Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 48 - Issue 2: 20 Jan, 1979
Research Articles
RKR France Condon Factors and r-Centroides for B2 A8pi Transition of CN
p. 0049 | Patil, D. C.; Korwar, V. M.

A Convenient Method for the Synthesis of 4-Oxo-4,5,6,7-Tetrahydroindole and Benzofuran derivatives
p. 0052 | Ramadas, S. R.; Padmanabhan, S.

Mineral and Trace Element Composition of Maize
p. 0054 | Deosthale, Y. G.

Incorporation studies on the proteins of Hyman Normal and Senile Cataractous Lenses
p. 0056 | Rawal, U. M.; Rao, G. N.

Succinic Dehydrogenase activity in Cryptozona Ligulata (Ferussac) during aestivation
p. 0057 | Naidu, R. Chandra Mohan; Swami, K. S.

Copulation in Porrorchus Indicus (Schmidt & Kuntz 1967) (Syn. Pseudoporrorchus Indicus Das 1957)
p. 0060 | Rengaraju, Vasantha

Symposium on Ecology of animal Populations
p. 0062

Letters to the Editor
5-B (mosalicyl aide -a prospective reagent for indentification of amino-acids
p. 0063 | Saxena, R.; Haksar, C. N.

A novel arangement of vascular tissue in some orchids
p. 0064 | Lall, V. K.; Wahi, A. K.; Khosa, R. L.

Kinetics of Os(VIII) catalysed oxidation of cyclohexanol by Periodate
p. 0065 | Rao, M. Prasada; Sethuram, B.; Rao, T. Navaneeth

Flavanoids of scopara dulcis and Stemodia Viscosa
p. 0067 | Ramesh, P.; Nair, A. G. Ramachandran; Subramanian, S. Sankara

An oxygen-isotope study of the condensation of methyl phenoxyacetate and anisaldehyde
p. 0068 | Bhchannon, W. D.; Dunn, G. E.; Porey, H. B.; Bagavant, G.

Reduction of amoebacidal activity of metronidazole (Flagyl) by bacteria
p. 0069 | Das, S. R.; Ghoshal, Sheela

Note on secondary infection of downy mildew in pearl millet
p. 0070 | Yadav, S. P.

Residues of Quinalphos, Phosalone and malathion in/on sorghum
p. 0071 | Rajukkannu, K.; Venugopal, M. S.; Vasudevan, P.; Balasubramanian, M.

Parthenium Hysterophorus - A new host for Brevipalpus Phoenicis
p. 0071 | Dagar, J. C.; Singh, V. P.

Oudemansilla canaril - a new Indian Edible Mushroom
p. 0072 | Sinha, A. K.; Dogra, J. V. V.; John, M. S.

A new era in Sugarcane breeding in Uttar Pradesh
p. 0072 | Singh, H. N.; Singh, S. B.; Sharma, Subhash; Singh, Phool

A new Megalodochium from India
p. 0073 | Begum, Rehana; Rizwana, A. R.

Gene groups for total resistance to wheat leaf rust in India
p. 0073 | Reddy, M. S. S.

Occurrence of a New Collar Rot Disease of Niger (Guizotia Abyssinica cass) in India
p. 0074 | Siddaramaiah, A. L.; Kulkarni, Srikant.; Basavarajaiah, A. B.

Phyllosphere study of wheat varieties grown in U. P.
p. 0074 | Tripathi, Sangharsh K.; Edward, J. C.

Parinarioxylon Splendidum Sp. Nov. from Kalagarh
p. 0075 | Trivedi, B. S.; Ahuja, Madhu

A new type of alternariosis in Arachis Hypogea L.
p. 0076 | Balasubramanian, R.

Screening of Jasminum species against yellow ring mosaic virus
p. 0077 | Chandra , K. Jagadish; Sastry, K. S.; Rao, J. V. R. Bhupal

A new species of Characium Characium indicum Patel et. Isabella sp. Nov.
p. 0078 | Patel, R. J.; George, Isabella

Epidermal studies in some members of Oleaceae
p. 0079 | Srivastava, K.

Evidences for outbreeding in Catharanthus Roseus
p. 0080 | Krishnan, R.; Naragund, V. R.; Kumar, T. Vasantha

Anomalous secondary thickening in the roots of Pachygone Ovata Miers
p. 0082 | Dutt, B. S. M.

The root-knot nematode on Gladiolus from India
p. 0082 | Reddy, P. Parvatha; Singh, D. B.; Rao, V. R.

A freak in the anatomy of Sandalwood (Santalum album Linn. )
p. 0083 | Rajan, B. K. C.

On the parasites of tropical loachers from the South-West coast of India
p. 0084 | Ritakumari, S. D.; Nair, N. Balakrishnan

A preliminary study on Bait shyness in Bandicota Bengalensis towards Zinc Phosphide
p. 0085 | Cowan, P. E.; Srihari, K. A.; Sridhara, Shakunthala

Colorimetric method for the determination of human serum cholinesterase and its activity towards methyl paraoxon
p. 0086 | Visweswariah, K.; Kumar, N. V. Nanda; Majumdar, S. K.

A simple media to detect L-asparaginase positive bacteria
p. 0087 | Selvakumar, N.; Chandramohan, D.; Natarajan, R.

Effect of Juvenile Hormone analogue Ze-515 on the last instar nymphs of Dysdercus Cingulatus Fabr. (Pyrrhocoridae:heteroptera)
p. 0089 | Zutshi, M.; Saxena, Y.; Jayadevi

Occurrence of mucos secreting segment in the nephron of Danio Rerio (Ham)
p. 0090 | Bose, K. C.; Chakraborty, B.

Conferences organised by the Institute of Physics, London
p. 0091

p. 0092

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