Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 2: 20 Jan, 1980
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On the alternative structure of DNA: Role of syn conformation of the basis
p. 0044 | Sasikharan, V; Gupta, Goutam

On contrast reversal of stored images in alkalihalide crystals containing anisotropic colour centers
p. 0049 | Rao, S. Vekatagiri ; Pappu, S. V

On the shapes of the complex plane polarograms
p. 0050 | Bhat, G. A.

The phylogenetic and ecological implication of the haemolymph proteins in crustacae
p. 0053 | Alikhan, M. A; Akhtar, S

Letters to the Editor
Junction conditions in bimetric relativity theory
p. 0057 | Karade, T. M

A note on the occurrence of tin-bearing rare-metal pegmatities in the bengal series (Precambrians), Govindpal-Chiurwda-Mundval area, Bastar District, M. P.
p. 0058 | Lamba, V. J. S

Occurrence of Spiroplasms of two serogroups on flowers of the tulip tree (Liriodendron Tulipifera L. ) in maryland
p. 0058 | Muniyappa, V; Davis, R. E

Studies on the internal structure of lemon leaves as influenced by plant growth regulations
p. 0060 | Chattopadhyay, P. K; Ghosh, S. P

Seedling handedness in Phaseolus Vulgaris L.
p. 0061 | Rao, M. Madhusudana; Reddy, N. Pratap; Bahadur, Bir

Structure and dehiscence mechanism of fruit wall in Eruca Sativa Mill. An Oleiferous Crucifer
p. 0062 | Arora, B. B; Lamba, L. C

The effect of sugars on the respiration of pestalotiopsis versicolor
p. 0064 | Hasija, Kiran

Biodegradation of paper bags by Aspergillus and Mucor Species Ketan Shah and H. S. Chharpar
p. 0065 | Shah, Ketan; Chharpar, H.S

Control of seed deterioration in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L. )
p. 0067 | Pathak, Gopa; Basu, R. N.

Invitro multiplicatiion of Glycyrrhiza
p. 0069 | Shah, R. R; Dalal, K. C.

Feronia Limonia - A new host for Meloidogyne Incognita
p. 0069 | Sharma, N. K; Mangat, B. P. S;  Kapur, S. P

Differential staining of phytophagous endoparasitic nematodes
p. 0071 | Reddy, Parvatha; Srinivasan, K; Singh, D. B.

A new species of Stenella from India
p. 0071 | Abbasi, P; Shukla, D. N.

Dermapteran predators in the biological regulation of sugarcane bores in India
p. 0072 | Ramamurthi, B. N; Solayappan, A. R.

A new chromosome number for Furcraea gigantea Vent
p. 0073 | Abraham, Z; Prasad, P. Nagendra

Gliocladium Agrawala: A new Keratinophilic mold
p. 0074 |  Kushwaha, R. K. S.

Drechslera colocaseae-A new species
p. 0075 | Tandon, M. P;  Bhargava, V

B-chromosomes intetraploid Matricaria Inodora L.
p. 0076 | Madhusudanan, K. J; Arora, O. P.

Female gametophyte in anchusa Officinalis L. -A reinvestigation
p. 0077 | Rao, B. Hanumantha; Rao, P. S. Prakasa

On the biotic zonation of benthic ostracodes in the Bimili Balacheruvu Backwaters and Vasishta Godavari Estuary
p. 0080 | Annapurna, C

Histochemical demonstration of steroid metabolism in the epididymis of Chameleon Calcaratus (Boulenger)
p. 0081 | Shivakumar, G. R; Sarkar, H. B. Devaraj; Sekharappa, B. M

Effect of experimental ruminal acidosis oan blood glucose and plasma insulin concentration in buffalo claves
p. 0082 | Randhawa, S. S; Setia, M. S; Misra, S. K

Heterocytes as reproductive structures in blue-green algae
p. 0083 | Anand, N

p. 0085

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