Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 48 - Issue 4: 20 Feb, 1979
Research Articles
Proanthocyadin from Polyalthia Longifolia Stem Bark
p. 0141 | Agrawal, Sudhir; Misra, K.

Biostratigraphic Position of Late Oligocene Strata in the Vinjhan-Miani area of Kutch, Gujarat, Western India
p. 0144 | Jauhari, A. K.

A New and Simple Technique for Amniotic Inoculation of Chick Embryo
p. 0146 | Rao, B. Lalitha

Letters to the Editor
Photoelasticity of an epoxy adhesive
p. 0148 | Rao, P. Venkateswara; Rao, T. V. Kameswara

A short note on second order rotatable designs
p. 0150 | Misra, B. L.; Chandak, M. L.

Track-Etched micro-filters
p. 0151 | Bhagwat, A. M.; Soman, S. D.

Synthesis of 3-(3'-benzisoxazolyl) coumarins
p. 0153 | Lakshmi, A. Sree; Rao, K. Venkateswara; Soundaramurthy, V.

Stereochemical study of alpha-bromoketone: Acetolysis of 3beta-chloro-5,7beta-dibromo-5 alpha-cholestan-6-one (II) with sodium acetate-alcohol
p. 0154 | Shafiullah; Islamuddin; Ali, Hasrat

Allylic oxidation of (+)-car-3-ene -- P. P. Pai, B. M. Mane
p. 0155 | Joshi, R. S.; Kulkarni, G. H.

Cerium(IV)-benzyl-alcohol redox system for acrylonitrile polymerization
p. 0156 | Sanjjad, K.; Anwaruddin, Q.; Natarajan, L. V.

Hexaquocobaltic ion as the active species of Co(II)
p. 0157 | Maruthamuthu, Meenakshi

Simple photometric estimation of methyldopa
p. 0158 | Sane, R. T.; Vaidya, U. M.

Cone-In-Cone structure from upper cretaceous rocks of Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, South India
p. 0160 | Malur, M. N.

A report of antibiotic producing mold from soil
p. 0161 | Wagh, G. N.; Shankhapal, K. V.

Sword-Bean mosaic-A new virus disease of Canavalia Ensiformis DC.
p. 0162 | Mali, V. R.

Biochemical analysis of Bract mutations in Bougainvilleas: Requirement of Light for Betacyanin Synthesis in Bougainvillea cv. 'H. C. Buck'
p. 0163 | Kochhar, V. K.; Kochhar, Sunita; Ohri, D.

Nature of resistance to yellow vein mosaic in Abelmoschus Manihot SSP. Manihot
p. 0164 | Singh, Mohan; Thakur, M. R.

A new species of Milletia from the tertiary of West Bengal, India
p. 0165 | Ghosh, P. K.; Roy, S. K.

A Disease of musk melon caused by Fusarium Solani (Mart) Sacc.
p. 0166 | Sen, Bineeta; Palodhi, P. R.

Yellow mosaid of Ammi Majus L. -Anew virus disease in India
p. 0167 | Srivastava, K. M.; Ismail, Waseem; Singh, B. P.

First reports of chromosome numbers of a few species of Papilionaceae
p. 0168 | Roy, R. P.; Mishra, U.

Fruit rot disease of Canavalia Ensiformis DC- A new record
p. 0169 | Singh, Prem Lata; Shrivastava, A. K.

New records of parasites and predators of Nephopteryx Eugraphella Ragonot in India
p. 0169 | Sran, C. S.; Sandhu, G. S.

Survival of bacterial inoculants in a cheaper carrier material
p. 0170 | Jauhri, K. S; Bhatnagar, R. S.; Iswaran, V.

A New species of Bartalinia
p. 0171 | Like, Padmanai; Devi, S. Uma

Cytoplasmic genic male-sterility in America Cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum L. )
p. 0172 | Thombre, M. V.; Mehetre, S. S.

Record of four orchid disease in Assam
p. 0172 | Roy, A. K.

A modified immunization schedule for rapid development of antibodies against whole cell Rhizobium antigen
p. 0173 | Sharma, C. R.; Sen, A. N.

Nitrogen fixation and ammonia assimilation in Azotobacter chroococcum Isolates from C3 and C4 Plants
p. 0174 | Purushothaman, D.; Sadasivam, S.; Dhanapal, N.

Rapid clonal propagation of Dioscorea Floribunda by in vitro culture of excised leaves
p. 0176 | Sinha, M.; Chaturvedi, H. C.

Studies on North Indian Volvocales v. Volvulina Steinii Playfair from India
p. 0178 | Shyam, R.

A mealybug attacking parthenium Hysterophorus Linn.
p. 0179 | Hegde, B. A; Patil, T. M.

Giemsa banging pattern in the langur monkey-Presbytes Entellus Entellus (Dufr. )
p. 0180 | Murthy, D. S. Krishna; Jayaraman, S.; Ambani, L. M.

Significance of ventral luminescence of silver-bellies (Fam:Leiognathidae)
p. 0181 | Jayabalan, N.; Ramamoorthy, K.

Histochemical localization of acetylcholinesterase in the whole mounts of Cotugina Sp.
p. 0183 | Krishna, G. Venkata Rama; Narsiah, J. V.; Simha, S. S.

p. 0184

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