Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 48 - Issue 7: 05 Apr, 1979
Research Articles
Infrared Transmission of Chalcopyrites Crystals
p. 0281 | Bhar, Gopal C.

Variationin the Major Lipid Components, Total, Free and Esterified Sterols. Glycerol, Glycogen and Lipase Activity in the Fat Body of the Dipausing Pupa of Antheraea Myliita (Lepiloptera)
p. 0283 | Pant, Radha; Pandey, Kailash Nath

Electronic and Infrared Spectral Studies of Cobalt(II) and Nickel(II) Cyanide Complexes with some Nitrogen Donor Ligands
p. 0286 | Aggarwal, R. C.; Chandrasekhar, V.

5-HT and 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid Levels in Successive Samples of Cisternal CSF of Rhesus Monkeys
p. 0289 | Krishnamoorthy, M. S.; Anandkumar, T. C.

Symposium on 'Einstein- A Hundred Years'
p. 0291 | Raman, A.

Letters to the Editor
Magneto optic rotations from refractivity studies
p. 0292 | Murthy, V. R.; Naidu, S. V.

Crystallographic data of mesogenic 4,4'-Bis (Heptyloxy) Azoxybenzene
p. 0293 | Somashekar, R.; Madhava, M. S.

Estimation of uranium in plant and water samples
p. 0293 | Virk, H. S.; Kaur, Harinder

Morse Frank-Condon factors and gamma-centroides for some werner bands of H2 and D2
p. 0295 | Sinha, B. K.; Pathak, A. N.

Extraction of photometric determination of Iron(III) with Salicylaldoxime
p. 0298 | Reddy, P. B. Sankara; Rao, S. Brahmaji

General spray reagents for naturally occurring higher fatty acids and their methyl and ethyl esters
p. 0299 | Masood, M.; Choudhary, R. N.; Tiwari, K. P.

Terpenic ketones as chelating ligands spectrophotometric investigation on vanadium (IV) comples with gamma-cyclocitrylidiene acetone
p. 0299 | Agrawal, Mamta; Gupta, Ramesh; Baslas, R. K.

Preparation of 2:4-hydroxy 5-acetyl acetophenone (Resodiacetophenone)
p. 0300 | Anjaneyulu, A. S. R.; Prasad, A. V. Rama; Reddy, D. Sivakumar

Acid phosphatase activity in coryledons of germinating seeds of Vigna Sinensis (Linn. ) Savi
p. 0301 | Biswas, Tapan K.; Panigrahi, S. S.; Mondal, Nishith K.; Dube, Dipak K.

Some novel spray reagents for naturally occurring higher fatty acids and their methyl and ethyl esters
p. 0303 | Tiwari, K. P.; Masood, M.

Xylia Dolariformis : An indicator to Gabro Bodies
p. 0304 | Desai, A. G.

Significance of U and Ph Content of Granitic rocks of visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh
p. 0305 | Sathyanarayana, B.; Sastry, P. B. S.; Rao, J. S. R. Krishna

A new record of Phomopsis causing leaf spot of Argyreia Speciosa
p. 0305 | Pandey, B. N.; Pant, D. C.

Tolerence of certain fungicides by Nitrogen Fixing Blue-green Algae
p. 0306 | Gangawane, L. V.; Saler, R. S.

Gamma rays and magnetic fields induced vivipary in Cucumis Pubescens Willd
p. 0306 | Rao, M. Babu; Bhalla, J. K.

Effect of infection of Alternata Solani on sugar and starch content of the leaves of potato
p. 0309 | Chattopadhyay, S. B.; De, B. K.

Modified stipules in groundnut
p. 0310 | Mouli, Chandra; Patil, S. H.

Male sterile mutant in capsicum Annuum L.
p. 0312 | Murthy, N. Sree Ramachandra

On the occurrence of new larval parasites of Plutella Xylostella (L. ) in gujarat
p. 0312 | Yadav, D. N.; Patel, R. C.; Manjunath, T. M.

Interfertility study of Hexagonia Sulcata Berk. A. B. De
p. 0313 | De, A. B.

Biometric study on yield and its component characters on pipper (Pipper Nigrum L. )
p. 0314 | Pillai, K. Sivan; Saraswathy, P.; Thomas, E. J.

Cytomorphological study of the amphidiploids derived from the hybrids of the crosses between Solanum Menongena L. and Solanum Integrifolium Poir
p. 0316 | Rao, G. R.; Bakshi, Shamim

A new leafspot disease of buck wheat inIndia
p. 0317 | Siddaramaiah, A. L.; Kulkarni, Srikant; Hosamani, S. A.

On Cyttarophyllopsis Cordispora Heim
p. 0317 | Natarajan, K.

Leaf area determination in medicinal yam
p. 0319 | Hegde, D. M.

An yet Undefined host of Isoparorchis Hypselobagri Billet, 1898
p. 0320 | Rao, L. Narasimha; Kameswari, M.; Rao, G. Ram Hanumantha

Morphological and cultural characteristics of salt and alkali tolerant strain of Azotobacter chroococcum
p. 0321 | Ahmad, N.; Rai, M.; Sahi, B. P.

Melanogenesis in Solanum Khasianum tissue cultures
p. 0321 | Uddin, Amin; Chaturvedi, H. C.

An apparatus and methods of studying in Vitro feeding of blood by strongyles of Horse and the measurement of their pharyngeal activity
p. 0322 | Rahman, S. Abdul; Waddell, A. H.

Effect of endosulphan on the mid-gut epithelium of the Adult Odontopus Varicornis (Dist. ) (Hemipters : Pyrrhocoridae)
p. 0324 | Sabesana, S.; Ramalingam, N.

p. 0326

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