in hyphae of two fruit rot causing fungi
p. 0548 | Bilgrami, K. S; Prasad, M. M.

Cholesterol activity in the testes of Passer Domesticus and Streptopelia Decaocto
p. 0549 | Saxena, Madhu; Mathur, R. S.

Abnormality in growth of Pediastrum Simplex var. Clathratum
p. 0551 | Salam, A. M. Abdus; Khan, Yusuf Sharif A.

Mosaic disease of Petunia Violacea Lindl. Hybrida
p. 0551 | Raizada, R. K.; Singh, B. P.; Gupta, R. P.

A new species of Pseudolepocreadioides Hafeezullah. 1970 (trematoda : Lepocreadhdae) from puri coast, Bay of Bengal
p. 0554 | Ahmad, Jamil

Effect of leaf and kernel extracts of neem on moulting and vitellogenesis in dysdercus cingulatus Fabr. (Heteroptera : Pyrrhocoridae)
p. 0554 | Abraham, C. C.; Ambika, B.

Anatomy of the utero-vaginal junctiion in the Indian sheath-tailed bat. Taphozous Longimanus (Hardwicke)
p. 0556 | Gopalakrishna, A.; Karim, K. B.; Banerjee, Shibani

A new record of internal parasite of Gynaikothrips Flaviantennatus moulton from India
p. 0558 | Veer, Vijay

Oil Technologists Association of India
p. 0558

National Symposium on food Proteins
p. 0559

p. 0560

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